Top 10 Jobs That Pay 100k A Year Without A Degree In The UK (2023)

The British economy is sound enough to sustain a good standard of living even among those who are considered low income earners. However, working any of the jobs that pay 100k a year without a degree in the UK means that despite not having a degree, one has been able to escape the low wage tag, and to earn more than enough to afford the goodies of life for himself, and his loved ones.

These jobs are important; which is why the pay is good. However, they often require other things such as concentration, communication and endurance which are attributes that not everybody has.

Even if one does not have a degree, he can earn a good living by engaging in any of the following jobs and professions.

Top 10 Jobs That Pay 100k A Year Without A Degree In The UK

Management Consultant

Average Salary – £49,047

Highest salary- £100,000

Management Consultants have gained expertise in management over years of working management positions. The wealth of experience is now used to instruct or guide companies in their business moves such as strategies, mergers, governance, and building relationships for the future.

Management Consultants need to have people skills, and good problem-solving skills. These skills in addition to the foresight gained from years of work help to make the Management Consultant a key person in the organizational structure of the company he works with; his input goes a long way to help the organization move forward.

Management Consultants can work with multiple companies and organizations at the same time, they can maintain personal offices and have secretaries at their services. Management Consultants can earn huge salaries, and maintain very good lifestyles.

Risk Manager

Average Salary – £49,718

Highest salary- £100,000

Risk Managers are very important financial professionals. Their jobs involve evaluating the risks involved in moves that the organizations they work with are about to take, and communicating said risks to the management so as to avert disaster by looking at the financial positions of the organizations, and deciding whether the organizations can afford such risks.

Risk Managers can work with banks, stock-broking firms, real estate development companies, and so many other establishments that need to commit huge amount of funds into projects with the mind of reaping profits.

Air Traffic Controllers

Average Salary – £50,000

Highest salary- £100,000

An air traffic controller is a very important person because he holds the lives of thousands of people in his hands. Air Traffic Controllers are those officers tasked with managing the flow of air traffic going out of and coming into the airports. Without the air traffic controllers air travel as we know it today would be impossible because there would be daily plane crashes.

Air traffic controllers are one of the few jobs that pay 100k a year without a degree in the UK, although prospective candidates have to undergo training, and also to pass an examination. Then they get to work with sophisticated tools such as radars and radio communication equipment.

With this training and the equipment they have to work with, they can then guide the pilots in the cockpits so as to avoid collision with other aircraft.

Member Of Parliament

Average Salary – £30,000

Highest salary- £100,000

Being a Member of Parliament is not exactly a job; it is an important political position which is designed to serve the people. Nevertheless, a member of parliament does not need to have a degree, he just needs to be passionate about serving the people. This service will probably be done for a few years before he has built a reputation, and is therefore able to convince people to vote for him.

If interested in this position, you will need to belong to a political party, and work along the ideology of said party. as said before, this is not really a job; and if a person loses an election, he can quickly find himself out of work.

Computer Security Specialists

Average Salary – £38,000

Highest salary- over £100,000

Computer security specialists work to improve security around sensitive security networks which may be used for finance, commerce, and other kinds of business. Recently, these professionals have been drawn into cryptocurrencies because crypto exchanges, as well as developers need their services to ensure that the crypto is safe.

Computer Security Specialists can work with single employers, in which case they can receive salaries, or they can work as consultants with several companies, as long as they are able to maintain their clientele properly.

Security Consultant

Average Salary – £42,295

Highest salary- over £100,000

Security Consultants can work with several companies and even private homes; their work involves training security personnel, and advising the companies on how to position their security. They can even assist with the process of recruiting security staff, and of purchasing security devices, including cameras, and so on.

Sales Manager

Average Salary – £32,455

Highest salary- £51,000

Sales managers have the job of making sales for the companies they work with. This usually means leading and guiding a team of marketers within an organization. As a Sales Manager you will need to set sales targets for your team. You will also need to watch your team so as to take note of the best performers, and to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Sales Managers do not necessarily need to have university degrees; but they do need to have experience in sales, gained by working various sales positions through the years.

Strength And Conditioning Coach

Average Salary – £27,898

Highest salary- £70,000

A strength and conditioning coach is like a fitness coach, but one that is a little more intense because he works with sportsmen and women. They design exercise regimens for their clients to help them reach optimum strength so that they perform exceedingly at their sports.

Sometimes they can work at Gyms, or they can be employed by sports clubs to work with professional athletes.

Train drivers

Average Salary – £27,898

Highest salary- £70,000

This career does not exactly pay 100k a year, but the salary of train drivers is not too far behind either. The job does not require a degree, but there is a bit training to be done first before one can do this job. As a train driver, you are responsible for driving the train which travels at high speeds.

You have to ensure that train rides as smoothly as possible. You are also the chief safety officer on the train; you are responsible for the lives of all those on board.

Pilates Instructors

Average Salary – £25,000

Highest salary- £52,000

As a Pilates Instructor your work is quite similar to a gym instructor; you teach people to exercise, although the kind of exercise is about balance, stability and muscular endurance.

You do not need to have a degree for this job, but you need skills that dwell on anatomy and physiology.



As promised, above are several jobs that pay 100k a year without a degree in the UK, but just because they do not require a degree does not mean that there is no training involved. Many of these jobs need training and certification before one can safely carry them out, but the pay is very adequate to compensate for the stress it takes to attain the certification.