How To Get A Job In Kuwait From Nigeria (2023)

Getting a Job in Kuwait from Nigeria has great economic benefits. Kuwait is a country in the Persian Gulf; an Arab Muslim country that borders Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Kuwait has a booming oil economy and a rather small population. In order to sustain this economy, workers have to come in from all over the world to work; providing labour and expertise in exchange for good money.

Kuwait’s economy and currency are enough motivation for most people to come into the country to find jobs. It is not only Nigerians that pursue job opportunities in this country; people from the Philippines, Pakistan, Ghana, India, and many sub Saharan countries are in large numbers working and earning in Kuwait.

With proper planning; one can have a great career in this country, in which case he can make unbelievable money- far more than he would have made if he had stayed back in Nigeria.

How To Get A Job In Kuwait From Nigeria

Depending on the type of job one wants, and the kind of opportunities, there are two approaches that one may use to get the jobs; although both approaches are not distinct from one another. One may pass through recruitment agents in Nigeria, or one may go through online resources.

For the reason of clarity; let it be stated that there is a high demand for workers in Kuwait. The country’s workforce is mostly made up of immigrants. Sales representatives, Cleaners, Engineers, Welders, Doctors, Pharmacists, and Road Sweepers are all needed in high numbers in Kuwait.

The government of Kuwait only issues work visas to foreigners who have jobs waiting for them, although there are also visitor’s visa and other types of visas issued by the authorities.

Therefore one does not first go to Kuwait, and then starts the process of getting a job. One has to get the job on hand; which can easily be done following these steps.

Get Qualified

As mentioned earlier, all kinds of jobs are available in the country so the qualifications one would need will depend on the types of jobs one intends to do in the country. If one is already studying, it is imperative to resist the temptation to abandon studies in search of a job in Kuwait.

Yes, the pay is attractive, but there are too many Nigerians working as cleaners and fuel station attendants in that country. Besides, if they can pay so well for a sales attendant, then imagine what they pay Doctors and Academics.

On the other hand if you are not looking for a professional job you can also work with your SSCE; in which case one would look for jobs such as cleaners, domestic helps, sales attendants, and so on.

Get Work Experience

When you have the qualification, the next step is to get experience. In fact; Kuwait is looking for professionals who have experience in their various fields of work.

As a basic rule one should have a minimum of three years experience to be considered competent in his field of work, but that is just the minimum. Kuwaiti employment agencies have been known to raid Nigerian hospitals, seeking the brightest and most qualified doctors while offering them irresistible jobs in Kuwait.

The more the influence one has in his field of work, the easier it is to get a job. This is because the country is not just looking for quantity; it is looking for quality- workers that will add value.

Register With An Online Recruiter

Online Recruiters build and maintain relationships with top employers from all over the world. If you are a professional you can get information about available jobs in Kuwait and other locations by registering with top recruiters. These recruiters get all the details about job openings in top companies, and look for prospective workers who have matching resumes, and the necessary skills to fill those positions.

Some of the Recruiters can keep a list of prospects and their skills, and keep showing the skills and resumes to prospective employers until an employer reaches out to the workers.

Some of these online recruiters include:



InterQuest Group




If you are a professional with influence in your field of work then you are probably going to get a job very quickly because such are the kinds of people that Kuwait is looking to bring into the country. Professionals are offered huge salaries and bonuses; especially when they are going to leave a position in their country in order to take up a post in Kuwait.

Therefore, when you are signing up to an online recruiter, ensure that you state your existing work position in Nigeria, which is what you will motivate the recruiters to take you serious. Another great resource for international job hunting is social media.


LinkedIn is a great place to find a job abroad; it is a social platform for professionals to showcase their skills, qualifications, and influence. On this platform one can relate with fellow professionals working in the same field of endeavor, and share your ideas and experiences.

There is no better personalized platform to show what you know, and how motivated you are as a professional than this social media platform; and there is no better place for word of mouth advertising of talent which can convince employers to reach out to professionals with job offers.

Jobs From Family And Friends

Just like in any other country it is also possible for people already working in Kuwait to talk to their employers, and convince them to send job invitations to relatives living in Nigeria. The logic is simple; because the workers have earned the trust and confidence of their employers, the employers believe that the people they are recommending will be just as trust worthy and hardworking as their current employees.



After the job offer has been made and accepted, the employer will sponsor an application with the immigration authorities in Kuwait, which will then be approved before the employee can be issued with a work visa with which to enter the country.

Given the problematic process of Nigerian Passport procurement it is a good idea to apply for the passport as soon as one has made the decision to work abroad.