Top 10 Posh Areas In Manchester (2023)

The posh areas in Manchester come as a surprise to many who think that all the rich families in England live in London. They are surprised to see gated manors and opulent buildings hidden behind trees, and generally posh people living the good life. For the record, Manchester does have some run down neighborhoods where middle class families do not want to be. However, it also has some very nice areas where houses are quite expensive.

These neighborhoods are great for professionals who have become quite well established in their careers, and who want to give their families a sense of stability by buying a home in a decent area.

In these neighborhoods, one can also have the pleasure of socializing with a nicer class of people; those with careers and connections, who have access to opportunities.

Posh Areas In Manchester

1. Altrincham

Altrincham is widely acknowledged as one of the nicest areas in Manchester, although it wasn’t always so. This neighborhood was once considered to have the worst high street in the country. In a sharp turn of events the neighborhood is now one of the most sought after places in the UK- sought after by professionals like lawyers, doctors, sportsmen, and entrepreneurs.

The town’s market has been the center of the neighborhood for ages, and now that it has been redeveloped, it has made the neighborhood thrive once more.

The neighborhood has a very good road network, and then there are the attractions such as the clock tower at Altrincham Interchange, which make the neighborhood stand out.

There are also very good and reputable schools in this town; meaning that children in the neighborhood have no reason for their education to suffer. However, these great things are not cheap; the average property price here is above half a million pounds.

2. Northern Quarter

Northern Quarter is actually in Manchester City center. It is known as the city’s creative hub; where most of the actors, writers, musicians, and artists tend to live. The city is known for its vibrant street art, and the budding artists, many of who display their works on the street.

Northern Quarter also has many eateries, boutique shops and bars. Many of the shop owners are happy to have both the inside and outside of their shops painted with these wonderful displays of artistic genius. It gives the neighborhood a generally trendy feel, which you may not find in the rest of Manchester.

The area also has a great road network; it is just 10 minutes away from the train station, so you will find many people walking rather than driving.

3. Sale

Sale is another cool place to live; it is one of the posh neighborhoods in Manchester. Sale is located south of the city, and is not far from the city centre. The train is the preferred means of transport for those who commute to and from the city center every day. However, this is the ideal spot for the professional or the entrepreneur who wants to put down roots and lay a solid foundation.

The neighborhood is more affordable in terms of property; but does not lag too far behind when compared with some of the top neighborhoods highlighted above.

There are some very good schools in the neighborhood as well, so there is no reason to worry about the kid’s education.

4. Rusholme

Rusholme is a neighborhood in the southern part of Manchester. This is a neighborhood with nice apartment complexes; which are great for young professionals, young families, and students. The neighborhood is very popular among students; it is a 22- minute walk into the central part of the University.

Rusholme has many Asian restaurants; it is also called the Curry Mile locally.

Rusholme has a property market that is quite cheap when compared with other top locations in Manchester, but the neighborhood offers much in terms of the social scene, and plenty of entertainment. This is an educational environment so there is no cause to worry about education for the kids.

5. Spinningfields

Spinningfields is located in the city center, it is right in the heart of Manchester. The neighborhood is close to Quay Street, Bridge Street and the River Irwell. This is a commercial, but also residential area.

This is a bustling city; full of workers who commute to various parts of the city, and there are many cafes, restaurants, and bars. This neighborhood provides a fine mix of work and leisure; many residents are business owners whose businesses are also located within the neighborhood.

This is a great place for those who prefer to have that urban, bustling feeling with their place of residence. Houses are quite affordable in this neighborhood, and this is a great place to settle down.

6. Ancoats

Ancoats has been getting a lot of recognition internationally as a great place to live. This is a neighborhood in the city center, close to the Northern Quarter. As expected, there is also plenty of creativity on display here, and although the neighborhood is largely residential, there are also plenty of cafes, boutique shops, craft beer stores and bakeries.

The neighborhood has several popular spots where writers and actors work, and make presentations to the public. It is certainly a place where one can live without missing out on the social side of life.

This is a great place for young professionals, as well as those with established careers. It is a place to send down roots, even after retirement one can continue to enjoy the stage plays and such presentations.

7. Prestwich

Prestwich is a neighborhood located just north of the Manchester City center. Prestwich is a residential area, and there are many schools within the area, thus supporting the neighborhood’s popularity with families that have small children. The neighborhood is ideal for professionals who are coming up in their career, and who want to invest in real estate as a way of securing their future.

The transport system is also excellent; there is the Heaton Park Tramway, and then the roads are also very well planned. Prestwich offers residents a very relaxed pace of life. The neighborhood also includes the Heaton Park which has an animal centre, pitch and adventure playground. This is a great place for the kids to grow up.

8. Green Quarter

Green Quarter is close to the Manchester City Center. It has an abundance of renovated houses, and offers a chance to live in a suburb that is not too far from the city center, meaning that one can commute daily without much stress.

In this neighborhood you there are many apartments, public squares, shops and pubs. There are also many tech start ups, as well as entrepreneurs walking around in the neighborhood.

9. Didsbury

Didsbury is located to the south of Manchester’s city center; it is just 4.7 miles away. This neighborhood is quite expensive; it is home to many celebrities and sports professionals. Didsbury has many historic buildings, but also some modern housing developments.

There are also row houses, shops, cafes, and flower shops. There is also a park where one can get in tune with nature, and then the roads are great. This is a nice neighborhood to make friends with posh people.

10. Castlefield

Castlefield is a neighborhood in the Manchester that is a conservation area. There are many Roman Era monuments on display, and this place is like a sacred shrine to the Nation’s past. Nevertheless, it is home to many people; and there are some lovely homes in the area.

There are also many bars and restaurants throughout the area, as well as the Roman fort providing foot-traffic to the neighborhood.


Closing Thoughts

The post areas in Manchester may not be the same as those of London, but they certainly offer much in terms of comfort, and all the amenities that people hope to enjoy from top cities. These are also the places where one can make friends with quality people so as to enjoy a good social life.