Information about OAU School Fees And Acceptance Fees is not only useful for returning students and freshers (newly admitted students) but also aspirants who wished to undergo their undergraduate studies in OAU, we all know that Obafemi Awolowo University is one of the ancient citadels of learning in Nigeria, and it is paramount we give you full break down of school fee and acceptance fee for both newly admitted students and also aspiring students.

OAU School Fees 2023/2024 {Tuition}

Faculties And Departments  Tuition Fees Per Session
(ExtraSemester Rain/Harmattan)

(Extra Semester Rain/Harmattan)

(Extra Semester Rain/Harmattan)
i. Faculty of Administration, (Diploma in Local Government Studies) Returning Students N55, 300.00
ii. Faculty of Administration, (Diploma in Local Government Studies) Extra Semester (Rain/Harmattan) N54, 050.00

There you have it on OAU School Fees for Undergraduate, all students that have been admitted an insight to what they are to prepare and also for parents who are keen to know the various fee their wards will be paying to make. It is worthy of note that, the amount that has been placed on undergraduates of OAU differs from the amount the newly admitted students will be paying, so if you note a slight discrepancy in fee of the Staylites from the Jambitos (freshers), you should know it is reasonable to have a slight variation in the fee.

OAU School Fees for Freshers And Acceptance Fees 

Faculties/Departments  Tuition Fees Per Session

Also, before we further, health center fee and the late registration fee has been included in the payment and also stated where necessary, if you fail to do your registration in the accepted time, the cost implication has also been included.

Special Fee For Newly Admitted Students in OAU

  • Development Fee: it is expected of all students to pay a one time fee of N18,000, which will serve them throughout their stay while they still hold the university identity.
  • TISHIP fee: this stands for Tertiary Institutions Students Health Insurance Program, this fee is just N2,000, which is one of the ways of subsidizing treatment of any diseases for students.
  • Students Welfare Insurance Scheme: a fee of N1,000 will be remitted by students for their welfare while on campus.
  • Accommodation/Hostel Fee: the amount charges for every bed allocated to students is N3,090 per student, which will be based on first come first serves basis.

The fixed fee above must be remitted by students in which after payment with the school fee we will be listing shortly, must submit a printed copy from the internet and must be forwarded to Heads of various departments. You must also contact the HOD of the different departments to gain access to the Eportal.

You can remit and make your payments anywhere in the country.

How To Pay OAU School Fees

  • First thing you have to do is to log on to the university student portal via
  • Log on with your default information which includes your JAMB registration number as the Username and also as the Password
  • Click on pay school fee on your dashboard; this will take you to a page where you can choose from an option of either paying via online banking or via REMITA, choose any of the options that are best suitable for you to make your payment.

Registration Process for New Students

After you have successfully pay for your acceptance fee, then there are still hurdles to climb ahead, it includes full registration as a student of the Great Ife.

Here are the step by step procedures to register on OAU Admission Portal For Students

  • First thing you have to do is to log on to the university student portal via
  • Log on with your default information which includes your JAMB registration number as the Username and also as the Password
  • After a successful login, ensure you change your password from the default password to your desired password, this will not only help you secure your account but also prevent your account from malicious activities.
  • After you have changed your login information, you are to upload your scanned documents which various sizes have been stated
  • Documents to upload include O’ level results, state of origin and other said materials
  • Then fill all the information with your correct data; this is what is referred to as the “Bio Data Form.”
  • After this, proceed to preview all the provided information, if there is a need for adjustment, you are advised to do before moving to the next stage
  • Click to continue if you have certified all your information correct
  • Proceed to make the necessary payment, which includes the school fees and other stated charges; without this, you will not be allowed to register for your courses.
  • After making payment and your payment has been confirmed, you may now proceed to register for your various courses for that particular semester.

Bed Space Application Form For Newly Admitted Students

If you wish to apply for bed allocation in any of the halls of residence, you can proceed to the student information portal to apply for this form, this will only be possible if you have to pay up charges such as school fees among other expenses you are expected to pay upon log on to the student portal.

After your application is reviews and necessary information have been gotten, student will be allotted bed space in any of the hall of residence, upon successful allocation, students are expected to print 3 copies of the bed space allocation from the Eportal, the forms then must be duly signed by students, then students are expected to take the form to the Hall Warden for signing.

Students are expected to submit the form as follow upon signing

  • One copy must be sent to the Dean, Students Affairs
  • Another copy to Hall Warden which will be the permit to stay in any of the allotted halls
  • And students are expected to keep one as proof of ownership

Note: if you fail to submit the forms as stipulated, it is equivalent to disqualification of such bed allocation. Also, note that priority is only given to fresh students and final year students in bed allocation, other spaces will be allotted base on the ballot, and it is worth of importance to note that the distribution is based on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How To Pay OAU Acceptance Fees

Aspirants who made OAU their first choice are advised to check their name on the university portal or via the JAMB CAPS to check if they have been admitted into the university, afterward, you are to proceed to make payment of N20,000 to the university via the following process if the University has accepted you.

  • Visit the university Eportal
  • Then navigate to the login section, enter your information which includes your JAMB registration number as the username and as well as the password.
  • Proceed to the dashboard option where you are to make payment for Acceptance Fee
  • Follow the instruction
  • Select the card you want to make use of for the acceptance fee payment
  • Ensure you have the stated amount in the account with at least N500 charges that may be charged alongside when you are making payment via the online portal

Note, you are given various options to select from which ranges from physical deposit to the bank through REMITA or via online banking, so you may choose the one that is most convenient for you.


Conclusion On OAU School Fees 2020 And Acceptance Fees

So far so good, if you need to know about OAU school fee and acceptance, we have provided detailed information on all you need to know, all you have got to do is read the whole content on this page, then follow the basic and simple instructions we have outlined for you. If you have any questions, feedback, and information we need to add or review, you can do well by dropping a comment via the comment section, we always available to give prompt response to all of your questions.

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