The Federal Government of Nigeria in its quest to reduce the high rate of unemployment prevalent in the Nigerian economy, has developed and implemented the Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria Scheme (BRISIN requirement 2018 / 2019 – The program is set to recruit over 5,000 unemployed Nigerians in the federal capital territory where the BRISIN project will be flagged off.

BRISIN RECRUITMENT 2018/2019 – Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria Scheme

Dr. Anthony Uwa, the Head of BRISIN implementation in Nigeria said that the scheme will be recruiting 5,000 people out of which 200 will be sent to Italy for training on various aspect of the project and they will be the trainees’ trainers. Candidates that are interested in joining the scheme will be trained mainly on the use of data on every aspect of economic management with attention paid to health, education, monitoring economy, fiscal and revenue control, migration as well as human trafficking. The recruitment is set to cut across all cadres, from school certificate to Ph.D. holders so there is no restriction.

The BRISIN recruitment will be published on e-transact by next week, the scheme’s portal will be opened for a period of about six weeks and there will be public sensitization on how to access and fill the application form through the portal. Dr. Uwa further stressed that the current recruitment of 5000 people does not mark the end of BRISIN recruitment but just it is just a pilot phase. The program will start from the FCT and will expand into all the 36 states of the Federation.


Before you submit your application, it is important that you meet the following requirements before you can be considered for enlistment into the Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria (BRISIN) scheme.

  1. You must reside and be a Nigerian citizen
  2. You must possess WASC/SSCE/NECO with Credits in not less than three (3) subjects including English
  3. You must have B.Sc./HND/OND/NCE obtained from a reputable institution
  4. There is an age requirement for enlistment. Applicants must be between 22-35 years old by 31st of December 2018
  5. Having excellent computer skills will be an added advantage.
  6. People who are disabled in any form should not apply.


Brisin Recruitment Portal –

The application for the BRISIN 2018 recruitment is will be done online through the scheme’s portal. All candidates who are interested in joining the scheme should visit the recruitment portal or website of the scheme. Interested candidates are advised to save or bookmark this page, we will upload the BRISIN portal link the moment its time to apply. There will be an Aptitude Test to be conducted for candidates who meet the basic job requirements.

BRISIN Recruitment – Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria Scheme

NOTE: Candidates must apply just once as multiple registrations will be seriously frowned at. The application form is free and you are not required to pay anybody for the online application. Candidates should endeavor to fill the application form accurately as providing any false information leads to automatic disruption.


  1. As a BRISIN officer, you are saddled with the responsibility of combating inappropriate data management.
  2. Also, you will carry out activities that information management of the Federal capital territory is efficient as those to be employed in the Pilot phase will work in the FCT. These same duties will be carried out in other states of the federation when they come on board the scheme.
  3. If employed, it will be your duty always to educate members of the public generally on the proper use of the data management.
  4. Lastly, you are expected to start the collection, storage, and distribution of information to support the management of the economy.


Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria (BRISIN), is the data information system being put in place in Nigeria to enhance planning and also aid development in the Nation. BRISIN as reported by News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, is an integrated system for the collection, storage, and distribution of information to support the management of the economy of Nigeria.

The implementation of the project which has been approved by the Federal Government is to be carried out by Dermo Impex, an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Company based in Italy.

The take-off of the project had been subjected to delay due to several issues such as the lack of budgetary provision, the non-receipt of concrete response from the scheme’s technical partners on their management/board structure as well as their commitment to the project, among several others. Eventually, those issues were sorted out and new developments with potentials of affecting the delivery of the project in its original form emerged. Some of these new developments include; harmonization of activities and deliveries of statutory agencies charged with the responsibility of data collection and storage or whose activities require the functional and verifiable database in alignment with the BRISIN proposal. This is important in order to avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts and waste of scarce resources.

Head of BRISIN implementation, Dr. Anthony Uwa, urged the Federal Government to fast-track the review of the BRISIN project and ensure its effective implementation as soon as possible. He also indicated that the technical partners of the project had done a lot of work to deliver the project to the government. He further pointed out that the system had been publicized by the solution provider both locally and internationally and this has further elevated the image of the country abroad. These further boost investors’ confidence in the country and that the country is on the right path towards sustainable development.

