GTBank is one of the most reputable banks in Nigeria and statistics show that its customer base is one of the largest in the country. With the recent technological advancement in banking, many banks have succeeded in providing their customers with premium banking facilities that can ease the tasks of obtaining banking needs and overcoming banking hurdles. Interestingly, Guaranty Trust Bank is not left out of this and its widely acclaimed internet banking platform is a clear proof of its commitment to offering great banking services { GTBank Internet Banking Details }.

As you read this article further, you will find out most of the things you should know about GTBank’s internet banking and how to get started with the service as a Guaranty Trust Bank customer.

Guaranty Trust Bank Internet Banking

GTBank Internet Banking Registration

The registration method for GTBank internet banking is quite simple and it comes in various ways. As long as you have a smartphone with a reliable connection to the internet, you’re free to apply for GTBank internet banking. But if you’re not yet an account holder, you first need to open an account with the bank before you can apply for its internet banking service.

For anyone who is already an account holder, Guaranty Trust Bank makes it convenient to download a request form. Meanwhile, this request form is specified for internet banking and token application. To download the request form, ensure you’re connected to the internet and then follow this link

  • After obtaining the request form, provide the required details
  • Then visit any nearby GTBank branch to submit the form
  • In a situation where you’re not connected to the internet, you may have to visit the nearby GTBank branch to request for the internet banking form
  • After obtaining it, fill in the required details and submit it before leaving the bank
  • Associated with the internet banking form is a token and this is a mini device that provides adequate security for your internet banking tasks
  • Advisably, you can obtain your token together with the internet banking form. This is very important in order to guarantee you maximum internet banking. In that case, don’t hesitate to request for your token as you obtain the internet banking form
  • Also, if you can’t endeavour to visit the bank for the submission of the form, you surely have a better alternative but here, you may have to use your email account. To do this, scan the form and send it via email to
GTBank Internet Banking Login Registration

GTBank Internet Banking Login

After the registration, GTBank will provide you with your login details so that you can start using the internet banking service without restraint. Meanwhile, these login details include password and username and in order to obtain them after the registration, you can visit GTConnect. But to ease this task, you can obtain your login details before leaving the bank. Doing this requires exercising patience for the bank to create the login details and issue them to you.

Now that you have been provided your login details, the next step is to head straight to . As received from Guaraty Trust Bank, fill in login details (these are your username/user ID and password). At this juncture, you should be able to access your account and start enjoying the internet banking service for efficient online transactions. But if it occurs that you can’t still access your account after following the procedures explained above, don’t hesitate to forward your complaints to Alternatively, you can have a phone conversation with an agent of GTCONNECT through these numbers 08039003900, 08029002900 and 01-4480000.

Using the GTBank Internet Banking

The internet banking facility is easy to use and as you log on to your newly-created account, you’re strongly encouraged to keep your password secure just in the same manner you protect your ATM pin. To facilitate your use of the internet banking, it is advisable that you obtain the code required to activate your card. This is known as the activation code and it guarantees maximum safety particularly for those users who would like to use their bank cards for online shopping.

To access the services contained in the internet banking, you can navigate to the left column of the screen and choose your preferred service. Moreover, you can manually include the other services you are interested in enjoying since some services are not contained in the default list of services. At this juncture, it is believed that your account is fully activated and you can start using it for online transactions. In this regard, you will need to start using your token to ensure adequate security is provided for internet banking purposes.

As implied earlier, they require that you connect a token with your internet banking account for safer and more convenient online transactions. Basically, your token is connected to your account and it is an electronic apparatus you can always link up with your online transactions. Whenever you’re to perform an online transaction, you will have to operate the token by clicking on a specified button. Doing this prompts the issuance of some figures that the bank can easily relate to.  

Tokens are very important as they ensure that customers’ online transactions are not vulnerable to the activities of fraudsters. In that case, you may not be able to complete your internet banking purposes (such as online shopping) if you don’t connect a token to your account.

With all the information you have been reading so far, it is now clear that tokens are vital devices and might not be available to you until you have fulfilled some conditions. As a customer who wishes to obtain a token, you must fulfill some conditions which can cost you a sum of #3000 as well as a genuine internet banking account.

Guaranty Trust Bank Login Registration

Opening an Online Account with GTBank

GTBank is definitely reaching for the apex of quality banking services and its online banking facilities are a proof of this. To ensure its customers are at liberty of enjoying convenient banking services, they allow them to open online accounts which can be used for carrying out transactions any time or day without visiting bank branches. With the help of this platform, you can open any of the following accounts with them; (i) SKS Teens Account (ii) Current Account (iii) GTMax Account (iv) GTCrea8 E-Savers Account (v) Domiciliary Account and (vi) Savings Account.

