Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2020 Requirements & Portal

The 2020/2021 Nigerian Navy recruitment portal application details are available here on, we would guide you on the Nigerian Navy recruitment application process for your success. Applicants who are qualified would be hereby invited to fill the 2020/2021 Nigerian Navy application form on the official portal Any interested applicant must possess all the necessary qualifications as stated below.

Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2020 Requirements (DSSC)

  • Ordinary level certificate, it can be GCE certificate, NECO certificate, OND Certificate, WAEC certificate, Guilds certificate, or any other educational certification equivalent to these ones.
  • The applicant must present their primary school leaving certificate.
  • Applicant must be at least an SSCE degree holder, and must not have any grade lesser than F1 in his or her result.
  • Any applicant that has obtained any certificate higher than the ones mentioned above is not allowed to apply. For example, HND, BSc, Master’s degree, etc are not qualified to apply. It is warned that any falsehood consigning higher educational or professional qualification by the applicant, will attract withdrawal and automatic handover to the police for proper persecution.
  • Applicant must be the age of 18 years above at the time of admission into the training school for O level certificate holders, and 24 years for OND, NCE, and ICT holders, Nurses, and professionals at this particular age are also qualified to apply.
  • Nursing mothers are not qualified to apply
  • The applicant must provide a parent or guardian consent form and Local Government Attestation form during application processes.
  • {{Applicant must be a Nigerian citizen by birth.}}}
  • Any applicant that has an eye problem, ear problem, orthopedic surgery, flat foot, fracture, stammering, or naturally disabled, has this height 1.70 as a male or 1.67 as a female, is not qualified to apply.  
  • An ex-convict is not allowed to apply.

How To Apply


  •    Photocopies of a birth certificate bearing the date of birth of the applicant.
  •    Photocopies of the applicant’s credentials
  •    Acknowledgment form
  •    Identification form signed by LGA chairman, commander, CSP, or anybody of such qualifications from the applicant’s state of origin.
  •    Four passports that are duly signed and stamped by the above-mentioned personnel.
  •    Scratch card for their WAEC, GCE or, NECO required to be brought to the recruitment centre.
  •     The completed {{{application form is to be submitted online.}}}}
  •    Original copies of the above-mentioned credentials are required
  •    Any form of impersonation by the applicant attracts prosecution by the civil police. And will be handed over to the police once found out.

How To Apply For Nigerian Navy DSSC Recruitment 2020 Portal

  1.    Buy a voucher from any branch of Union bank plc or Unity bank. candidates applying with WASSCE should buy the voucher for 1000 naira, why the candidate applying for direct short service should buy a voucher of 2500 naira.
  2.    Log in to the Nigerian Navy DSSC recruitment portal i.e. using the serial number on the voucher card you bought, like username and the pin as a password.
  3.    Fill the form that appeared on the portal when you must have logged in with your data.
  4.    Cross-check you are filling out the form in case of any mistakes present, and click on “Submit “to end the registration process.
  5.    Print out the hard copy of the document after submitting it online. The date and centre of the exam will be sent to your notification.

NOTE: Application of NAVY RECRUITMENT application are free of charge, and attempt to apply for it twice on the portal, will be rudely interrupted and disqualified.

Nigerian Navy has undoubtedly recruited more than 2000 citizens yearly, offering employment to the qualified candidates, Nigerian Navy recruitment has grown to be highly competitive in Nigeria, and here are some notable reasons for that.

