10 Easiest Countries To Get Work Visa from Nigeria (2022)

Every country is cautious about immigration; but some are the easiest countries to get work visas from Nigeria, especially if one is highly trained, and has some special skills that can raise the standard of life in the country in question. Please note that every country is thinking in terms of what they will gain by letting foreigners in to work.

They are therefore more interested in letting in those who can work remotely as digital nomads, thus adding to their economies without taking anything away. Highly skilled persons like doctors, engineers, and exceptional sportsmen are usually welcome to any country, and for those highly industrialized countries, there is a perpetual need for workers to fill positions in factories and companies.

There are two very usable routes; applying as a student after which one can work, or applying for a job from Nigeria and then getting the employer to process the visa. Digital nomads and entrepreneurs with viable start up ideas will most likely get visas to any country. Depending on what category one falls under the options may vary.

Easiest Countries To Get Work Visa from Nigeria

1. Singapore

Singapore is becoming more popular as a great place to work as a foreign citizen. It has a diversified economy; one that is growing at a pace that cannot be sustained by the local population alone; which is why they need more foreign workers. Singapore has a specific visa program for employees of foreign or multinational companies who want to work in Singapore.

Of course this is only valid for those that already have jobs with these types of companies, so one can also get a job with a multinational, with the intention of moving to Singapore.

This program is called the Employer-Sponsored Work Pass (ESWP). It allows one to work in Singapore for up to 3 years with an option to extend it to 5 years. If all goes well within that period one can even apply for permanent residency after five years.

2. Thailand

It is very easy to go and work in Thailand as a Digital Nomad. However, the country is actually looking for more established persons to stay for the long term. Thailand has a few stipulations to ensure that the Digital Nomads it accepts into the country are high quality entrepreneurs; they need to be earning around $80,000 a year, and they need to have earned such for at least 2 years.

Furthermore, Thailand requires the Visa Applicant to get insurance locally; worth at least $50,000. These stipulations will ensure that only high quality digital workers are allowed into the country.

However, Thailand offers the visas for the period of ten years, after which the person can apply for permanent residency and even citizenship.

A further benefit that Thailand has to offer is that it is quite possible to live cheaply in the country. One can also do a side hustle of buying and sending used electronics like phones, tablets and PDAs back home to Nigeria. Many of those items are bought from neighboring China.

3. Canada

The term easy is relative here. Canada is one of the easiest countries to get work visa for Nigerians because it is a policy of the government to bring in skilled workers to help drive the economy. There are so many different types of work permits available for Nigerians in Canada; it is impossible to state them all here. However some of the more popular ones include:

Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program is a program that offers employers the opportunity to fill company positions with foreign workers on a short term basis. This is mostly used for those working on specific contracts such as road construction, or certain types of infrastructure. The workers are given the visas for the estimated time period it will take to complete the projects.

Global Talent Stream

This is a more serious and more permanent Canada immigration program; one that seeks to bring in skilled workers and professionals into the country to work and live in Canada. This is one of the best ways to become a Canadian.

Intra Company Transfers

Intra Company Transfers are for people who work in big multinational companies. When positions become available within the company in Canada, Nigerian workers may apply to fill them, thus enabling them move to Canada.

Post-Graduation Work Permits (PGWP)

These are for those who have recently graduated from Canadian institutions of learning, and who display adequate knowledge and ability in the discipline they have studied.

Spousal Sponsorship from Inside of Canada

This is for those whose spouses already live in Canada.

4. Hungary

Hungary is a very viable country economically speaking. The country is quite industrialized, and has a low population- a good portion of which is quite advanced in age. Therefore, in order to sustain the rate of development in the country, and to keep up with local and international demand for products made in the country, there is a need to bring in workers from other countries.

Hungary immigration favors those with some technical skills; these are those who can work in production companies and factories, or work in services such as maintenance of equipment, and so on.

Salaries in Hungary are quite good, and the standard of life is also something to look forward to. Hungary is therefore a country where one can live and work and have something to show for his efforts after a few years.

5. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a very popular country among Nigerians; in fact there is a thriving Nigerian community in the UK. The UK can be an easy place to get a work visa- depending on what you have to offer. There are several visa options for people who want to work and live in the UK.

The UK now has a points based system of immigration; it arranges people according to their abilities; and what they will be bringing with them into the country.

Some of the popular UK work visas include the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa, and the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa which is for those who wish to go to the UK to establish a start up, or any business. It is also available for those who have already established said start ups, but who now want to take them to the UK.

6. Germany

Germany is another great country to work. Germany may be the most industrialized country in the world, but the economy is continuing to grow; thus the need for skilled workers to come in and work in the industries.

There are basically two types of residence visas in Germany: the Blue Card and the Green Card. The Blue Card is a work visa designed for highly skilled workers, while the Green Card is another residence visa that brings in skilled workers.

One can even enter Germany as a student so as to study any technical course. Under that program one will be attached to an employer after the conclusion of the technical course. One can then go on to have a career in Germany, even becoming a citizen one day.

7. Malaysia

Malaysia is another country that makes it easy for Nigerians to come in and get work. The easiest way to do this is to work with a multinational company with a branch in Malaysia. When a job opening becomes available in the Malaysian branch you can apply internally to fill the position. One could also get a job with a Malaysian company; in which case it would be the company offering one employment, and filing for the visa on your behalf.

There is also something called the Malaysia My Second Home visa program which is a long term option; applications are made with the understanding that one wishes to live permanently in the country. The program favors businessmen, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and those who can establish something while employing others.

8. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a small population, and a growing economy. So how do they sustain the economy and keep it growing despite being so few in numbers? By bringing in foreign workers! The Czech Republic is one of the easiest countries in Europe to get a work visa.

This is a lot easier if one has a degree, or a scare skill, or a trade. There are so many companies in the country looking for workers to fill positions. While salaries may not match those of Germany or the UK, they are quite good.

9. Netherlands

The Netherlands is similar to Germany in culture; although a little less industrialized. Nevertheless, the country is open to entrepreneurs and businessmen.

The Netherlands welcomes Entrepreneurs with brilliant and sustainable start-up business ideas who believe that the country is a viable place to start the companies. Even entrepreneurs who have previously established successful business start ups before can apply.

However, the visa is a one year Visa; if the start up is successful then you can apply for a self-employment visa or a regular residency visa which allows you to work and live in Netherlands.

10. Estonia

Estonia is a haven for digital nomads; the country already has quite a high number of start ups, and successful tech companies within its borders. Estonia offers an excellent visa program which allows one to stay in the country for up to one year as a tourist while working remotely. One can reapply at the end of the one year tenure, and then eventually apply for a normal residency visa.

Longer term visas are also available to those who have jobs with multinational companies, or who have secured jobs with Estonian companies.



The easiest countries to get work visas from Nigeria include Germany, Canada, the UK, and Singapore; however, the ease of getting those visas depend on the individual’s abilities and qualifications. For the ordinary person who does not have any special skills, he may need to look for other options such as Southeast Asia, Oceania, or North Africa.