The latest update on Osun State University UNIOSUN Cut Off Mark For All Courses 2020/2021 JAMB & Post UTME – Osun State University is owned by the government of Osun State and the institution has different campuses in different parts of the State (the main campus is located in Oshogbo). If you are an aspirant of this school and you are interested in knowing Osun State University Cut Off Mark For All Courses, this article is then for you.

UNIOSUN Cut Off Mark 2020/2021

Last year, Osun State University Cut Off Mark For Jamb was pegged at 160, except some big courses. It was announced that students who chose the institution as their first choice during UTME registration and scored 160 and above in the exam are eligible to proceed to the next stage.

But those interested in courses like Accounting, Political Science, Nursing and Law are to score nothing less than 200 in Jamb, while those who couldn’t meet up with the score are given the liberty to change to other courses.

The same thing might come up this time around too, and we should know all these in the coming months. Here is a list of courses offered in the school as well as their cut off:

Osun State University Cut Off Mark For JAMB For All Courses

  1. – Accounting – 200 and above
  2. – Agricultural Economics – 160 and above
  3. – Agronomy – 160 and above
  4. – Anatomy – 160 and above
  5. – Animal Science – 160 and above
  6. – Banking and Finance – 160 and above
  7. – Biochemistry – 160 and above
  8. – Business Administration – 160 and above
  9. – Chemistry – 160 and above
  10. – Computer Science – 160 and above
  11. – Economics – 160 and above
  12. – Education and Biology – 160 and above
  13. – Education and Chemistry – 160 and above
  14. – Education and Economics – 160 and above
  15. – Education and English Language – 160 and above
  16. – Education and History – 160 and above
  17. – Education and Physics – 160 and above
  18. Education and Political Science – 160 and above
  19. – Educational Management – 160 and above
  20. – Electrical / Electronic Engineering – 160 and above
  21. – English and International Studies – 160 and above
  22. – English Language – 160 and above
  23. – Estate Management – 160 and above
  24. – Fisheries and Aquaculture – 160 and above
  25. – Fisheries and Wildlife Management – 160 and above
  26. – French – 160 and above
  27. – French and International Studies – 160 and above
  28. – Geography – 160 and above
  29. – Geology – 160 and above
  30. – Guidance and Counseling – 160 and above
  31. – History and International Studies – 160 and above
  32. – Home Economics – 160 and above
  33. – Industrial Chemistry – 160 and above
  34. – Industrial Relations and Personnel Management – 160 and above
  35. – Law – 200 and above
  36. – Library and Information Science – 160 and above
  37. – Linguistics – 160 and above
  38. – Literature in English – 160 and above
  39. – Mathematics – 160 and above
  40. – Mathematics and Education Technology – 160 and above
  41. – Mechanical Engineering – 200 and above
  42. – Medicine and Surgery – 200 and above
  43. – Microbiology – 160 and above
  44. – Nursing / Nursing Science – 200 and above
  45. – Physics with Electronics – 160 and above
  46. – Physiology – 160 and above
  47. – Plant Biology – 160 and above
  48. – Political Science and International Relations – 200 and above
  49. – Public Health Technology – 160 and above
  50. – Sociology – 160 and above
  51. – Urban and Regional Planning – 160 and above
  52. – Vocational and Technical Education – 160 and above
  53. – Wildlife Management – 160 and above
  54. – Zoology – 160 and above

Still on UNIOSUN Cut Off Mark 2020/2021

It should be noted that beating the jamb cut off does not in any way guarantee admission into UNIOSUN because there are still more important things that will determine if a candidate will be shown the way in or not. It is necessary to clarify this so as to educate students who will find themselves scoring high marks in Jamb but won’t be able to get admitted to the school, and they will think the fault is from the institution.


Here is how things work. After you have been able to beat the UNIOSUN Jamb cut off mark, you must also do all it takes to ensure you meet up with the departmental cut off mark set by the department you are vying for (this will, however, be after the management has conducted their post UTME screening exercise). However, this is not to say that aspirants shouldn’t fight for very high scores in Jamb, as the higher your score, the higher your chance of being admitted into Osun State University. Don’t forget that many candidates are fighting for a spot too, and you are competing with numerous students like you. If you are going for very competitive courses, you have more works to do, because a lot of people are aiming for the department you are aiming for.

UNIOSUN Departmental Cut Off Mark 2020/2021

Things are actually done one after the other. UNIOSUN is yet to conduct their post Jamb screening exercise (just like various other schools in the country), and this is what will determine when the departmental cut off mark will be released. Candidates should note that this is what will actually determine if their department of choice will admit them into the institution or not, and should also note that it is totally different from Jamb’s cut off mark.

After the release of the departmental cut off mark, some departments will be on the high side, while others on the low side. This will actually be determined by various factors. For instance, departments with a lot of aspirants will surely get a high cut off mark. This will make it easy for the management to disqualify a large chunk of them, so they can keep only the number they can make do with for that session. Additionally, if the aspirants vying for a particular course performed exceptionally well, it is necessary to place the cut off mark in a high spot (since the school can’t admit beyond a particular number of students).

If you are an aspirant of Osun State University, please note that the management of the institution is yet to announce the commencement of the sales of the post UTME screening exercise form. If in case you come across someone mischief people stating otherwise and even asking you to send some money to afford a particular account number so as to guarantee you admissions, please kindly ignore them and run away from such. Whenever it is time, Osun State University will tell you how to go about registering for the exercise.


Candidates who won’t be admitted into the institution might consider checking elsewhere or wait till next year to try again. However, it is necessary to add that if you couldn’t pick an admission this year, don’t lose hope and don’t feel bad. It happens at times, and we only learn (and should move forward). Don’t entertain negative thoughts, and don’t allow anything to make you see yourself a failure (you see not a failure). Just ensure you begin to prepare from now, so things will be easier for you before next year.

For successful candidates, we are wishing you the best as you run your race to get a degree from Osun State University.

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