Update on BASUG – Bauchi State University Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 for all Courses {JAMB & Post UTME} – If you are an aspirant of Bauchi State University and you are searching for relevant information that can assist your effort to become a bonafide student of the institution, you are in the right place. This article will explore the BASUG Cut Off Mark For All Courses {JAMB & Post UTME}, and you will get to know more about the admission process.

The institution is owned and managed by the government of Bauchi State, and it is situated in the Northern part of the country. The School was founded in 2011 (obviously, still young when compared with many other universities in the country), and has three campuses. Gadau has the main campus, while the rest are located in Misau and Bauchi. There are various faculties in the various campuses. One of the primary aims for establishing the University is to help more indigenes acquire tertiary education. However, right now, anyone from anywhere in the world is permitted to come over and get a degree there.

Before a student can be admitted into a school like Bauchi State University, such must pass through some hurdles and strive to meet up with some important criteria. The student is expected to satisfy some important requirements before he or she can be admitted to study his or her course of choice.

Bauchi State University Cut Off Mark For Jamb 2020

BASUG cut off Mark for 2020/2021 is 180

Although some courses required something higher than that (just as you will get to see below). What it means is that only aspirants who were able to score 180 and above in Jamb were eligible to proceed to the next stage. Those who scored 179 and below may not be able to get Bauchi State University post UTME form. 

Bauchi State University Departmental Cut Off Mark 2020/2021

Here is a list of courses offered in BSUG cut off mark attached to each of them:

  1. – Accounting – 250 and above
  2. – Business Administration – 250 and above
  3. – Public Administration – 240 and above
  4. – Arabic Studies – 180 and above
  5. – Christian Religious Knowledge/Studies – 180 and above
  6. – English Language – 200 and above
  7. – French – 200 and above
  8. – Fulfulde – 200 and above
  9. – Hausa – 200 and above
  10. – History – 200 and above
  11. – Islamic Studies – 200 and above
  12. – Education – 200 and above
  13. – Education & Arabic – 200 and above
  14. – Education & Christian Religious Studies – 200 and above
  15. – Education & Computer Science -200 and above
  16. – Education & Islamic Studies – 200 and above
  17. Education & Mathematics – 200 and above
  18. – Education & Physics – 200 and above
  19. – Education And Biology – 200 and above
  20. – Education And Chemistry – 200 and above
  21. – Education And English Language – 200 and above
  22. – Education And Hausa – 200 and above
  23. – Law – 250 and above
  24. – Human Anatomy – 250 and above
  25. – Pharmacology – 250 and above
  26. – Physiology – 250 and above
  27. – Public Health Technology – 250 and above
  28. – Biochemistry – 240 and above
  29. – Botany – 220 and above
  30. – Chemistry – 220 and above
  31. – Mathematics – 220 and above
  32. – Microbiology – 220 and above
  33. – Physics – 220 and above
  34. – Science Laboratory – 230 and above
  35. – Zoology – 220 and above
  36. – Economics – 230 and above
  37. – Political Science – 200 and above
  38. – Sociology – 200 and above

Since the management of Bauchi State University are yet to conduct their post UTME screening for this year, then the institution’s departmental cut off mark can’t be fathomed now. After the Jamb cut off mark has been agreed on, the management will announce the commencement of the sale of their post UTME form. Clear instructions will be given to candidates about how they should go about with the registration (including the amount that should be paid, where it should be paid to, and the deadline)

The management of Bauchi State University will determine if aspirants will be tested with a written exam, or if their grades will be determined by their O Level result as Jamb score. After this, they will release the departmental cut off mark, which will determine if the department of an aspirant will admit them into the University or not.  

How To Enroll For Bauchi State University Direct Entry

If you are familiar with how things are being done in Nigeria, you should observe already that some institutions decide to join their direct entry admission form with their Post Utme screening form, while for some others, it is different. If you are interested in getting the direct entry form of Bauchi State University, you should know how the institution runs her things.

The Faculty of Law is in Misau, while the Faculty of Management and the Faculty of Social Sciences is located in the State capital. The main campus has the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Arts.

The information here will be beneficial to candidates who seek to get into the institution through the Direct Entry platform.

Admission Criteria For Direct Entry Applicants Into BASUG

This is the set of candidates that are actually  eligible to apply to Bauchi State University through the direct entry program:

  1. Those that presently applied to be admitted into any of the degree programs offered by the institution.
  2. Those who indulged in UTME and were able to amass a minimum of one hundred and forty points.
  3. Those that have a minimum of Lower credit in their Diploma results or perhaps, a Merit in their NCE/IJMB results.

Those that don’t fit into the above category are not eligible to apply for BASUG through Direct Entry means.

Documents That Direct Entry Applicants Will Need To Gain Admission To BASUG

Before you can become a bonafide student of Bauchi State University via direct entry, you are required to have:

  1. A Confirmation Order Number which was utilized for registration
  2. Additionally, two copies of the acknowledgment slip that are pretty clear.
  3. And then, original copies and photocopies of both your O’level results and your Jamb Result Notification Slip.

The application procedure is not difficult. The simple steps start from opening their website (www.basug.edu.ng) and creating an account by clicking the tab to do so. Then, you will be able to do all you should from your account.

After that is done, simply go ahead and pay for the screening (that is Post Utme screening). You will see how much to pay there, and how to go about with the payment. After payments had been made, simply fill the online application form and enter only the correct details. Try to confirm if the information you provided is correct before going ahead to submit. After you have correctly registered, you should get prepared for the post UTME examination, and that’s all.

We wish you the best in your quest to get admitted to Bauchi State University.


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