Top 10 Best Education Systems In Africa 2020 Countries

Top African countries with the best education systems. Education is one of the essential factors that beautify society and even take it to lofty heights. This belief takes us into the survey of African education and the statistics recorded about the education systems of various African countries. Our target – countries with the best education systems in Africa.

In reality, it could be difficult to evaluate the best African countries in terms of education but with the help of certain criteria, we can still rate African countries and figure out the ones which maintain the best education systems.

This article presents the Top 10 Countries with the Best Education Systems in Africa. Meanwhile, this ranking is clearly based on the African countries with the highest literacy rates. Broadly speaking, the literacy rate is a tool that may be used in evaluating various countries’ academic standards based on the population of educated people. Educated people are those who can read and write and if a country is dominated by many literates, such a country should have a high literacy rate.

Finally, below is the list of Top 10 Countries with the Best Education Systems in Africa.

Top 10 Countries With The Best Education Systems In Africa 2020

  • 1. Seychelles

Seychelles is a small island country on the west coast of Africa. It has a population of just over 95,000 people, making it small in terms of size and also population. The country has done a good job of disseminating education to its people, so much so that it has received plaudits from UNESCO for being able to provide ‘education for all.’

As a matter of fact, the country is rated at 69.3 points, in terms of education by the world education forum. This rating puts Seychelles as the only African country in top 50 countries with the best educational systems. The country occupies the 43 position ahead of some European countries such as Russia, Ukraine, and Hungary. 


This did not come about by accident; the growth of the educational system in Seychelles has been the result of targeted effort by the government. In a report done by UNESCO in the year 2016, it was stated that Seychelles spent 11.72 percent of their total national expenditure on education. That spending therefore enabled the country to implement a policy in which children from 3 to age 16 are given free and compulsory education.

  • 2. South Africa

It is no surprise to find South Africa near the top of this list, SA is prominent as one of the most influential African countries in terms of economy and military. This large country at the southern tip of the African continent has been for a long time the citadel of learning where students from other African countries troop to get a quality education. But one must not rest on one’s oars when on a long voyage, and so South Africa has not relented in its efforts to raise the bar on their system of education. Currently, the country’s education system is ranked 84th in the world, and is generally considered to be the best in Africa.

18 percent of South Africa’s yearly spending goes to the development of agriculture, and the university system in South Africa is rated as the best in Africa. With the steady input of the government, the county’s level of literacy has drastically improved.

  • 3. Mauritius

Mauritius is another relatively small African island country. This country which drives its economy chiefly by agriculture has been making giant strides in terms of the development of its educational system. The foundations of the system were laid by the British during the colonial years, and now the people of Mauritius have built on those foundations to have a solid system of education, styled after the British system of education.

  • 4. Tunisia

Tunisia is the trail blazer for the Arab countries in Africa. She occupies the 71st position globally, and the number 4 on the continent. Tunisia is a developing economy, and recognizes the fact that there can be no true development without education. In Tunisia, joint ventures between the government and private individuals thrive, and this has boosted the level of investment in education to the benefit of the general population. The country has some interesting figures to speak of: the country ranks 51st for teacher to student ratio in primary education, and 49th in school life expectancy.  

The Tunisian economy is powered by oil, and 20 percent of the country’s yearly spending goes to the development of education, with the result that the country has seen a rapid development of the university system, bringing it up to speed with at least what is available on the continent.

  • 5.  Namibia

Namibia, which is an east African country, located close to South Africa, is another country with an educational system worthy of talking about. In Namibia there are about 1500 world class schools as at the last official count. This indicates above anything that the PEOPLE of Namibia place a high value on education, and so their children must go to school. 

By law, every child from the age of 6 to 16 must be in school, and this schooling in sponsored by the government. The Namibian government has put in place an education fund from which money is sourced to fund the compulsory 10 years of school. Apart from this, a great deal of effort has been put in place to enhance the quality of education offered at the country’s higher institutions of learning. 

  • 6. Kenya

Kenya is a large east African country with a lot of resources in wildlife, and tourism. In fact, Kenya is the number one safari location for Americans and Europeans coming to experience the teeming African wildlife.  70 percent of the country’s revenue comes from tourism. The Kenyan government policy stipulates a period of 8 years compulsory education for its citizens.

  • 7. Algeria

Algeria, which is located at the horn of Africa has also been, making giant strides in the area of education. This Arabian country comes in at the number 88 position in the world, in terms of quality of education, and the robustness of the education system. Algeria has a Muslim population, but has adopted education quite liberally. A sizable number of its population is literate, and the country is already reaping the rewards of this initiative. The country is politically stable, and is recording a period of economic growth.

  • 8. Libya

Politically and economically speaking, Libya is on the decline. Years of steady growth and development have been wiped out with a bloody war which ended in the death of the country’s long time leader. However, Libya still ranks among the countries with the best educational systems in Africa. The government grants free and compulsory education to all primary school age children, and this has cumulated into an 82.60 percent literacy rate, which the country can be proud of. 

  • 9. Egypt

Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations on the African continent, with a history dating back over 10,000 years. The modern country has been hit by its own share of political and social problems, and this has affected the education system as well, but at least the country is now on the road to recovery. According to UNESCO the country currently has 71 percent literacy rate, and is ranked at the 99th position in world in terms of the quality and robustness of the education systems in the world. As per national policy all children from ages 6 to 17 are mandated to be in school. 

  • 10. Cape Verde

Surprisingly, Cape Verde, a small group of islands located on the western coast of the African continent, near Senegal, The Gambia, and Mauritania, and is part of Africa. This former Portuguese colony has been growing socially, economically, and also educationally. The country is currently pegged at the 98th position on global education system with a score of 53.3.  It is ranked 53rd in the area of Critical thinking in teaching and 71st on Ease of finding skilled employees globally. The country’s population stands at just over 546,000 and literacy rate is estimated at 80 percent. Cape Verde as per government policy has made Primary Education compulsory, and free from the ages 6 to 12.


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