UNN Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 JAMB & Departmental Courses

UNN Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 For Departmental Courses JAMB & Post UTME – It’s time again when Nigerian youngsters compete with themselves to get admitted into different higher institutions in the country. As expected, some schools are more competitive than others. And as far as Nigeria is concerned, people prioritise federal schools more than others due to various reasons – but particularly because of the moderate fees and the prestige.

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka is one of the foremost universities in the country, and it is very popular. Right now, there are a lot of aspirants seeking for the institution’s cut off mark for JAMB / Post-UTME 2019 as well as their departmental cut of mark for all courses. This article is for you then.

As we all should be aware, Jamb is over, and students are now checking their scores. Everyone should know that Jamb is a necessity for gaining admission into a higher institution in the country.

UNN Cut Off Mark 2020/2021

Standard general University Of Nsukka Nigeria Cut Off is 180

So, the cut off mark has been pegged at 180 quite alright, but we should take note that some institutions intentionally increase theirs due to different reasons (particularly those that usually have a lot of aspirants vying for just a few spaces)

In case you don’t know what cut off mark is, it is actually the minimum JAMB or Post Utme score which a student is to obtain before the person will be considered an admission to a particular institution.

So, if you are to get admitted to an institution in the country, you are to strive to beat the cut off mark for the course you desire. It is not something too easy to achieve (though it also depends on how competitive the course is and how many aspirants the particular institution get each year)

A school like UNN is one where a lot of students ‘fight’ to enter each year, and so, you must sit tight. Then, if you are going for competitive courses like medicine, law, and so on, you must even work extra hard.

UNN Departmental Cut Off Mark For JAMB POST UTME 2020/2021

  1. Agricultural Economics – 227
  2. Agricultural Extension – 201
  3. Animal Science – 202
  4. Crop Science – 206
  5. Soil Science – 205
  6. Fisheries – 227
  7. Home Science – 200
  8. Nutrition and Dietetics – 247
  9. Archaeology & Tourism – 246
  10. English and Literary Studies – 271
  11. Fine and Applied Arts – 260
  12. Foreign Languages – 254
  13. History and International Studies – 259
  14. Linguistics and Nigerian Languages – 245
  15. Mass Communication – 268
  16. Music – 255
  17. Theatre and Film Studies – 254
  18. Combined Arts – 201
  19. Biochemistry – 248
  20. Botany – 200
  21. Combined Biological Sciences – 214
  22. Microbiology – 243
  23. Zoology – 207
  24. Accountancy – 257
  25. Banking & Finance – 229
  26. Marketing – 207
  27. Business Management – 233
  28. Dentistry – 270
  29. Adult Education – 201
  30. Education Art – 251
  31. Education Chemistry – 203
  32. Education Social Sciences – 245
  33. Agricultural Education – 205
  34. Business Education – 220
  35. Guidance & Counselling – 263
  36. Health Education – 206
  37. Home Economics Education – 229
  38. Industrial Technical Education – 236
  39. Library and Information Science – 246
  40. Science Education – 200
  41. Agricultural & Bio resources Engineering – 204
  42. Civil Engineering – 248
  43. Electrical Engineering – 242
  44. Electronics – 232
  45. Mechanic Engineering – 242
  46. Architecture – 226
  47. Estate Management – 201
  48. Geo informatics & Survey – 201
  49. Urban and Regional Planning – 210
  50. Radiography – 266
  51. Medical Rehabilitation – 258
  52. Nursing – 268
  53. Law – 297
  54. Medicine – 295
  55. Pharmacy – 284
  56. Computer Science – 227
  57. Geology – 234
  58. Mathematics – 200
  59. Physics and Astronomy – 200
  60. Pure and Industrial Chemistry – 206
  61. Statistics – 200
  62. Computer/Statistics – 200
  63. Economics – 260
  64. Geography – 243
  65. Philosophy – 259
  66. Political Science – 275
  67. Psychology – 252
  68. Public Administration – 266
  69. Religion – 232
  70. Social Work – 213
  71. Sociology/Anthropology – 260
  72. Veterinary Medicine – 227


How to Calculate UNN Cut Off Mark

You should have gotten the clue that UNN don’t work with 100%, but theirs is based on 400%. So, it will be based on the average mark an applicant obtained from the JAMB and Post JAMB Cut off marks.

Here is how it works, if an applicant should get let’s say 250 in Jamb, and 250 in Post Jamb, such would have an average score of 250. Therefore, applicants should get ready to be judged based on their average score.

So, you should know by now that the higher your average score, the higher your chance of being chosen. Don’t forget that you are competing with numerous students like you, and the school have a limit they can admit. It is possible to get there. Just work extra hard. Study smartly and try to beat the covers.

UNN Departmental  Cut Off Mark For JAMB Post UTME

This exposition should spur you towards doing all it takes to be part of the batch that will be admitted into UNN this year. The more competitive your course is, the more works you are to do. If you intend studying the likes of Medicine, Law Nursing, Pharmacy, and so on, then you must put extra efforts in your preparation and try to excel amicably.

Of course, if your course is not too competitive, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work adequately too. Remember, you are not the only one vying for the course. So, burn the midnight oil now so you can excel tomorrow.

Finally on the University Of Nsukka Nigeria Cut Off Mark

Considering the fact that certain things haven’t been put in place, the institution is yet to release her cut off mark for the various departments. Nevertheless, there will be a semblance with the one used during the 2017/18 academic session – so we will utilise that in this article.

About UNN Post Jamb Examination, know that at the right time, the management of the institution will make known when that will take place. But just get ready and set, because the announcement could be made much earlier than you think.

It is one thing to beat Jamb’s cut off mark, and it is another thing to meet the required cut off mark of the department you are vying for in UNN. So, even if an applicant should get 350 in Jamb, but failed to meet the department’s cut off mark, such won’t be admitted into the school  

It is also necessary to add that the fact that an applicant was able to beat the cut off mark do not really guarantee automatic admission, as those with high scores will come in before others.

So, should in case an applicant’s couldn’t meet the cut off mark that was agreed on, such a person is admonished to do the change of course or change of institution if they don’t want to wait till next year  

Now, before exploring UNN departmental cut off mark for all courses, let us take time to highlight certain important things aspirants should not forget. You see, knowledge is power. To avoid disqualifying yourself and making avoidable mistakes, you should take note of these:

  • An applicant should score nothing less than 180 in JAMB. Without this, it is impossible to proceed to the next stage as far as UNN’s admission process is concerned. Should in case you couldn’t get up to 180 in Jamb, you can simply obtain the change of institution form and choose another school.
  • Of course, the applicant must choose UNN as their first choice while registering for Jamb. Any other thing is actually impossible.
  • The University is such a competitive one, as there are a lot of students fighting to get admitted into UNN each year. Therefore, you should do all it takes to have a high score in your Post Jamb examination. The higher your score, the higher your chances of getting admitted into UNN.
  • Applicants are to endeavour that they make ready all their academic certificates like O/Level, Jamb Result, and so on. All these will be used when screening comes.

Please, don’t forget that the higher your score, the higher your chance of becoming a student of the school. Now you can explore the various cut off marks for each department in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.


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