The BRISIN project had been initiated over 9 years ago and what the people are waiting for is the flag off to confirm the willingness of the current Nigerian government to give credit to their change mantra. Getting the project to start will convince the world of its readiness to fight corruption, guarantee the security and create an enabling environment for investment. As reported by NAN, no fewer than 9,822 servers will be installed in all the wards, local governments and states in the country as part of implementing the project. The service provider is to install one server per ward in all the 8, 812 wards across Nigeria and then move up to the 774 local government headquarters.


The BRISIN project is a very important project that has been in the works for over 9 years. It has gone through several planning stages and is finally set to launch with the recruitment of 5000 Nigerians in the FCT. The scheme is designed to improve data collection, storage, and distribution in the country. It is well documented that Nigeria does not have an efficient data management system in place currently, BRISIN is set to change that. The system will boost the economy of our country as the project will improve investor confidence in the country thereby increasing investments in the Nigerian economy. This scheme will also in a way to reduce the number of unemployed youths in the country. Interested candidates who meet the basic requirements for enlistment into the scheme should proceed to the recruitment portal of the scheme provided in this article. Those who are shortlisted would then proceed to write an Aptitude test examination to further test their capacity. The registration is Naira 1,000 on the Portal – and no payment of any kind should be made to anyone.


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    1. I have registered on 19th of October but i have not paid the 1000,will i register again or i will continue from were i stop.

      1. I just registered and a registration number was sent to me. The websites indicates that each applicant are to pay the sum of #1,000 to complete the application

  1. i actually was able to go pass the part for payment. it actually is free… just proceed to payment and follow instructions. At some point, they’ll say payment successful without actually paying. But my problem is, on the personal details part of the application, the list of LGAs is not loading and you cant proceed from that page without you selecting your local government, Please what can you say to this?

  2. message was sent to me, that my application was successful with Brisin registration no. please is that all? secondly, under the requirement : qualifications and grade levels. I want to know this first phase is it meant for working class?

  3. can somebody post the real portal for BRISIN Recruitment? the one i registered through is asking for a fee of 1000 naira, should this be the real site and should i go ahead to pay?

  4. please the site is requesting for payment of 1000 to complete registration after I had received a text stating application number…..the site I used is www brison gov ng
    please how authentic is the site because its requesting a fee of 1000 naira.

      1. Please I went to register today but it seems d site has been shut down. Will it still be reopened or the recruitment has finished

  5. please the site is requesting for 1000 to proceed for registration. can i pay and proceed even though they said registration was successful.

  6. Message was sent to my phone that my application was successfull. and the Brisin application number. The site also requested for the payment of one thousand naira by card or account.which I did and one thousand was debited from my account.but the page shows he that payment fail after which the money was debited.please I need help on how to continue with the registration processes.

  7. when i clicked on the pay with card and entered my card details,i was sent a safe token which i inputed,and i was debited immediately.but the web message i saw was that says your payment is not successful whearas i have been debited by paystack(etzgw) which sent me a reference no on my email.
    pls help me out,as eachj time i click on the application form,it keeps taking me back to the payment page,wheas i have paid and have been debited.

    1. Same issue am facing. I have been debuted of N1000…for the registration and immediately after, I couldn’t access the page or rather they keep redircting me to pay again

  8. I visited the website of BRISIN ( to register and I was directed to pay the sum of N1,000 and yet you said it is free. Is it a scam? And again I feel the age range given is not fair to those who are still strong and above that age range. The people ruling are about a century old. If such people as old as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria can take care of a country the size of Nigeria, how can a forty something year old person not take care of the little work they are given? We are all Nigerians and deserve equal treatment. The age restriction should only be in the miltary and paramilitary agencies where strenuous exercises are carried out. Whoever is responsible for this segregation should look into and respond favourably.

  9. pls let when the registration starts for Bryson. am Bayo my phone number are 08089940543 and 08103425126

      1. I paid the 1000 naira it is requesting for but I couldn’t proceed with d registration . It is still bringing me to the payment page

  10. Please I entered the website,I have registered and paid the #1000 I got a mail that it was successful.. what is confusing me now is the credentials they asking for I only have my statement of bsc result so please what’s the second credentials they are asking of..

