The University of Lagos, popularly known as Unilag, is one of the best institutions the country can boast of, and this article is about UNILAG Cut Off Mark For JAMB Post UTME On All Courses 2020. But should in case you don’t know what cut off mark is, it is actually a set mark that is set by JAMB, or institutions, which an aspirant ought to obtain before being considered for admission.

The University of Lagos always set their own Post Utme cut off mark which students must beat if they are to be admitted into the citadel of learning.

Being a federal institution, UNILAG usually has a lot of aspirants always fighting to enter the school each year. Of course, everyone loves good things. Apart from the fact that the fees is cheaper compared to various other schools in the country, Unilag also guarantees quality education. Apart from these, the institution’s certificate is usually respected in the market, as the University of Lagos is well respected and reputed in the market.

UNILAG Cut Off Mark 2020/2021

UNILAG JAMB Cut Off Mark is 200

So, Southwestern university one of the most competitive ones in the country in terms of admission, and they have released the cut off marks for the 2020 academic session.

If you know your Jamb score isn’t up to the cut-off mark, you shouldn’t register for the school’s post Jamb examination, as they won’t reduce their standard in that regard. A student who failed to beat the cut off mark won’t be invited to Unilag’s next phase – which is to write their Post UTME examination.

On the other hand, those who successfully made the cut off mark should be getting set for the next thing. This is not a time to get relaxed though (even though you have beat the first hurdle). Since the school is very likely to set examinations to disqualify more students, then you must continue to read and get prepared for the exams.

UNILAG Post UTME Cut Off Mark For All Courses

The University of Lagos is quite different from various other institutions as far as the admission process is concerned. For instance, the School doesn’t calculate their post jamb and Jamb over 400. Instead, theirs is 100%.

We should also add that the University of Lagos is one of the schools that have catchment areas. So, different cut off marks are attached to different areas (that is, students from those areas). In case you are not from those catchment areas, you don’t need to be worried nor bothered. You should only strive to ensure that you meet the merit requirement.

So, the University Of Lagos departmental cut off marks 2019/2020 include:

  1. Creative Arts (Music) – 50.85
  2. Creative Arts (Theatre Arts) – 62.15
  3. Creative Arts (Visual Arts) – 55.80
  4. English – 61.00
  5. French – 56.60
  6. Russian – 55.40
  7. History And Strategic Studies – 60.15
  8. Linguistics Igbo – 51.68
  9. Linguistics Yoruba – 55.55
  10. Chinese – 58.53
  11. Philosophy – 58.88
  12. Accounting – 68.65
  13. Actuarial Science – 61.78
  14. Insurance – 60.95
  15. Business Administration – 60.70
  16. Finance – 63.08
  17. Industrial Relations And Personnel Management – 60.38
  18. Adult Education – 51.15
  19. Education Economics – 60.23
  20. Education Business – 59.13
  21. Education Islamic Religion Studies – 52.05
  22. Education Igbo – 59.00
  23. Education English – 61.90
  24. Education Early Childhood – 57.88
  25. Education Yoruba – 54.70
  26. Education French – 55.70
  27. Education History – 54.50
  28. Education Christian Religion Studies – 52.30
  29. Education Geography – 54.75
  30. Educational Administration – 54.10
  31. Educational Foundations – 57.78
  32. Health Education – 51.05
  33. Human Kinetics – 50.83
  34. Education Biology – 55.73
  35. Education Chemistry – 51.18
  36. Education Home Economics – 52.93
  37. Education Integrated Science – 52.45
  38. Education Mathematics – 52.53
  39. Education Physics – 52.85
  40. Education Technology – 50.45
  41. Chemical & Petroleum Engineering – 70.93
  42. Civil & Environmental Engineering – 71.18
  43. Computer Engineering – 73.73
  44. Electrical & Electronics Engineering – 72.40
  45. Mechanical Engineering – 74.00
  46. Metallurgical & Material Engineering – 64.23
  47. Petroleum & Gas Engineering – 67.90
  48. Surveying & Geo. Engineering – 60.35
  49. System Engineering – 70.40
  50. Architecture – 68.95
  51. Building – 59.05
  52. Estate Management – 62.03
  53. Quantity Surveying – 62.75
  54. Urban & Regional Planning – 60.95
  55. Law – 67.80
  56. Nursing – 67.93
  57. Medicine & Surgery – 77.03
  58. Physiotherapy – 68.40
  59. Radiography – 66.70
  60. Medical & Laboratory Science – 67.65
  61. Pharmacology – 66.55
  62. Physiology – 63.45
  63. Dentistry – 70.53
  64. Pharmacy – 70.93
  65. Biochemistry – 63.60
  66. Botany – 56.83
  67. Cell Biology & Genetics – 61.70
  68. Chemistry – 62.35
  69. Computer Science – 68.80
  70. Geology – 65.63
  71. Geophysics – 65.18
  72. Marine Biology – 57.18
  73. Fisheries – 50.78
  74. Mathematics – 63.83
  75. Microbiology – 61.75
  76. Physics – 58.43
  77. Zoology – 55.48
  78. Economics – 65.80
  79. Geography – 58.45
  80. Mass Communication – 65.70
  81. Political Science – 62.08
  82. Psychology – 62.98
  83. Social Work – 54.15
  84. Sociology – 60.10

Still On UNILAG Cut Off Mark For JAMB And Post UTME

Unilag’s cut off mark for Jamb is 200. So, before you will be invited for the next selection process, you are to get 200 and above in your Jamb. Apart from that, you are to also have five credit passes at only a sitting in relevant O/Level subjects including Mathematics and English Language.

It is necessary to stress it out now that the fact that an aspirant scored above 200 in Jamb does not guarantee that they will be admitted to the University of Lagos. In fact, due to the numerous competitors you’ve got, there is no guarantee that you will get your preferred course (just because you scored above 200 in Jamb)

After beating the 200 cut off mark in Jamb, you have to also beat the cut off mark of the Department you are vying for. The way things works is that after the Post Jamb examination, an applicant’s score will determine whether they are qualified for the department he or she is vying for  

Just like it is being done in various other institutions, each department has its own cut off mark which a student must beat before being considered admission into the department (and the school as a whole)

So, you are facing both the school and the department you are applying for, and you must satisfy the requirements of the duo to before you can become a student at the University of Lagos.

Here we have UNILAG Cut Off Mark For All Courses {JAMB & Post UTME}. Don’t forget that these scores are for merit purposes.

Those from catchment areas (like Oyo State, Osun State, and so on) are going to be working with other (usually lower) cut off marks. Even despite this, the cut-off marks for the catchment areas are not the same, and they also vary within the courses.

Unlike some universities in the country that are very shady in terms of admission processes, it is easy to get admitted into the University of Lagos if you have high marks and you beat the merit score. So, you should only work very hard to do exceptionally well in not only Jamb but also in your post UTME.

Those from catchment areas should also consider themselves lucky. But you should note that even if you are from a catchment area, you must be deserving before you will be picked (yes, there are a lot of students from your catchment area fighting for admission into the University of Lagos just like you, so you must also reach the cut off mark set for your catchment area.

Generally, students vying for admission to the University of Lagos must realize that the school is a very competitive one, and you should be ready to do all it takes to win the race. But that is just how life works. Many times, good things don’t come easily – you must be ready to work very hard to get it.

What if your Jamb score isn’t up to 200? We just need to be realistic with you. If you couldn’t beat Unilag’s cut off mark in Jamb, and you choose the school as your first choice, just obtain a change of course form if you are not ready to wait for an extra year.


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