In course of creating an online account, Guaranty Trust Bank requires that you select one of its branches for the domiciliation of your account. This means you’re to select the GTBank branch that will serve as your domicile/home branch.

For each account type you wish to open, GTBank lays down the requirements you must be able to meet. In that case, you’re expected to find out the requirements associated with the account type you wish to open. For further enlightenment regarding this, you can open the link

With the information above, you should note that your preferred account type determines the requirements you must provide. After providing the requirements associated with your account type, you can now create the account by uploading the scanned documents in the appropriate manner and providing other required input details. To ensure you don’t get frustrated, endeavour to use a reliable internet connection. Moreover, you will be shown a pop-up menu from which you are to select options during the account registration. After providing all the registration requirements as mentioned above, tap the Continue button to proceed to the subsequent page.

How to Download GTBank Mobile Banking App

In Nigeria, GTBank has remained one of the banks to beat. In fact, it is the top priority of many Nigerians who desire quality banking services ranging from mobile banking apps to opening online accounts without any stress. If you’re a customer with a smartphone (such as an Android, Blackberry or Apple phone), you have got every great chance to download GTBank’s mobile banking app.

Broadly speaking, GTBank’s mobile banking app is one of the trending smartphone apps which facilitate our banking tasks. It is a great tool designed for smartphone users to carry out pleasurable banking tasks with the help of their handy gadgets [smartphones].

If you’re conversant with how customers form long queues at bank branches, you will easily agree that the GTBank mobile banking app is one of the best solutions to the inconvenience customers can encounter at the point of a visit to their bank branches.

Like several other Nigerian banks, Guaranty Trust Bank has millions of customers and this is apparently why you come across lengthy queues in almost every GTBank branch you visit. With a view to overcoming the inconvenience customers sustain in this regard, they have made it convenient for them to use their smartphones as banking mediums.

From the pleasure of your home and with the aid of your smartphone, you can use the GTBank mobile app for checking your account balance, performing easy and swift transfer of funds, purchasing airtime, paying utility bills and carrying out several other banking purposes.

To make things easy for you, we will show you how to download the GTBank mobile banking app on Blackberry, iPhone and Android devices. But before that, you can also follow the procedures below to download the mobile banking app:

  • Head Straight to the App Store of your smartphone
  • Type GTBank mobile app in the “Search’’ bar
  • From the search result, select the app and start downloading it
  • With the download complete, allow the mobile app to install successfully
  • Now you can open the GTBank mobile banking app by navigating to the Home screen and clicking on it
  • To start using the app, you can fill in your details such as Username and Password

If you can’t follow the procedures above for one reason or the other, you can check out the steps below to download the app for your smartphone;

How to Transfer Funds via GTBank Internet Banking

GTBank internet banking is a reliable platform for online transactions. With this, it is obvious that it enables you to send money to beneficiaries including GTBank customers and customers of other banks. Moreover, you can also transfer funds within GTBank –probably from a savings account to a current account. All this can be done conveniently just with the aid of the internet banking platform. To get started, you must be a customer who has registered for the internet banking service. After that, you will provide your login details as we explained earlier in this article. Now, you can check out the procedures below to transfer funds via GTBank internet banking platform;

  • Navigate to the Account Transfer tab as displayed on the sidebar
  • Here, you will find an option indicating Own account transfer (this is useful in order to perform an in-bank transfer i.e. transferring funds from one GTBank account, owned  by you, to another GTBank account that belongs to you)
  • Also under the tab, you will find the option for transferring from your own GTBank account to another GTBank account owned by someone else. Above that, you still have the option to transfer funds from your GTBank account to external bank accounts

Additional information: Be informed that some transactions require that you provide transaction codes before they can be completed using GTBank internet banking platform. To get these transaction codes, customers must have obtained their GT tokens. As explained earlier, GT tokens are electronic devices and can be connected with customers’ online banking accounts to guarantee maximum security.

Basically, there are two forms of tokens and these two token forms are provided by GTBank. The first token is a hardware device which you obtain from a nearby branch at the rate of #3000. Meanwhile, the second token is the USSD token which will cost you the service charge of #10 for every USSD session you carry out. To use the USSD token, you can simply dial *7377#.

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