  11. Please I entered the website,I have registered and paid the #1000 I got a mail that it was successful.. what is confusing me now is the credentials they asking for I only have my statement of bsc result so please what’s the second credentials they are asking of?

    1. Pls they jst deducted 1000 naira from my account, and I dnt knw how to proceed with the registration. Pls email me

  12. I registered and pay the sent me payment confirmation through bankit platform.. But I could not even proceed to with the remaining registration even after payment. It is still bringing the payment page for me to pay again

  13. I couldn’t proceed with registration even after I paid 1000 naira and a payment confirmation was sent to my email

  14. I paid the money requested (1000 naira) … But I couldn’t proceed with the remaining registration. I was still brought to the payment page to pay again even after successful payment

  15. Everybody here,pls and pls do not pay the 1000 naira payment.i think and i am now sure this is a scam.This is because i logged in to the website,filled in my card details, a 1000 naira was debited immediately from my account,and unfortunately have not been able to proceed to another stage as the web keeps bringing a message that says payment not successful.i got an email immediately i was debited,an etranzact receipt that has a reference number. However,there was an email addy in the mail,which stated that if i have any trouble with the payment issues,i should contact [email protected]. However,i have sent series of messages to that email,Letting them know that i have been debited and thta they should pls resolve the issue so i can continue with the reg, yet i have’t got any response for the past 4 days.and each time i log in to the brisin website,it keeps asking me to pay again.i sincerely thinks and know i have been scarmed.So please don;t fall victims of fraudulent people.All those saying you should go ahead,that they have done theirs and there was no problem with their payment,am sure are there agents,trying to get more customers to pay the 1000naira.Pls beware,it was painful thou,but thank God the acct that i used the card number only had 1000 naira in it.who knows if they would have swept off all if it were to be more than pls don’t fall victims of these useless people.BEWARE.

    1. Hello Tola, Its getting usual of Nigerian government website to malfunction mostly due to a high number of applicants trying to register on the portal at once.
      Buh I will still have to inform you that different people have successfully carried out their application, upload there document/credentials, and paid the fee on the brisin portal.
      It’s sad actually that a government website will debit people’s money and not customer card to assist and solve the issue. It’s bad enough that a job application site is requesting for money before application. I hope we get good leaders to rule us soon.

  16. age restriction is illegal. I am currently 36, one year short of the required age. Should I lie on the application form?

  17. what can i do to generate my OTP number I have tried all possible means to get it But no way? I tried dailing *389*00# to generate my OTP number but its not working at all

  18. Have paid the fee,please any idea on how to get the application form page in other to complete my application?

  19. Same issue am facing. I have been debuted of N1000…for the registration and immediately after, I couldn’t access the page or rather they keep redircting me to pay again

  20. How can I get my money back to my account, this is a scam how can they said Nigeria youth to pay for the job that is not sure of getting

  21. They debited me two times that’s 2000 naira, still the application form is not opening Why?
    You people should do something about this quickly because this is disheartening.
    I’m looking for job to get money and not to spend the one I don’t even have. SAD!

  22. Please how do we got about this issue of being debited without being allowed to apply on the site. Can somebody help out?

  23. pls I’m unable to complete my registration as I got to d stage of payment d portal closed .so I book mark so dat I can continue but each time I try to continue d response will b my email has been taken so I register again with my 2nd email d same tin happened.&u said u don’t want multiple registration.Now d problem is I have not been able to complete d registration bcos I have not fill my credentials .pls help us open d portal so dat will av access to full registration. pls update me as well

  24. Hello pls I paid 1000 naira and registered but my name was not among the shortlisted ones, pls would there be second list?, if no pls what criteria do they use for the listed ones because I know there ain’t no test then, pls I need a swift response here, thanks.

  25. Am part of the shortlisted candidate, but I don’t remembered to print out my guarantor form then. Please I need help ooo, msg me on WhatsApp if you have the guarantor form on =09027675483. Plz forward it to me ,God bless you all

  26. Plz how can I print out my guarantor form, or is anybody with his or her guarantor form to msg me on my WhatsApp number plz=09027675483

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