How To Get A Job In The UK From Nigeria (2023)

The UK is a top destination for workers from all over the world; it has a great economy where workers can contribute their quota in the best of working conditions. Here is how to get a job in the UK from Nigeria and change one’s economic circumstances. Interestingly, if one is able to follow these steps, one should be able to land a job, and practice one’s profession relatively easily.

The biggest attraction for people to move to the UK for work is the power of the British Pound; which is several times superior to the Nigerian Naira, and also far superior to most other currencies around the world. For the purpose of clarity, let it be known that it is not only Nigerians that are actively seeking for work opportunities in the UK; people come in from all around the world.

There are several opportunities for job placements in the UK; but depending on how strategic the skills involved may be, the authorities have grouped these permits into tiers. The focus of this article is on Tier 2 work visas, which is how most Nigerians get into the UK to work and to contribute to the economy.

How To Get A Job In The UK From Nigeria

Get Qualified

In order to land a job in the UK from Nigeria one needs to be among the people that the UK government is looking for. That’s right; the UK is looking for certain kinds of people to fill positions and contribute to its society and economy; these people need to have scare skills or to be very qualified.

Sometimes they work ordinary jobs but do it extraordinarily. The UK knows that by bringing in these exceptional professionals it makes the UK society even better, which is why the doors are wide open to certain kinds of people.

Therefore; the first step towards getting a job in the UK is to get qualified. Some of the most common job qualifications that allow one to land a job in the UK include; Medical Doctors, Cyber Security Experts, Mechanical Engineers, Web Developers, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Software Engineers, Nurses, Programmers, Graphics Designers, Information Technology Business Experts, Social Workers, Game Developers, Cinematographers, Environmental Engineers, Graphics Designers, Truck Drivers, Artisans, Creatives, and Sportsmen.

Getting Qualified could mean completing the degree programs or job trainings associated with the jobs you are interested in doing. If one has already started an educational or professional training program- perhaps at a university, then one must ensure that he completes said course of study.

There is no need to hurry, or to succumb to the temptation to abandon studies in search for greener pastures abroad. After obtaining the certifications, there will be plenty of time to travel to the UK to work as a professional.

Get Some Work Experience

Most employers in the UK require job candidates to have some work experience; this shows that the candidates have good knowledge of the job they are applying for. Employing capable hands is a proven way of boosting productivity; as against the time and expenses it would take to train workers who have no experience in the job they are applying for.

Getting work experience will also help prove to the employers that you are a person of good character. This is equally important because when employers bring in cheaters to a work place, things tend to go wrong. Most employers are looking to avoid that.

There is no need to rush this aspect as well. As a general rule, consultants recommend that you have at least two years of work experience to your name. That is usually enough to show that you are qualified and good enough for the position.

Craft A CV

It is important to have a well articulated CV; one that shows your strengths and abilities quite clearly. The style of writing CVs in the UK may be slightly different from what most people are used to in the UK, and so in order to get a job in the UK from Nigeria one needs to make some adjustments so that the CV looks acceptable to the employers there in the UK.

Consultants recommend crafting the CV in a chronological order; showing the timeline of one’s academic and professional pursuits in exactly the manner that one has done them.

Please ensure that the CV is written in British English; this should ideally not be a problem for Nigerians considering the fact that we speak British English, but surprisingly, many people fail this simple test.

Ensure that your CV is not too long; it should not exceed two pages, and should not use paragraphs that are too long.

Ensure that your CV captures your strengths and abilities, which will help the employer decide quickly whether you have the temperament and people skills to fit into the work place.

Draft A Good Cover Letter

A brief and concise cover letter will help tell who you are. It should capture your character, goals, ambition, values, mission and vision. The emphasis is one brief; the letter should highlight your achievements so far, and give a hint about the kind of employment you are looking for.

When a potential employer sees your cover letter he should immediately see how you can fit in to his work place, and what you will bring in, in terms of skills and energy.

Search Online

There are several online resources that can help one get job placements abroad these are websites that help employers find suitable workers.

Thankfully, these online job websites place no restrictions on location and nationality; as far as the person has the necessary skills and qualifications, they bring them up to the employer, and if the employer is satisfied, he contacts the candidate so as to prepare a job offer.

Some of these websites include:



InterQuest Group

Blue Arrow

Morgan Hunt

Opus Professional Services Group



Firefly Finance Recruiting

Bond Recruitment

Contact Family And Friends In The UK

Despite an abundance of online resources, word of mouth is still the way via which most Nigerians find jobs in the UK. They ask their relatives and friends who are already resident in the UK to help them find jobs over there.

Employers know that most Nigerians are hardworking and dedicated people who desperately want to make a living and support their families back home, and for this reason they are often happy to extend an invitation to Nigerians to take up jobs in the UK.

Get A Passport

As soon as one has made up his mind to travel out in search of a job, the reasonable thing is to immediately get a passport. However, one must ensure that he passes through the proper channels when getting the passport; this is to avoid having any problems when one is about to travel.

Unfortunately, the process of getting a passport in Nigeria is grossly unreliable; therefore this important step cannot be left till the last minute. It may even be better to start the process before you start looking for the job because it may take several months to get the passport after payment.



The above listed steps can get one a job in the UK from Nigeria; although there is no hard and fast rule as to which steps should come first or last. The most common way via which people get jobs in the UK is via word of mouth; contacting family and friends already resident in the UK to help them find jobs.