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Kenya is an Africa country that is located in the Eastern part of Africa and it has boundaries by Uganda tot’s Southern region, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Somalia to its Northern part. It is mainly a Christian country. And though it has red with white edges, black and green as her National flag colors.

Shilling is the currency being used in Kenya. Because of its location in the eastern side of Africa, that made it have a hot climate. English and Swahili languages are the two official languages of Kenya. It practices a devoted Republic System of government. Its two main sources of income are the Telecommunication which is the largest and the Agriculture. While herbs and tea are its main exports; plastics, machinery, transport equipment, and vehicles stand as its main imports.

The Kenya Government Structure

The government of Kenya has no control in its market activities which implies that it has a liberal market. Nairobi stands as the largest and the biggest town in Kenya. Its total population both those living in the Nairobi which is the biggest town and those in other parts is 46.6 million people approximately.

The national government of Kenya Republic which is the government of Kenya Republic is made up of forty-seven countries and each of the countries has its own autonomous semi governments. The Kenja’s national government is comprised of three arms which are, the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. There is freedom from each arm of the government. Kenya constitution is the laws that set up the activities of each government arm.

The Republic of Kenya which is Kenya’s official name has also other names as GK, GOK, and Serikali. Come with us as we walk you through Kenya government structure.

  • The Legislative Arm Of Government

Kenya’s legislative arm of government is comprised of the Senate and the National Assembly.

  • The Executive

The executive arm of Kenya’s government has the role of ensuring that the law is properly enforced. This is made up of the Deputy President, President, and the Cabinet. The Attorney General of the cabinet presence is very paramount for any cabinet meetings to be held. The head of state and the government is the president as it observed in most republics. The president is also Kenya Defense forces of the commander-in-chief.

Within the executive government, there is a power by the president to appoint every leader which includes the Attorney General and the cabinet secretaries.

From the time immemorial there had been a total of four presidents, the Kenya government had but the incumbent president now is Jomo Kenyatta’s son by name Uhuru Kenyatta. The other two previous Head of state of Kenya are Daniel Grap Moi and Mwai Kibaki who are alive till now. Out of this four-past president of Kenya. The person that has served as a president for a prolonged period of twenty-four years was Daniel Grap Moi.

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Kenya Government Ministries

The president of Kenya may be impeached with a minimum of third of all members of the National Assembly. The National Assembly can impeach the president of Kenya on the ground that the Head of state has violated a crime that is punishable by the law since Kenya ‘s law is backed up by the constitution. The crime the president will commit that might warrant his impeachment might be International or National law or for misconduct for fross.

  • Deputy President

The second highest executive office of the Kenya government is the deputy president. Since Kenya’s independence, there has been a total of eleven vice presidents.

The duties of the vice president include serving as a major aid to the president and in the absence of the president, the vice president can act like a president by carrying out the executive function of the government.

There is a limit of time the vice president can be serving in the office which is a maximum of two terms tenure.

  • The Cabinet

The ministries of Kenya run the affairs of government. A maximum of twenty and fourteen minimum is the number of ministries that are limited by the constitution. The cabinet secretaries that are appointed by the president are the heads of the ministries. The president appoints cabinet secretaries due to the right he has to nominate and dismiss any secretary of the cabinet.

The people that fall under this category of the executive arm of government are all civil servants, for instance, diplomats and teachers in government schools.

  • The Judiciary

The sole responsibility of the Judiciary arm of Kenya’s government is upholding and applying the law. These duties are carried out by a legal system that is made up courts.

The chief Justice by name David Maraga is the head of Judiciary. Supreme court is the highest court that its decisions binds any other courts.

The subordinate courts and the superior courts are the two levels of courts. The Judges are the head of the supreme court that is a higher court. The superior courts comprise the court of the Appeal court, supreme courts, and the high court. Industrial court and then the Land and Environment Court.

The subordinate courts, on the other hand, are made up of the Kadhi courts, the Magistrates courts, the courts Markal and local tribunal or any other court as may be founded Through an Act of Parliament which is other than recently created courts.

The president officially nominates the Deputy Chief Justice and Chief Justice of court but Judicial service commission selects them for an appointment by the president.

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Kenya Ministries

Recently, there are twenty-one ministries that are inside Kenya’s Cabinet, and those twenty-one Cabinets and its state departments are as follows;

  • The presidency: The presidency cabinet of Kenya comprises of the deputy president office, the president’s executive office and then the office of the cabinet affairs.
  • The ministry of National Government Coordination and The Interior department: The second cabinet of Kenya is made up of conventional state department and services of Rehabilitation centers; Interior department.
  • The National Treasury:  In this National Treasury ministry that is all about the National state section for planning is coordinated by the Authority of the Kenya Revenue.
  • Ministry of International Trade and Foreign Affairs: This ministry is made up of two sections; International Trade State Department and Foreign Affairs State Department.
  • Ministry of Defence: The Kenya Defence Forces coordinates the affairs of Defence state department.
  • Ministry of Health: The Ministry of Health is made up of the state department of health.
  • Ministry of Science and Technology and Education: This ministry in Kenya is comprised of State Department of Basic Education and Early Learning, State Department of University Research and Education And then State Department of Skills Development and post-training.
  • Ministry of Infrastructural Development and Transport: The Kenya’s Railways Corporation and Ports Authority, The Kenya National Safety Authority and transport; Railways Corporation of Kenya and then the National Highways Authority of Kenya coordinates the activities of state department of Maritime Affairs and Shipping, State Department of Urban Development and Housing, state Department of Transportation system and then the Infrastructure state Department.
  • Ministry of Arid and Semi-Arid Lands and Devolution: This is made up of Devolution State Department and Arid and Semi-Arid lands State Department.
  • Ministry of Lands: The ministry of lands consists of Lands State Department and it is coordinated by the National Land Commission.
  • Ministry of Forestry and Environment: The Forestry and Environment State Department is what is contained in this ministry. Its activities are managed by the Authority of National Environment Management.
  • Ministry of Petroleum and Mining: It is made up of Petroleum State Department and Mining State Department.
  • Ministry of Irrigation and Agriculture: This ministry is comprised of Agricultural Research of State Department, State Department of Fisheries, State Department of Irrigation and state Department of Livestock rearing.
  • Ministry of Northern Corridor Development and East Africa: Northern Corridor Development State Department and East African state Department are the two departments that made up the ministry of Northern Corridor Development and East Africa.
  • Ministry of Social Protection and Labor: The National Social Security Fund coordinates the activities of State Department of pension, social protection and Affairs of the senior citizens; And then the State Department of Labor.
  • Ministry of Wildlife and Tourism: This ministry is consisting of State Department of Wildlife and Tourism.
  • Ministry of Sanitation and Water: Its state ministry is State Department of Sanitation and Water.
  • Youth, Public Service, and Gender Affairs Ministry: State Department of youth, public service, and Gender Affairs is this ministry’s state ministry.
  • Ministry of Energy: Energy Renewable State Department and Energy State Department are the two-state ministry departments of this ministry.
  • Enterprise and Industrialization Development: Its state ministry is made up of Industrialization state Department and Enterprise Development state department.
  • Ministry of communication, Information, And Technology: Kenya’s Communications Authority coordinates the affairs of the state ministry of communication, Information and Technology.
  • Ministry of Heritage and Sports: It is made up of Heritage State Department and State Ministry of Sports.


Conclusion on Kenya government structure

Kenya is an Africa country that is practicing a Unified System of Government and also its market structure is liberal which implies that the authority of the government does not have the power or right to determine the forces of demand and supply in the market.

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