Attending the best universities in Uganda is a top priority for people who want to further their education at tertiary levels in Uganda; I presume everyone would like to attend the best institution wherever they find themselves, which is why today we bring to you the top 10 best universities in Uganda. These days in Uganda, tertiary education has encountered many improvements and developments compared to other tertiary institutions in other African countries.

Although, the vast majority of the Uganda Universities are not set on the international platform responsible for ranking best universities, that has not stopped the higher institutions in Uganda as they have set out a niche for themselves and have gone ahead in the higher institution rankings. Do you want to know the best universities we have in Uganda? Then search no further as they would be discussed in a nutshell.


1. Makerere University

Starting off with Makerere University, this University ranks high amongst the best universities in Uganda today. This institution was established in the year 1992 and tends to be one of the oldest universities in the country and Africa at large. Makerere University is dedicated to providing innovative teaching, research, learning, and services responsive to the country’s National needs and global needs.

2. Uganda Christian University

Uganda Christian University was established in the year 1997 by the Anglican Church of Uganda. The Uganda Christian University has notably expanded its academic programs to include, education, theology, business, social works, mass communication, law, information technology, development studies, science and nursing, and lastly library and information. This may likely be one of the reasons why this university ranks among the best universities in Uganda today.

Speaking more of this university, this institution tends to be one of the best and has hereby attracted students from other African countries and qualified staffs from Europe, Australia, and North America which is why students of this institution receive quality teaching in the institution.

3. Mbarara University of Science & Technology

This University is widely acknowledged in Uganda and abbreviated as MUST; this University was founded in the year 1989. The Mbarara University of science and technology are known as MUST is a Public University endorsed and accredited by the National Council for higher education in Uganda.

More also, this University has notably earned recognition both within and outside the country (International level) for the best practices in community and outreach relations from the Association of Commonwealth Universities, European Union.

If you need one of the best Universities in Uganda for the health care profession, search no further.

4. Uganda Martyrs University

This University also has succeeded in making the list of the best universities in Uganda. The Uganda Martyrs University was founded by a Catholic church, of which the University was not created for profits. The University was founded in the year 1993 and owned by the Uganda Episcopal conference abbreviated as UEC.

This University received a city charter in the year 2005, the 2nd of April precisely, from the Uganda government in order to legitimize its existence and showcase the fact that the institution had attained the required university standards.

5. International Health Science University (IHSU)

This higher institution was founded in the year 2008, and it is a privately owned higher institution meant for profit, however, this institution is located in the urban setting of the central region of Kampala which is, of course, a large city with over 4 million inhabitants. This institution has, however, received accreditation from the National Council for higher education in Uganda.

Meanwhile, this institution tends to be a small institution with an enrollment range of 500 – 900 students. Though, this institution offers courses and programs that lead to officially recognized higher institution degrees in different areas of studies. This school clock 11 years this year possesses a selective admission policy based on the entrance examination and past academic records of the students.

6. Kyambogo University

The Kyambogo University in Uganda is relatively a new University and known as third of Uganda’s public university. This institution has also despite being a new university attained ranking in the list of the best universities in Uganda as the university was established for the promotion, advancement, and development of adequate skills in science, technology, and education, and other fields of study having the requirements for equality, progress, and transformation in the society.

However, this university was carved out after the merging of Uganda’s former Polytechnic Kyambogo (UPK), the ITEK (Institute of Teacher Education), and Uganda National Institute of special education (UNISE).

7. Uganda Technology And Management University (UTAMU)

This institution is a private institution located just like the IHSU in the large city of Kampala. UTAMU was established in the year 2013, despite the fact that this university is barely 6 years old; it has been officially accredited and recognized by the bodies responsible for accreditation which is the National Council for Higher Education, Uganda. UTAMU also provides a series of academic and non-academic facilities and services for its students which includes administrative services and library services.

8. Ndejje University (NU)

This higher institution was established in the year 1992 as a private and profitable institution. This University is located in the rural area of the Ndejje Central region which is a large town with a population of over 200, 000 inhabitants.

NU notably has different branch campuses at other locations of which Kampala is included. The Ndejje University being NU was accredited officially and recognized by the National Council for higher education in Uganda, Although this university is a small educational institution with an enrollment count ranging from 3, 000 – 3, 999 students of which the university was formally affiliated with the Christian Anglican Religion.

This institution is a 27-year-old institution that offers various courses and programmes which lead to officially recognized higher education degrees in several courses. However, this institution is opened to international candidates but has an admission policy based on entrance examination of which they admit applicants at a 40 – 50% rate range. Speaking of the list of best universities in Uganda, this school has earned its place in the list as the school is noted to be highly equipped with adequate facilities deemed necessary for the progress of their students.

9. Kampala International University

The Kampala International University is a private university in Uganda which has thereby built a strong name in Uganda’s educational sector with outstanding resilience.

This University received accreditation based on its recognition and acknowledgment as a capable and competent university focused on offering relevant education, also based on the fact that the university is a member of Commonwealth Universities, an association of African universities, and the inter-University council of East Africa.

Meanwhile, this university was founded in the year 2001 and has with great strength in a development owned 2 campuses of which the first one is located in Kampala along Kasanga, Gqaba road, and the second one being the school of science is located in Bushenyi along Kasese road. However, the school has its branches in Kenya and Tanzania.

10. Gulu University

Gulu University may rank 10 in the position of the top 10 universities in Uganda, but definitely one of the best universities in Uganda. This institution was established in the year 2002 as a non-profit public higher institution which has its location in the urban settings of the Gulu large town in the northern region of Uganda. This institution according to reports from uniRank has an enrollment range of 3, 000 – 3, 999 students which makes it a small co-educational higher institution officially accredited by the National Council for higher education in Uganda.

However, this institution offers programmes and courses which lead to an officially recognized University degree such as a Bachelor’s degree in different fields of study.


Conclusion On The Best Universities In Uganda

Attending the best Universities is actually a great deal as it offers you a highly recognized certificate and the best education in a conducive learning environment with the best equipment for teaching.

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