Top 50 Nigerian Newspapers Online Today (2024)

The top Nigerian newspapers online are some of the most popular news sources in the country. Some of these news sources have been around for many decades in the paper form before the advent of the internet, and now they have also spent the necessary resources to ensure that they reach the next generation of readers by building their online presence.

While it is difficult to arrange the Nigerian news sources according to their importance, this is what we try to do here. Importance is a matter of perception- it is strongly tied to popularity. Popularity is strongly variable; what is deemed popular in a particular area at a given time may be relatively unknown somewhere else.

Top 50 Nigerian Newspapers Online Today 2024

1. Vanguard

One of the popular tabloids even before going online; it is now one of the most recognized online news sources. It does most of its findings directly from the streets.

2. Punch

The Punch is one of the best known Nigerian dailies; it is one of the best for politics and current events. This is one of the most trusted news sources.

3. Guardian

The Guardian is one of the most authentic, trusted, and un-disputable sources of news, politics, health, science and current events in Nigeria. This is one of the most quoted sources of information in the country.

4. ThisDay

ThisDay is one of the elites in the newspaper industry; it remains one of the most circulated newspapers in Nigeria, and its online presence is also quite impressive.

5. The Sun

The Sun is another one of the successful newspapers in Nigeria; it is one that strives to stay abreast of all that happens in the political space of Nigeria. The Sun is also one of the papers that does grassroots reporting; it talks about what happens in the streets of Nigeria.

6. The Nation

The Nation is a popular newspaper; it is known for politics, lifestyle, current events, and so on.

7. Nigerian Tribune

The Nigerian Tribune is one of the heavyweights in news reportage in Nigeria; politics, current affairs, and news outside the country are some of its strong points.

8. Leadership

Leadership Newspapers covers politics, current affairs, business, and so on. It is quite an influential paper.

9. Complete Sports

Complete Sports is the leader when it comes to sports; Football, basketball, and other sports are covered. The national football league, as well as the major leagues in Europe are covered by this medium.

10. Business Day

Business Day is the leading source for business news in Nigeria; company news, stock analysis, and the analysis of government policies on business.

11. Daily Times

Despite financial troubles the Daily Times remains one of the most recognized brands in Nigeria when it comes to news and information.

12. Sahara Reporters

Sahara Reporters is a popular ideological newspaper; one that does not shy away from controversy. The news source is known for being bold, and for its will to stand in opposition of the government.

13. is one of the most recognized sources of news and information. This is a new generation establishment; it did not start as a newspaper.

14. Channels Television

Channels Television has severally been awarded the most admired media brand; it is also the most watched television station in the country when it comes to news and information. It has also become a heavyweight in online news reportage.

15. Nigerian Observer

The Nigerian Observer is one of the news sources that is known for online news presentation.

16. National Accord

National Accord offers news, politics, business, economics and so on.

17. National Network

National Network strives to provide news from every corner of the country.

18. Premium Times

There are few news services that have dared to face-off with the government- Premium Times is one of them. It is a great place to find solid opinions on political issues, especially those that are contrary to the views of the government.

19. Independent Newspaper

Also known as “Independent,” this is a popular Nigerian Newspaper- it is also online.

20. New Telegraph

New Telegraph is a heavyweight; it is one of the prominent new sources reviewed on radio every morning.

21. Champion Newspapers

Champion Newspapers is one of the old news brands in Nigeria; before going online it was already one of the most widely circulated papers in the country.

22. Fresh Angle

Fresh Angle is a paper that strives to present a fresh angle to the news events and politics in Nigeria.

23. Daily Post

Daily Post is quite well known in the country as an online source of news and current events. This is an important part of the online news publication community.

24. Linda Ikeji’s Blog

Linda Ikeji’s Blog is one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to gossip, and grassroots news that come from the streets. This is one of the heavyweights of the online news industry; most of the content comes from fans who record it live as it happens.

25. Abuja Inquirer

Abuja Inquirer is more or less centralized; it is mostly concerned with news and events that happen in and around the federal capital territory.

25. Thinkers

Thinkers is a news and opinion website that is quite popular among those who like to have a different view from what the state news outlets say.

26. The Tide

The Tide is a news outlet that is popular in some areas.

27. Osun Defender

Osun Defender is a very popular news outlet, but it mostly centers its attention to what happens in and around Osun State.

28. Politics Nigeria

Politics Nigeria is a popular platform for the discussion of political issues; current events, and government policies.

29. The Cable

The Cable is a popular news website; one that discusses politics, finance, business, sports, and so on.

30. Naija News

Naija News is a news website that strives to unravel news and current events as they happen. Aside from the big events that are reported across the country, they try to report what happens on the streets.

31. Trust

Daily Trust is a popular and widely respected source of news and information across the country. It is cited and quoted a lot, showing that it is very much respected.

32. Nigerian Gists

This is a great place to get news related to celebrities and other popular people in the country.

33. The Nigerian Voice

The Nigerian Voice is a popular website that provides news as well as current events. It also does commentary on events as they happen, and provides features on grassroots events.

34. Eagle Online

Eagle Online is a news, politics and current events website that covers sports, business and other aspects of life.

35. All Nigeria Soccer

All Nigeria Soccer is a news website that mostly deals with soccer. It follows the Nigerian football league, and also talks about the exploits done by Nigerian footballers in Europe.

36. YNaija

YNaija is a news platform that discusses politics, sports and celebrity gossip.

37. Naija Loaded News

Naija Loaded News is a place for celebrity gossip, street gossip, and a place to keep abreast of trending issues in the country.

38. Voice Of Nigeria

Voice Of Nigeria is an official news source. That means it is popular among those who want to read the views of the government, or to read the government’s version of anything that happened.

39. The Citizen

The Citizen is a news website that offers differing views on news and political issues in the country.


247 ureports is a website that provides news as they happen not only on the big screen but also news that happens on the streets and corners of the country.

Other Important News Papers Online In Nigeria Include

41  Business News

42  Pulse

43  Tori

44  Royal Times of Nigeria

45  ‎Daily Nigerian

46  Ripples Nigeria

47  Nigerian Bulletin

48  Daily Advent Nigeria

49  ‎Nigeria World

50  Nigerian Eye



Some of the top online newspapers in Nigeria were already popular establishments before news went online; they have however adapted very well, and so they are also popular as online news sources. Interestingly, there are also many websites that can be described as new generation news sources who are doing quite well. They have developed their niches quite well, and now challenge more established sources for recognition.