Nairaland News Today : Top 21 News on Nairaland

Top Nairaland News Today: Top 21 News on Nairaland 2017

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Below are the top 21 Nairaland News Today 2017

  • 1. Ex-vice President Alex Ekwueme Is Dead:
    Alex Ekwueme who was a former vice-president of the federal republic of Nigeria, has been confirmed dead. Early this morning, the family of the deceased issued a statement that confirmed his death. This statement was signed by both his brother and the traditional ruler of Oko community. According to the statement, the ex-vice president, Alex Ekwueme, slumped in his house located in Enugu State. Immediately after he slumped, his family rushed him to a hospital in the state. The hospital where he was rushed to, is Memfys Neurosurgery Hospital Enugu. He was stabilized at this hospital, and following the stabilization, Alex Ekwueme was flown to a hospital in the United Kingdom. It was at the UK hospital that the man passed away.
  • 2. PDP Chair: Fayose Seeks Shadow Election For S’west Aspirants:
     The present Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, has enjoined the PDP politicians from the South-West geopolitical zone to come together and elect their representative in the PDP national chairmanship election. The Ekiti State governor made this suggestion to his fellow South-West politicians so that there will be unison amongst them in the upcoming national chairmanship election. The governor made this suggestion when an aspirant of the post and Otunba Gbenga Daniel visited him. He added that he is not going to work against Otunba Gbenga Daniel’s work in the upcoming election.
  • 3. Telcos Issuing Unregistered SIM Cards Should Be Sanctioned- NCC:
    Last Friday, the Nigeria Communications Commissions (NCC), issued a statement in Enugu State. The statement stated that the organization is on the verge of dealing with telecommunication companies that still allow their users to use unregistered SIM card. Sometimes ago, the company punished MTN greatly for allowing the use of unregistered SIM cards. Senator Olabiyi Durojaiye who happens to be the Chairman of this commission added that the trend was made known to them by some pressmen. In reaction, he said the commission started investigating the matter.
  • 4.  Anambra Election: Why I Lost – Chidoka
    Chidoka One of the Anambra governorship aspirant, Chief Osita Chidoka, has released a statement on the reason why he lost the Anambra governorship election. Chief Osita Chidoka who contested the United Progressive Party (UPP), stated that the reason why he lost the election is the lack of money. He added that he did not lose the election because he was not good or did not campaign well. He continued, stating that the people have lost trust in politicians, and they are now more concerned about giving their votes to people who can give them money.
  • 5. PDP Chair Race: Jimi Agbaje Is A Comedian – Shelle, Ex PDP Chairman
    A former Lagos State Chairman of PDP, Tunji Shelle, has described Jimi Agbaje as a comedian. His remark came after Jimi Agbaje announced his intention to run for the national chairman of the People Democratic Party (PDP). Tunji Shelle said that Jimi is a man who can not be a good national chairman. He argued further that this politician does not have what it takes to be the national chairman of a great party like PDP. Tunji Shelle also stated that all god-fathers are aware of this, so no one will be there to support Jimi Agbaje. He concluded, stating that Jimi has to be joking as he can not be the national chairman of the party, at this time.
  • 6. Nigeria’s GDP Records 1.4% Growth In Q3 — NBS :
    The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), recently released a data which indicated that the country’s GDP has increased by 1.4 percent in the third quarter of this year. According to remarks, this growth is the second consecutive positive growth since the country recovered from the recession. It was also stated that agriculture (crop), electricity and gas all contributed substantially to the country’s GDP. Lastly, it was stated that non-oil sector accounts for about 89.96 percent of the nation’s GDP.
  • 7. Two Nigerian Men Jailed In The UK For Mandate Fraud :
    Two Nigerians have been sentenced for a total of over 6 years, in the United Kingdom. The Nigerians who are namely Okwudili Chinze (44 years of age) and Ahmed Otun (41 years of age) were sentenced as they defrauded people and organizations, of a sum of about N120 million. They two men were said to be expert hackers who sent fake emails to people and organizations. In their emails, they cunningly request the transfer of a certain amount of money to their account. According to Sergeant Matt Wigg, an acting detective of FALCON, people should always try as much as possible to confirm financial transactions physically.
  • 8. Fayose Secretly Planning To Join APC — Senator Aluko
    Senator Aluko who is a former Senate Deputy Chief Whip has accused Governor Ayo Fayose of making attempts to defect to the All Progressives Congress (APC). This man stated that he would not give details of Fayose’s plot, but Nigerians should know that the politician is making such attempts. He added that the Ekiti State governor is aware of the fact that he can not win the upcoming presidential election under PDP, so he is making attempts to defect.
  • 9. Yul Edochie Congratulates Governor Willie Obiano On His Re-Election:
    The  Yul Edochie who was one of the contestants in the 2017 Anambra election, has come out to congratulate his rival on his success in the election. Yul Edochie who is also a Nollywood actor, took to his social media account where he congratulated Governor Willie Obiano on his success in the election.
  • 10. Governor Obiano: ‘Anambra Made Lagos What It Is’ Following his re-election
    The Governor of Anambra, Willie Obiano, stated that Lagos State is what it is today because of the positive impact the people of Anambra have made. He stated that he does not need anyone to argue with him about his statement. This statement was made during an interview with Channels Television. He also discussed his success so far, and the good things he wants to do for the state.

