The latest update on LASU Cut Off Mark For All Courses JAMB & Post UTME 2020/2021 – Actually, in present-day Nigeria, many students prefer federal universities to the ones owned by the state government due to the difference in quality. Of course, we can’t deny the fact that many state institutions in the country are simply synonymous with mediocrity. However, the Lagos State University stands tall amongst other State universities.

Located in Ojo local government area of Lagos State, Lagos State University boast of superb and intelligent lecturers as well as a nice environment that is conducive for learning.

Therefore, LASU always has a large number of aspirants each year. And right now, since Jamb is over, many candidates are now searching for information about the Institution’s departmental cut off mark.

LASU Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 for All Courses


In the previous session, Lagos State University Cut Off Mark For Jamb is 190, so we can move with that.

And that is what this article is actually meant for. We will explore LASU cut off marks for all the departments in the school, and give candidates relevant information that will help them in their quest of being admitted into the University.

Getting into an institution like the Lagos State University requires one to pass through a handful of hurdles and to meet up with certain important criteria. You must satisfy some important requirements before you can be shown the way in. After writing Jamb, it is necessary to meet the required LASU cut off mark for your course of choice.

In Nigeria (as far as admission into the higher institution is concerned), cut off mark is in two phases. There is an initial one that is set by Jamb itself (don’t forget that Jamb is the body that has the backing of the government to conduct exams that stands between candidates and their institutions of choice), and it is the first hurdle that must be cleared before anything else. After this, candidates will be invited by their institution of choice to partake in their post UTME exercise and will release departmental cut off Mark afterward.

Please note that the cut off mark is yet to be announced by the management of the institution due to important reasons. And so, we will be working with what was used in the last session so as to give aspirants the right glimpse of what should be expected this time around.

It is very likely that the Jamb cut off mark that will be set this session is also 190, which is better than what many other top universities are using (most are using 200). So, should that be the case, those with 190 on the dot won’t miss the chance of giving up till probably next year but can get set to move on to the next stage.

Before moving ahead, let us list the courses offered by the Lagos State University, and what you should expect their cut off marks to be:

LASU Departmental Cut Off Mark For All Courses 2020

  1. – Arabic – 190
  2. – Christian Religious Studies – 190
  3. – Islamic Religious Studies – 190
  4. – History & International Studies -190
  5. – Music – 190
  6. – Theatre Arts – 190
  7. – Portuguese / English – 190
  8. – Arabic Education – 190
  9. – CRS Education – 190
  10. – Islamic Studies Education – 190
  11. – English Education – 190
  12. – French Education – 190
  13. – History Education – 190
  14. – Yoruba Education – 190
  15. – Biology Education – 190
  16. – Chemistry Education – 190
  17. – Mathematics Education – 190
  18. – Physics Education – 190

19.– Physical & Health Education – 190

  1. – Health Education – 190
  2. – Computer Science Education -190
  3. – Educational Technology – 190
  4. – Business Education – 190
  5. – Accounting Education – 190
  6. – Educational Management – 190
  7. – Geography Education – 190
  8. – Economics Education – 190
  9. – Political Science Education – 190
  10. – Law – 190
  11. – Agriculture – 190
  12. – Accounting – 190
  13. – Public Administration – 190
  14. – Marketing – 190
  15. – Banking & Finance – 190
  16. – Management Technology – 190
  17. – Industrial Relations and Personnel Management – 190
  18. – Insurance – 190
  19. – Mass Communication – 190
  20. – Biochemistry – 190
  21. – Botany – 190
  22. – Chemistry – 190
  23. – Fisheries & Aquatic Biology– Mathematics – 190
  24. – Microbiology – 190
  25. – Physics – 190
  26. – Zoology – 190
  27. – Computer Science – 190
  28. – Medicine & Surgery – 190
  29. – Physiology – 190
  30. – Dentistry – 190
  31. – Nursing – 190
  32. – Geography & Planning – 190
  33. – Psychology – 190
  34. – Economics – 190
  35. – Political Science – 190
  36. – Sociology – 190
  37. – Transport – 190
  38. – Mechanical Engineering – 190
  39. – Electronics & Computer Engineering – 190
  40. – Chemical and Polymer Engineering – 190


Is This A Guarantee Of Admission?

Please note that scoring 190 (or more) in Jamb is not a guarantee that you will get admitted to Lagos State University. Last year, some people were able to get up to this score, but couldn’t still sail through – for different reasons though. This is because there are other requirements that a candidate must meet before he or she will be considered for admission to this famous and prestigious University.

Just as stated earlier, it is not all about Jamb score alone, but the ability to eventually meet the required cut off mark that each department will bring out after the completion of the post UTME exercise. So, you must beat the one in your department of choice before you can gain access to study that course you want to study in LASU.

Additional, just like various other higher institutions in Nigeria, Lagos State University also has catchment areas and they grant them admission with a lesser score than those being admitted by merit. That is to say, the merit grade for a particular course might be 56, while the catchment areas will enjoy with theirs being pegged at maybe 51. With such things on the ground, we keep encouraging students to work very hard in their exams and aim at getting very high scores. The higher your score, the higher your chance of being admitted into the University. Admission into that institution is a very competitive one, and so, students must prepare very well in order to have a chance.

Since the post UTME screening is yet to be conducted and done, then we can’t see any departmental cut off Mark right now. Just note that this departmental cut off mark is what will determine if your department will admit you into the University or not. This one is different from the one set by Jamb. Just as stated earlier, even if a student was able to have up to 300 in his or her Jamb, and such fails to meet up to the expected departmental cut off mark after the Post UTME screening had been conducted, there will be no admission for such.

When the departmental cut off mark had been released, you will see that some will be higher than others. That is to say, while the Jamb cut off mark is same for all courses (that is 190), the departmental cut off marks won’t be same, but different grades would be allocated to different courses by their respective departments due to various factors (most especially the competitiveness of the course)

We should also add it that the post UTME form is not yet out, so, please, don’t fall victim to any scammer parading themselves as management of the school. When the time comes, the School will make an official announcement, and media houses will be utilized. The right steps will be given by the management, and you won’t have to burn your fingers.


Conclusion On LASU Cut Off Mark 2020 JAMB AND Post UTME

In conclusion, unlike some universities where students still write exams for post UTME, Lagos State University simply make use of the online grading system. That is to say after you have bought the post UTME form from the school, you won’t need to bother yourself about coming to campus to write an exam again. Instead, your Jamb score and your O. Level results will be used, and after being graded, you will hope your grade is enough to beat the cut-off mark that will be set by your department before you will become a bonafide student of Lagos State University.

We wish you the best in your efforts.

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  1. I score 68 after grading myself and I want to study acconutancy .
    Am I good to go?

    If not what should I do?

    I expect ur feedback

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