Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Calgary (2024)

Calgary is not particularly noted as a dangerous place, but there is some crime to be found in every corner of the world. The worst neighborhoods in Calgary therefore represent the scariest, most dangerous, and down right run down parts of this otherwise peaceful and prosperous city.

This is a collection of places where most people prefer not to live; and where they prefer not to be, especially when it gets dark. As a matter of fact, some who have found themselves in these areas have found it wise to leave, and as the good citizens constantly ship out, they leave a bigger concentration of rugged people; making the neighborhoods even more dangerous.

These neighborhoods can therefore be seen as the places with the biggest concentration of tough guys; or places with more tough guys than good guys.

Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Calgary

1. Red Carpet Trailer Park

Red Carpet Trailer Park is a community in the southeast side of Calgary, Alberta. It has a population of about 1,781 people and is made up of mobile homes and RV’s which are dragged along by people who choose to live a mobile lifestyle.

The problem with Red Carpet is that has become synonymous with crime; perhaps as a result of having too many people who have criminal history, and who just do not want to live the normal lives with jobs and bills, and who choose to cut corners in order to make a living. All the crime in the area may not actually come from within the Trailer Park; sometimes criminals tend to gravitate towards areas where they know they can get away with doing bad things.

The Population of this trailer park is about 1,781 people; and the neighborhood still manages to get such a bad reputation.

2. Shepard

Shepard is a small neighborhood in the eastern reaches of Calgary. This neighborhood has a very small population; but is actively represented in the House of Commons of Canada (along with some nearby areas).

The population of Shepard is 405; it used to be a hamlet, but was annexed into Calgary. This is one of the worst neighborhoods in Calgary because many municipal services have not been extended to this neighborhood, and there is a lot of crime.

3. Foothills

Foothills is a very small neighborhood in Calgary, Alberta. One of the landmarks of this neighborhood is the Calgary Foothills FC, which is a football club in the area. There is also a campus of the University of Calgary in the area.

Foothills has a population of about 136 people, and yet because of the high number of young people, sadly, this neighborhood has gained a reputation for crime. Some of the crime can be traced back to drug use; some of these young people engage in stealing, muggings, and so on.

4. Greenwood – Greenbriar

Greenwood – Greenbriar is a small residential neighborhood in the northwest area of Calgary, Alberta. Greenwood-Greenbriar has a population of just 795 people; but manages to be one of the most unsafe neighborhoods in Calgary.

Perhaps what makes this neighborhood so bad is that it is so close to the Canada Olympic Park; which is a ski park; serving for training and for actual competitive events. Greenwood – Greenbriar also has a huge trailer park making up a huge chunk of its neighborhood.

Therefore; there are not many regular people in the neighborhood; just drug addled ski jumpers and people who drift from one town to another in their RVs. The factors above make Greenwood – Greenbriar unattractive to regular folk.

5. West Dover

West Dover is in the South-East of Calgary. One of the big attractions in the neighborhood is the West Dover School; which brings in kids from many other neighborhoods in Calgary. This is a largely residential area; the houses are mostly single family properties, and some of them have big lawns in front.

West Dover has a population of around 3,595, but it is not one of the choice locations in Calgary due to its high rate of crime. West Dover records about 44% more crime than what is obtainable in Calgary as a whole.

6. Forest Lawn

Forest Lawn used to be a town on its own right. It is a neighborhood in the southeast quadrant of Calgary, in Alberta, Canada. This is a mostly residential area with a population of 8,430 people. Forest Lawn is also very close to Southview and Albert Park/Radisson Heights to the west, as well as Penbrooke Meadows and Forest Lawn Industrial, which means there is a lot of coming and going in the area.

Violent crime is recorded in Forest Lawn at the rate of 41% higher than the rest of Calgary. Some of the crimes are of a violent nature; and it is just best to stay out of deserted areas, especially when it gets dark.

7. Chateau Estates Trailer Park

Chateau Estates Trailer Park is located in Calgary, Alberta. It is a beautiful, tree lined neighborhood where people live in mobile homes. Although the cost of living in this area is understandably lower than in most areas; the major turn off about this place is the high crime rate.

This small neighborhood of about 651 people has a crime rate that is 40% higher than the rest of Calgary. Some of the crimes include break-ins (the RVs are not often secure), as well as muggings, and other kinds of violent crime.

8. Dover

Dover is a neighborhood on the southeast of Calgary. The biggest attraction to Dover is the Inglewood Golf Course. Of course there are residential buildings, as well as small commercial establishments like coffee shops, retail outlets, and shopping centers.

Dover has a population of about 11,510, and has a crime rate that is 40% higher than the average in Calgary. Visiting Dover is best done in the day time, and it is best to stay away from any places that are deserted.

9. Penbrooke Meadows

Penbrooke Meadows is a mostly residential neighborhood in the southeast area of Calgary, Alberta. After several years of decline the neighborhood has been made a part of the International Avenue Business Revitalization Zone.

However, there is still evidence suggesting that this is one of the roughest parts of Calgary. The neighborhood has a population of 9,203 people, but has a crime rate that is 40% higher than what is recorded in Calgary as a whole. This is one neighborhood where people generally do not want to live in.

10. Country Hills Village

Country Hills Village is a nice neighborhood made up of multi family buildings; there are apartment blocks, as well as condominiums, and even town houses. This small town has its own shopping center, as well as various commercial establishments.

Country Hills Village has a population of 3,341, but also manages a crime rate that is 38% higher than what is recorded in Calgary. Break-ins, as well as muggings and car theft are recorded here quite often.



The worst neighborhoods in Calgary may not be as violent and run down as those in Compton and Brooklyn; but they are certainly scary enough by Canadian standards. These are the places to avoid at night, and to stay sharp if ever one happens to visit Calgary.