Nigerian Navy recruitment is currently done online via an internet portal. The Navy is a disciplined and well organized military organization; one that is trained for combat, predominantly on the water. The Nigerian Navy is the most prestigious among the arms of the military; Navy personnel are known for their discipline, respect and the honorable way in which they conduct themselves.

The Nigerian Navy was established in 1956, and has distinguished itself among other armed forces of the federal republic of Nigeria. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Nigerian Navy is the most sought after among the military establishments of Nigeria; most young people want to have their careers serving in the Navy.

As long as meets the requirements, and knows how to correctly apply to the Navy, the chances are very high that one will be accepted into the Navy, and wear the proud uniform.

Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2022 Requirements And Portal

The first step is ensuring that one meets the requirements so as to be accepted; otherwise one would just be wasting time with the application process. The following are the necessary requirements so as to be accepted into the Navy.

Nigerian Navy Recruitment Requirements 2022

Applicants must be citizens of Nigeria, and must also have valid means of identification proving their nationality. International passport, national ID card or permanent voters cards are acceptable means of Identification.

Applicants must also possess a minimum of WASSCE, NECO, or GCE certificate. The certificate should have a minimum of 5 credit passes; including core subjects like mathematics and English language.

Applicants applying as tradesmen/women must first have GCE, WASSCE, NECO and in addition, the applicant must also have OND, Trade tests, City and Guild Certificates proving that they have thoroughly gained knowledge of the trade.

Applicants must be aged between 18 and 26 as at the time of application.

Male applicants must not be less than 1.68 meters tall, while the minimum height for female applicants is 1.62 meters tall.

Depending on the position the applicant is applying for, he may need to have a bachelor or masters degree in the relevant discipline. However, Higher National Diplomas are also accepted.

Applicant must be physically fit; not having any physical disabilities.

Applicants must not have any criminal records.

Age Requirement 18 Years Old Minimum.

Minimum Age (Tradesmen) 22 Years Old.

Maximum Age (Non-Tradesmen)             26 Years Old.

Minimum Height: 1.68 meters (Male Candidates)

Minimum Height: 1.62 meters (Female Candidates)

Academic Qualifications: WASSCE/NECO/GCE for Recruits; NABTEB or Higher Degree for tradesmen

How to Apply For Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2022

As mentioned above, the process of applying to serve at the Nigerian Navy is now done online. Thankfully the website is a simple and easy to use one, and so a person with very basic knowledge of computers can successfully apply. A Valid email and phone number are required to apply.

The first thing of course is to get to your computer or tab. A public computer can also be used; but please ensure that the internet is working, and that the time and date settings on the computer are accurate.

With your computer browser, go to ; and after the portal opens up, you then navigate navigate to “click to see full guidelines.” You are encouraged to read the application guidelines, so as to avoid making mistakes that may disqualify your application.

After reading the application guidelines, you then navigate to “click here to apply.” An application form is displayed on your screen, and you have to fill said application form.

Please ensure that all the information you provide is true and accurate. Remember that you will need to provide your contact information; your phone number and email information are essential parts of your application, otherwise the Navy cannot contact you if your application is accepted.

After filling the form, be sure to click “Submit.”

All applications will be perused; and shortlisted candidates will be contacted to appear in person for screening.

After the screening exercise, candidates will be sent to camps for training; and then assimilated into the Navy.

What To Know About The Nigerian Navy

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the establishment you are keen on joining, so as to know exactly what is expected of you when you finally join. The Nigerian Navy was established in 1958, but traces its history to the Southern Nigerian Marine which was established in 1893 by the colonial government.

The Nigerian Navy is one of the largest Navies on the African continent. It is also one of best funded and best organized military organizations in Africa.

The Nigerian Navy consists of several thousands of personnel; and the Commander in Chief is President Muhammadu Buhari, followed by the Chief of Defence Staff General Lucky Irabor. The Chief of Naval Staff is Vice Admiral Awwal Zubairu Gambo, and he is the highest ranking Naval Officer who receives instructions from the Chief Of Defence Staff.

The main duty of the Navy is to protect the territorial waters of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; which means the Navy is combat ready at all times. The Navy may also be called upon to engage in land combat as a support to the other parts of the military.

The Nigerian Navy is a very large organization, with a very large structure. There are many different parts of the Navy where one may be deployed. Careers in the Navy include Medical Personnel (Doctors and Nurses, including physiotherapists, and so on), Drivers, Mechanics, Electricians, Combatants, Physical Trainers, Educators, Pilots, Cooks, and so on.

Where Might The Nigerian Navy Post New Recruits?

There are several operating units and divisions of the Navy; so new recruits can be posted to any of the following locations:

Western Naval Command

The Western Naval Command Headquarters is located at Apapa in Lagos. This command is in charge of the Nigeria/Benin border, as well as the coastal areas from Lagos to Delta State.

Eastern Naval Command

The Eastern Naval Command is the second operations command of the Nigerian Navy. The headquarters of this command is located at Calabar, and its jurisdiction begins at Delta State, and runs all the way to the border with Cameroon.

Central Naval Command

The Central Naval Command is the third operations command of the Nigerian Navy. This command has its headquarters located at Yenagoa, which is the capital of Bayelsa State. The jurisdiction of this command is from the Benin River entrance to the Santa Barbara River entrance. The coastal states of Bayelsa, Delta, and Edo, and inland waters including Kogi.

Nigerian Navy Air Arm

The Nigerian Navy has an Air Arm; it is called the 101 Squadron; and it was established in 1985. It is based at Navytown, near Ojo, in Lagos. Most of its activities involve the use of helicopter gunships which are used for anti-submarine warfare, including search and rescue (SAR) operations, and anti-smuggling and oil protection duties.

Logistics Command

The Logistics Command is headquartered in Oghara, Delta State. The Command is in charge of movement of supplies and all other things needed for the Navy to carry out its operations. The Logistics Command also maintains equipment, and trained personnel to move supplies and equipment from base to base within the Navy.

The Nigerian Navy has many other establishments some of which have been incorporated as companies.

Naval Dockyard Limited (NDL)

Naval Shipyard Limited (NSYL)

Navy Hotels & Suites Limited (NHSL)

Navy Micro Finance Bank Limited (NMFBL)

Naval Building & Construction Company Limited (NBCCL)

Navy Maritime Services Limited (NMSL)

Naval Exchange (NAVEX)

Navy Clearing and Forwarding Services Limited (NCFSL)

Naval Engineering Services Limited (NESL)

Other important establishments under the Navy include; the Nigerian Navy Schools, and the Nigerian Navy Hospitals.



The Nigerian Navy recruitment 2022 has similar requirements to those before it; chief among them being that the applicants must be Nigerians, and able to prove their identity. Please pay close attention to the process of how to apply, and ensure that you provide all the information correctly.


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