In Nigeria, many citizens believe that they must be strongly linked with the government before they can secure high-paying jobs. Over the years, many Nigerians (including university graduates) have viewed the employment circumstances from this perspective. On a sad note, the actual reason for this is not clear to many Nigerians. { we are at the federal civil service commission salary structure }

There is a vast range of private professions Nigerians can engage in but many still believe that public professions are the best jobs for them. By public professions, we mean the jobs provided by the Nigerian government. In reality, some of these government jobs are lucrative but the major hurdle is that they are dead difficult to secure. Even as qualified university graduates, many Nigerians encounter difficulties in securing employment within the public sector.


If you’re really interested in earning some cool money on a continuous basis, governmental jobs are part of the lucrative activities you can occupy yourself with. The focal point of this article is to familiarize you with the salary structure of the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC). But before we take a review of the salary structure, it is notable to discuss the responsibility of the FCSC as a government-owned institution.
In Nigeria, FCSC is a regulatory body empowered with the right to execute roles such as transfer and appointment of federal civil servants. Through a subsidiary body known as Office of the Head of Civil Service Federation, FCSC performs regulatory functions over all federal civil servants apart from the commissioners and the chairman.
Furthermore, it is important to discuss the various responsibilities and duties of the FCSC in detail.

Below are the primary duties and responsibilities of the Federal Civil Service Commission:

  • Provision of guidelines on appointment, discipline and promotion of federal civil servants
  • Recruitment of senior officers
  • Serving as the representative body for Civil Service Commissioners during meetings of Senior Staff Committee of Ministries
  • Provision of review and endorsement in recommending disciplinary cases of senior officers
  • Conduct of examinations and interviews in promoting officers to senior positions

With the information above, it is certain that the Federal Civil Service Commission is a significant body set up by the federal government with the purpose of executing vital roles such as the appointment of federal civil servants. At this juncture, we will like to take you deep into the Federal Civil Service Commission salary structure.

Also noteworthy is that there are several salary levels for the civil servants in FCSC. In that case, Nigerian university graduates interested in joining the civil service will have insights into what they can earn based on the various grade levels in FCSC.

In the FCSC, the director holds the highest-paid position while the minimum wage a civil servant can be paid is #18, 000. Meanwhile, this serves as the minimum monthly salary and if it is to be calculated annually, it should amount to #216, 000. With this detail, it is certain that the least annual salary you can have as a civil servant is #216, 000. Your earning depends on your position and if you’re joining the civil service as a diploma certificate holder, you can expect a monthly salary far higher than that of a school leaver.

To make it easy for you to find out what you can earn based on your qualifications, below is a detailed survey of the Federal Civil Service Commission salary structure.

  • FCSC Staff with the Least Salary
    • FCSC Staff members with the lowest possible salary on Step 01 of Grade Level 01 will have the monthly wage of #18, 900. If you’re at this level, your yearly earnings will amount to #226, 800.
  • FCSC Salary for School Leavers
    • If you’re a school leaver on Step 1 of Grade Level 04, your annual salary will be kept within #242, 994. This gives you the monthly salary of #20, 249, meaning your salary is a little higher than that of the least paid staff.
  • FCSC Salary for Officers
    • On a monthly basis, the salary of an FCSC officer on Step 1 of Grade Level 06 will be equivalent to #26, 352. With this, it is clear that such an officer will be rewarded with the yearly salary of #316, 229. However, this annual salary will be increased to #487, 295 as soon as he is elevated to Step 15 of Grade Level 06. Meanwhile, his monthly salary at this level will amount to #40, 607.
  • FCSC Salary for Diploma Certificate Holders
    • On a monthly basis, the salary of a diploma certificate holder who is on Step 01 of Grade Level 07 will be equivalent to #43, 163. This means diploma certificate holders are rewarded better with the yearly salary of #517, 965.
  • FCSC Salary for Officers’ Counterparts
    • If you’re on Step 01 of Grade Level 09, your monthly salary will be equivalent to #65, 054. This means your annual salary will amount to #780, 656. Over and above this, your salary will increase as you attain a higher rank. On Step 15 of the same Grade Level 09, you will have the monthly salary of #96, 058. This is a beautiful salary that amounts to the yearly earnings of #1, 152, 698.
  • FCSC Salary for Graduates
    • On a monthly basis, graduates who are on Step 15 of Grade Level 08 will be rewarded with the sum of #81, 000. If calculated properly, this amounts to the annual salary of #972, 000. Meanwhile, this is between the salary levels for officers on Step 15 of Grade Level 09 and the officers on Step 1 of Grade Level 09.
  • Salary Level for FCSC Director
    • The director of the FCSC is the member with the highest salary level. On a monthly basis, an FCSC director on Step 9 of Grade Level 17 will be rewarded with #454, 344. This is undoubtedly the highest monthly salary for an FCSC member. In fact, it exceeds the annual salary of some FCSC members such as school leavers. Since an FCSC director maintains the highest-paid position, it isn’t a surprise that his yearly earnings can be equivalent to #5, 452, 136.

There you have it on federal civil service commission salary structure


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