Still on Nairaland News Today : Top 21 News on Nairaland 2017

  • 11. Atiku Celebrates GEJ On His 60th Birthday
     A strong aspirant of the presidential post, Atiku Abubakar, has congratulated former president of Nigeria on his 60th birthday. Today, ex-president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, clocked 60 years of age today. Atiku Abubakar took to his social media account where he commended Jonathan for being a great politician and wished his a happy birthday. Atiku’s tweet reads, “A very happy 60th birthday to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan @GEJonathan, the Face of Democracy in Africa. Your words that your ambition isn’t worth the blood of our citizens will stand forever. I wish you continued good health and wisdom.
  • 12. Patience Jonathan Called Adoke Foolish Man For Not Disqualifying PMB — Abdullahi
     The wife of the former president of Nigeria, Patience Jonathan, has been said to have called Mohammed Bello Adoke a foolish man. According to a book being written by Abdullahi, the former first lady called the former attorney-general a foolish man because he refused to disqualify Muhammadu Buhari in the last presidential election. Patience Jonathan insulted Adoke because President Muhammad Buhari contested for the presidency without a legit certificate.
  • 13. Joining APC Is Like Leaving Jesus Christ For Satan’ — Fayose Replies Aluko
    In response to Senator Aluko’s accusation, Governor Fayose has come out to say that joining APC is like leaving Jesus for Satan. Earlier, Senator Aluko accused the Ekiti governor of trying to defect to APC because Fayose knows that he can not win the upcoming presidential election under All Progressives Congress (APC).
  • 14. Governor Aregbesola Challenges Man Who Refused To Respect Him At Aenon Hotels and Suits when Dr Lasisi Olagunju was being celebrated as a Ph.D. holder:
    A quarrel transpired between the governor of Osun State and a man identified as Basorun Adekanola Abiodun. According to a witness of the incident, when Aregbesola stepped into the building, everyone in the building stood up as a sign of respect to the constituted authority. While everyone stood up, Basorun Adekanola Abiodun remained sited. This man stated that he wanted the governor to feel what people of the state are feeling. Upon sighting the man, the governor personally walked up to him and told him to stand up.
  • 15. President Buhari Mourns Alex Ekwueme
    The president of the federal republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, has sent a condolence message to the family of Alex Ekwueme. Alex Ekwueme was a former vice president of Nigeria who served his country greatly. The former vice president passed away in the United Kingdom.
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  • 16. ‘Tony Momoh Lists Nnamdi Kanu’s Failures
    One of the former Minister of Information, Prince Tony Momoh, has come out to lists reasons why Nnamdi Kanu failed in his cause. According to Momoh, the IPOB leader failed because of the following reasons: setting up of Biafra Secret Service (BSS), searching of cars and bringing down of people from other parts of the country. Momoh continued, stating that people like Nnamdi Kanu should be doing the opposite of what they are doing. He said that the Igbos should rather be striving towards uniting the country.
  • 17. Bini Are Original Owners Of Lagos, Not Yoruba — Layi Ajayi-Bembe
    Chief Layi Ajayi-Bembe who was once the president of the Association of Lagos State Indigenes, has said that Lagos State does not belong to the Yoruba ethnic group. He said that the geographical location of this state makes it appear like a state belonging to the Yoruba ethnic group, but in truth, it belongs to the Bini people. Layi Ajayi-Bembe argued that Lagos was first settled in by the Awori people and the Bini people, hence people should stop calling the state a Yoruba state or a no man’s land ago.
  • 18. Bilyamin Muhammed Bello Stabbed To Death By Maryam Sanda, His Wife 79
    The son of a former PDP chairman, Haliru Bello, has been confirmed dead after he was stabbed by his wife. According to details of the incident provided, this man was stabbed 3 times by his wife who believed that he was having an affair with another woman. His wife who is known as Maryam Sanda is the daughter of a former Aso Savings boss. She stabbed him 3 times, then rushed him to the hospital where he died. 18.
  • 19. Fraudsters Sell Lagos Lagoon For N787 Million:
     A UK-based Nigerian businessman was defrauded of about N577 million. The man said that he paid that amount of money thinking that he was buying 150 plots of land in Lagos, Nigeria. The man said that he paid the money in installments. According to the victim, he paid the money in the following order: N229,000,000, N86,000,000, N120,000,000, N41,300,000, N11,291,000 and N90,000,000. Kennedy Chukwuemeka Nwabuoku, the man defrauded, stated that the fraudsters sent him videos of how the assumed land was being cleared by catapillers.
  • 20. Lagos State To Get 24/7 Hours Electricity Supply By 2018 — Ambode
    The governor of Lagos State, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, has announced his intentions to give Lagos State 24/7 electricity supply. The governor stated that he is working towards making this possible by 2018. He also stated that the ability of Lagos State to generate electricity will make it an electricity independent state of the country.
  • 21. Rivers Youths Celebrate With Goodluck Jonathan On His 60th Birthday
    Youths all over Rivers State, stormed the house of the former president of Nigeria, to celebrate with him. Former president Goodluck Jonathan clocked 60 years and has received good wishes from important personalities in the country, including President Muhammadu Buhari.

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