10 Easiest Countries To Get Work Visa from Nigeria (2021)

Nigeria is a great country, but it does not always offer the best prospects in terms of work opportunities. Not just work opportunities, but work opportunities that can help one to expand his horizon, and maximize his potentials. For that reason many Nigerians have to find work outside the country, so as to help themselves earn a decent living, and attain financial freedom. 

However, for many reasons many Nigerians find that the process of getting the work visa to facilitate their travels is not always an easy thing to scale. But then, getting a work visa doesn’t need to be a painful process. When you do a bit of research beforehand, you improve your chances of successfully meeting all the requirements and passing the interview, thus getting the work visa you need.

One important thing to note is that some countries are easier to enter than others. This often reflects the foreign policies of the countries and their bilateral relations with Nigeria, but there are also several other factors that can be involved. Of course, you won’t apply to the easiest countries you can find. Some Countries where you can easily get a work Visa from Nigeria.

Easiest Countries To Get Work Visa from Nigeria

1. Australia and New Zealand

Compared to all the opportunities for a better life than Australia and New Zealand have to offer, this is one of the easiest countries to get a work visa. You can easily get a working holiday visa to work for a period of up to 12 months. Usually, these are available for a small fee, and the skills you have maybe a huge factor in determining the success of your application.

You’ll find that Australia and New Zealand most often have Nigerians working in the hospitality, tourism, and service industries. You will also find many Nigerians working in the agriculture and food processing industries.

2. South Africa

South Africa has a long history of good relations with Nigeria, going back to the days of Apartheid. South Africa is on the African continent, and not even on the Mediterranean coast, where it would enjoy close proximity with European countries. However, you would be surprised at the level of social and economic development that you will find in South Africa. You will find that there are so many Nigerians working in South Africa, and a good number of them are self-employed business owners.

Many times, South Africa is just a country that many people go to build a travel history and to build a profile that will help them travel to Europe. 

3. Canada

A temporary work visa is quite easy to get for Canada, and there are few requirements. Canada visas are also comparatively quite affordable compared to the gains. This is a great place to settle; Canada has a great economy, great people, and plenty of potential for the future as a hub of technology, international commerce, and food production. Presently, though the most popular types of work available for immigrants include, nursing, engineering, construction, the services industry.

4. Ireland

This is the Republic of Ireland, not Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. Ireland is a great place to work because the economy is stable, diverse, and huge. Ireland also does not have any age restrictions for those seeking to work in the country; which is why working holiday visas are quite easy to get for this country.

Your chances of a successful visa application will be boosted if you have a specific skill set, that will aid you when applying. For example, if you have a career in finance, education, hospitality, or sports you could find that you will quickly integrate into the Irish economy. 

 Presently, though the most popular types of work in Ireland include education, hospitality, or service industries. Contrary to what the media may have told you, the Irish are welcoming and friendly. You will find that Ireland is a great place to live and work.

5. Kenya

Do not overlook Kenya in your research for good travel destinations this is the biggest economy in East Africa. While Kenya may not offer rewards like an attractive interest rate which would probably attract the most people, it remains an attractive travel destination because: this is one of the easiest places to get a travel visa from Nigeria. A lot of Nigerians first go to Kenya in order to build a travel history or profile. 

Secondly, Kenya is a great place to invest because the country is the biggest economy in East Africa, and one of the fastest-growing economies on the continent. Attractive sectors include; banking, agriculture, insurance, housing, automotive, and so on. 

6. China

China is among the top destinations for Nigerians. A large number of the Nigerian Diaspora live and work in China. China is the dominant force in Asia, the second-fastest-growing economy in the world.  China actually encourages visitors to explore the country; Visa procurement is usually not difficult. You can easily get a work permit as an academic or just as an English teacher. 

However, most Nigerians go to China to explore the economy. You can find that the manufacturing sector has so much to offer, and the Nigerian market is wide open to purchase the products you can bring in from china. Popular items that come in from China right now are mobile phones, solar panels, rechargeable electronic devices, and so on.

7. Singapore

Singapore is open to you if you have money. We hope that a simple explanation is enough. The reason is that Singapore one of the world’s largest financial centers, is also a hub of money-related technology, a place that never sleeps, and that has so much potential. If you have a background in finance or technology, you will not find a working visa to Singapore hard to come by.

The country offers working holiday visas to students and recent graduates, and the process is quite simple and straightforward. Work is available in technology, teaching, hospitality, and of course finance!

8. Cambodia

Cambodia is not the biggest economy or the fastest growing economy for that matter, but this is one of the countries where you can get a visa as long as you have your money in hand. It is also one of the best places where you can build your travel history and profile. However, if you have an eye for business you can soon find that this is an easy-going country where you can do business, be surrounded by other expats who come from many different countries, living and working in a paradise with history and culture.

 You can get work freelancing and doing remote work, or you can find jobs in tourism or teaching. You can use your skills in technology and probably set up a small business. 

9. Czech Republic

 The Czech Republic is a great location if you want to boost your travel history. Perhaps due to fact that there is not much economically in the Czech Republic, the country has opened its society and economy. Tourism is very important in the Czech Republic, especially the multicultural city of Prague! The easiest way to get an “employment” visa in the Czech Republic is to secure work before entering the country. However, you will probably not be denied entry if you apply for a tourist/travel visa.

You can find work in the services industry, in hospitality, and in retail commerce among others.

10. Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the easiest places to get a work visa in Latin America. The requirements are not difficult as all; you can get a professional visa if you have a Bachelor’s Degree and $400 to your name. While you can get work in multinational establishments, but you can also try NGOs and such establishments, or even start your own business.



As a Nigerian, your target destination would probably be Europe, but there are so many other countries with similarly robust economies that you can go to. That’s all on the easiest countries to get work visa from Nigeria, for starters, you can first go to countries like Kenya, South Africa, and Ecuador to boost your travel history and to explore their economies, thereafter, you can proceed to the European countries. 

Disclaimer: The information in this post is not professional advice, please contact your IATA travel agent for more information, and please take caution before paying any money to anybody.