EBSU Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 {JAMB & Post UTME}

Update on EBSU – Ebonyi State University Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 For All Courses {JAMB & Post UTME} – Established in 1999, EBSU is a state-owned University that is situated in Abakaliki, and that refines students into becoming solution providers in their societies.

If you are here for EBSU Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 For JAMB and Post UTME, you are actually in the right place, as this article will explore the institution’s cut off marks for all their departments, and give you relevant information that will help you in your admission process.

Information is power. There are a lot of candidates that are competing with you to get admitted into EBSU, but you will have an edge over many with the right information. It is necessary to satisfy some important requirements before one can be admitted into the institution. Yes, after settling with Jamb, candidates must meet the required cut off point for their course of choice. 

Ebonyi State University Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 Courses

EBSU Cut Off Mark For All Courses – 170

Kindly note that competitive courses would require higher cut off point (you will find them below)

Therefore, the implication is that aspirants who couldn’t meet up to EBSU Jamb cut off mark won’t be eligible to proceed to the next stage (which is the institution’s post UTME screening exercise)

Here is a list of courses offered in the Ebonyi State University and what we should expect this session:

EBSU Departmental Cut Off Mark For All Courses 2020

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences (FBMS)

  1. – Medicine and Surgery = 250
  2. – Anatomy = 190
  3. – Physiology = 190

Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology

  1. – Nursing Science = 230
  2. – Medical Laboratory Science = 210

Faculty of Law (FLAW)

  1. – Civil Law = 220

Faculty of Sciences

  1. – Computer Science = 180
  2. – Biochemistry = 180
  3. – Industrial Chemistry = 170
  4. – Industrial Physics = 170.
  5. – Industrial Mathematics = 170

Faculty of Education (FEDU) Arts and Social Sciences

  1. – Economics Education = 170
  2. – Social Studies Education = 170
  3. – English Education = 170
  4. – Religion Education = 170
  5. – Igbo Education = 170
  6. – Accountancy Education = 170
  7. – Secretarial Education = 170
  8. – Computer Science Education = 170
  9. – Physics Education = 170
  10. – Chemistry Education = 170
  11. – Biology Education = 170
  12. – Mathematics Education = 170
  13. – Integrated Science Education = 170
  14. – Human Kinetics Education = 170
  15. – Health Education = 170
  16. – Electrical/Electronics Tech. Education = 170
  17. – Mechanical Technology Education = 170
  18. – Building Technology Education = 170
  19. – Wood Work Technology = 170
  20. – Agricultural Education = 170
  21. – Home Economics Education = 170
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Faculty of Agriculture & Natural Mgt. (FARM)

  1. – Agric. Economics, Mgt. and Extension = 180
  2. – Food Science and Technology = 180
  3. – Crop and Landscape Management = 170
  4. – Soil and Environmental Mgt. = 170
  5. – Animal Science = 170
  6. – Fishery and Aquaculture = 170

Faculty of Management Sciences (FMS)

  1. – Public Administration = 180
  2. – Business Management = 170
  3. – Marketing = 170
  4. – Banking and Finance = 170
  5. – Accountancy = 170

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

  1. – Economics = 180
  2. – Political Science = 170
  3. – History and Int’l Relations = 170
  4. – Sociology and Anthropology = 170
  5. – Mass Communication = 180
  6. – Language and Linguistics = 170
  7. – Igbo Linguistics = 170
  8. – Philosophy = 170
  9. – Religion = 170
  10. – French = 170
  11. – Psychology = 170

It is necessary to clarify that the fact that a candidate was able to meet up to Ebonyi State University cut off marks does not guarantee admission. Some people are usually surprised by certain things because they don’t have knowledge of how it is being done. After successfully beating the Jamb cut off mark, candidates are still meant to meet up with some other requirements before they can go in.

One of these requirements is the cut-off mark that each department at Ebonyi State University will bring out after the completion of the institution’s post UTME screening exercise. This is known as Ebonyi State University departmental cut off mark. Candidates are to meet up with whichever score was agreed on by their department before they can be admitted to study that course in EBSU.

That is why candidates are usually admonished to ensure they work very hard so they can get a very high grade in their examinations. As far as admission (into the higher institution) is concerned in Nigeria, a lot of things are involved. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that you place yourself on a safe side by scoring high marks in whichever exam you are taking. Having high marks means a candidate is closer to being admitted into the school.

Still On The EBSU Cut Off Mark 2020

EBSU departmental cut off mark is very important as far as their admission process is concerned, as it will determine if a candidate’s department will admit them into the institution or not. For Jamb, a candidate can score anything above the cut-off and still proceed to the next stage, but for the departmental cut off, once the person isn’t able to meet up, that is all (I.e the person might have to come back again next year). Therefore, don’t expect the departmental cut off to be the same. Some departments will make their very high, while others won’t be quite extreme. For competitive courses, however, their departmental cut off mark will definitely be on the high side.

Therefore, if the management will decide to conduct a written exam this year for their post UTME screening exercise, make sure you are very prepared so you can score a very high score. The higher your score in such an examination, the higher your chance of being admitted into your department of choice. Therefore, we will advise that you should continue studying your books even despite the fact that Jamb is over. This will give you an edge over many competitors who will relax and the exam will meet them unprepared.


In conclusion, it should be noted that the Ebonyi State University post UTME form is not yet out. Therefore, aspirants of the institution are being admonished to be very careful and vigilant so they won’t fall into the hands of scammers who are bent on capitalizing on the ignorance of young students to steal money from them. At the proper time, the management of EBSU will definitely make an official announcement and they will give everyone the right procedure to follow. When you get that, make sure you follow their procedures and guidelines alone, and you will find yourself closer to becoming a bonafide student of Ebonyi State University.