Top 10 Areas To Avoid In Athens (2024)

Athens is one of the gifts from the ancient world to modern civilization; there are so many historical sites to see. Nevertheless there are a few areas to avoid in Athens just like in any other city. Undesirable elements are often drawn to crowds of visitors who must have let their guard down, and they take the opportunity to relieve them of their valuables. You do not want to fall victim to this.

Knowing where to place foot and where to avoid greatly reduces the chances of falling victim to petty theft, or any other form of criminality. A further precaution is not to venture out alone, especially when it is dark. It is a good idea to keep ones eyes open, especially in these areas.

Areas To Avoid In Athens (2024)

1. Downtown Kolonos

Kolonos is a very big neighborhood. It is unfair to generalize the whole area as being dangerous. However, the lower side of Kolonos is without a doubt one of the most dangerous places around Athens; it is a place where you find many young people without any direction.

Downtown Kolonos is full of drug users, and sometimes there are overdoses. In the neighborhood there is also a lot of crime such as snatching of purses, pick pocketing and outright robberies. It is recommended to steer clear of this area, but if one is very adventurous, one could venture carefully in the company of fellow risk takers so as to see the other side of Athens.

2. Agio Panteleimomas

Agio Pantelemomas is a neighborhood in the northwest of Athens, in Greece. This is a popular area with many historic buildings, and one of the biggest churches. This area used to pull in large crowds of visitors who come in to see the sights, but due to many reasons of which include crime, this area has now become one of the places to avoid in Athens.

The regular kinds of crime happen here on a daily basis; including petty theft, snatching of purses, and so on. There are many drug addled young people roaming the streets, and prostitution too is a problem.

There are even more worrisome types of crime going on in this area, abduction, sexual abuse, gang related violence and so on. This is just not the kind of ground to step foot on as a decent person.

3. Metaxourgio

Metaxourgio is a neighborhood located in central Athens. There are many cheap places to stay in this area; and being centrally located, it is near many of the major attractions in the city. There are also many bars with a wide variety of drinks available in the neighborhood.

While one can enjoy the cheap accommodation and free-flowing drinks, one also has to remember that these are all the things that attract criminals to an area; they are hardly able to turn away from any area where they can get cheap lodgings, plenty of booze, and unsuspecting victims to prey on.

There are many heavy drug users around, and there are also many criminals looking for drunken visitors to prey on.

4. Omonia

Omonia is a bustling area within Athens, Greece. It is actually located in downtown Athens, which is right in the heart of the city. This area is home to huge buildings serving both commercial and residential purposes. Business is thriving in this city because there is excellent foot traffic, especially in the area around Omonia Square.

However, this urban area has declined considerably because there has been an unresolved drug problem, as well as prostitution, and theft.

With this information at the back of your mind; a visit to Athens would still be incomplete without reaching Omonia, especially if the purpose of the visit was to check out the social and nightlife in the city. However, it is necessary to thread with caution.

5. Acharnon

Acharnon is a neighborhood in the northwest area of Athens. It is complete with housing developments, parks, shopping area, and a train station. However, this neighborhood is dingy and rundown; it has acquired a look like a ghetto; not at all pleasant to the eyes.

Acharnon is also considered one of the worst places in Athens to live, on account of its high rate of crime. This is not a good place at all; it is full of marginalized people, who through no fault of theirs are forced into crime.

6. Exarcheia

Exarcheia is a community in central Athens. It takes its name from a 19th century businessman named Exarchos who had a large general store there. Today this is a community with a nice square, and trees lining the streets. There are residential buildings as well as shops and businesses in the area.

This area is quite good during the day, but at night it can be infested with criminals hiding among the trees. Therefore, don’t go there at night.

7. Vathi

Vathi is a neighborhood located in the north of Downtown Athens. The neighborhood also has a square, and is designed quite well. There is quite some foot traffic because this neighborhood is not far from the city center; in fact it is the first suburb of the city of Athens.

However, there have been disturbing reports coming out of this neighborhood especially at night.

8. Kolokotroni

Kolokotroni is a beautiful neighborhood in the city of Athens. It is close to the historical museum, and has beautiful apartments in the vicinity. There are also nice boutique shops, and bars.

However, reports indicate that this neighborhood becomes quite dangerous at night because of the spate of petty crimes.

9. Patisia

Patisia is a neighborhood in central Athens. There are many residential as well as commercial buildings in the neighborhood, and perhaps the biggest attraction to the area is sports. There is a big sporting franchise in the area, and it brings in people in large numbers.

Reports indicate that this neighborhood is quite good in the day, but can get shady at night.

10. Monastiraki  

Monastiraki is an old style market neighborhood located in Athens. It is one of the major shopping districts in the area; full of boutique shops and other commercial establishments. It is quite an impressive place to visit, but the problem is that there are pick pockets everywhere, and they operate even during the day.


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The areas to avoid in Athens are not necessarily the most dangerous places in the world. Visitors mostly lose things like mobile phones, purses and wallets, as well as other small possessions. Problems can mostly be avoided by staying in groups, and only going out during daytime.