  •    Respect:  In Nigerian, any citizen that is a navy officer is highly respected in the society, this is mostly the reason why a huge number of people apply for Nigerian Navy recruitment every year. To be respected as a military man is what a lot of Nigerian citizens will love to have.
  •    A reasonable amount of salary is earned: Being handsomely rewarded is another thing that Nigerian citizens crave for. In the Nigerian Navy, the least money that is paid to NAVY officers is 250000 naira, when the highest-ranked officer in NAVY known as the Admiral, earns at least 16000000 naira yearly. The navy is one of the highest-paid armed forces in Nigeria, although the air force is the highest-paid armed officers in Nigeria.  
  •    A promising career in the present age: The Naval job is one of the best careers anyone can do in this present age. It is reportedly said to be the best career present in Nigeria, so it is advisable for citizens to apply if they believe with proof that they are qualified for the job.
  •    Opportunity to travel around the country and the world at large free of charge:  Navy officers are most times sent on an assignment abroad or to any part of the country, so this makes them be versatile in terms of traveling.  Citizens that love to travel apply for this particular reason, and I believe that you will seize this opportunity.
  •    Promotion: Navy officers are promoted to a higher rank within a short period of time, especially when they are obedient, respectful, and keep to the rules and regulations of the Nigerian Navy.
  •    Knowledge: The navy obtained unimaginable knowledge in every area of life due to their experiences working as a navy officer.

Short Details Applicants Need To Know About The Nigerian Navy

Nigerian Navy (NN) is a branch of Nigerian armed forces that operate on the sea level. This is the sea branch of Nigerian armed forces. Nigeria Navy originated in the year 1914 after the Nigerian north South amalgamation. NN originated from the Nigerian Marine which expanded to become the southern Nigerian Marine in 1893, and northern marine equivalent, in 1900. But after the 1914 amalgamation, the two marines where merged.  

The naval force was officially made a force organization after the permission granted by the queen of England Queen Elizabeth The II took place in the year 1959. After permission was granted, the naval force started using the title “Royal Nigerian Army “. This title was changed by the Nigerian government after the Nigerian independence took place in 1963, that was when the title of the Royal Nigerian Army changed to the Nigerian Navy.

The primary responsibility of the Nigerian Navy as of 1953 was to train new citizens that want to join the Marine, dredging of channels, buoyage of channels, ferry services, touring launches, and islands waterways. But in 1999, more task was assigned to them and these tasks are in the script in the 1999 Nigerian constitution, Armed forces ACT CAP A20 law of Nigeria Federation and the Nigerian Defence Policy (NDP). In these three documents, the Nigerian Navy is charged to handle the following responsibilities:

  •    Assisting in the co-coordination and enforcement of all customs laws including fishery laws, anti- bunkering, and immigration laws of Nigeria at sea.
  •    Assisting in coordination and enforcement of national and international marine laws made by the Nigerian government to Nigerian and foreigners.
  •    Coordination of all national and hydrographic surveys and monitoring them using charts.
  •    Promoting safety measures in territorial waters and EEZ of Nigeria coordination and enforcement of the safety rules.
  •    Taking care of any other responsibility assigned by the federal government.

Nigerian Navy has a role in nation-building which includes the provision of employment opportunities in Nigeria. That will take us to the topic:  

Some Disadvantages You May Face As A Navy Officer 

  •    Neglect of the family of their deceased member: for reasons best known to them, the Nigerian Navy tends to neglect the family of their deceased member who lost his or her life in the course of the job.
  •    Sometimes, delay in promotion is observed by some Naval officers. Sometimes newly recruited officers will be promoted while the old ones are delayed.
  •    Just like other government workers have freedom, lifestyle, and choice, Navy officers are restricted mostly from movement. They are transferred to different locations at any point in time giving them no choice but to comply, they might not get to see their family or loved ones for a long period of time due to the nature of their job. And even you disobey any order, the punishment is not going to be merciful.


Closing On  The Nigerian Navy DSSC Recruitment Portal Requirement 2020

In conclusion, joining the Nigerian Navy has both disadvantages and advantages, the applicant should cross-check themselves very well to know which decision to take, join the Nigerian Navy, or to look for something else to do, the ball is on your court. But If you ask me, I will advise you to go for it if you think you can, don’t be discouraged by any third party. And mind you, you might be the future Admiral of the Nigerian Navy.  GOOD LUCK.

{{{Applicants are advised to print out a copy of the ‘Application Summary’}}}

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