Moneygram Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today 2021

Moneygram Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today { The Rate is Updated Daily – Scroll down for today’s Money 

Sending and receiving money from different countries is vital for businesses and families. To make these happen, different money transfer solution had been provided to aid it. One such quality money transfer gateway is the Moneygram. What would be discussed in this article is the Moneygram dollar to naira exchange rate for the day. This is been discussed because the exchange rate of dollar to naira as provided by Moneygram is one of the best. Before we give an overview check out the daily updated rate below and how it works.

Moneygram Dollar To Naira Exchange Today 

The Dollar to Naira exchange rate of the Moneygram is quite favourable compared to that of Western Union.

  •  Dollar – 378.52

  •  Pounds Sterling – 512.66

  •  Euro – 467.71


Moneygram is an international financial services provider whose main service is money transfer. It is also involved in money orders, bill payment services, prepaid cards, money transfers to inmates, and government payments. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and was founded in 1940 which is about 76 years ago. Moneygram International Inc. is the second-largest provider of money transfers in the world.


A MoneyGram is an electronic money transfer initiated from one party to another through the MoneyGram network. The sending party can initiate (send) a money transfer online or in person at any Moneygram location. While the receiving party collects the transfer as cash at any other Moneygram location or directly into their bank account.


The United States of America’s dollar is unarguably the most popular currency in the world. It is the official currency of the United States and used in some of their territories and not even others that aren’t. The United States Federal Reserve is the sole issuer of this currency. This currency is the most used in international transactions.


The Nigerian Naira was introduced in Nigeria on 1 January 1973 as the currency of Nigeria with the Central Bank of Nigeria as its sole issuer. It is divided into 100 kobos. Recently, inflation had been a major issue as the inflation rate of the Nigerian Naira is as high as 17.1%.

Still On Moneygram Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today …


Sending money from a far distance has been a major concern in the old times. We have different methods by which we can send money, but our major focus here in this article is about the money gram and the top interesting facts about the Money Gram.

With the use of Money Gram, it is now very easy to send money internationally online or in person. Below are the process that you need to follow in sending money through MoneyGram, this will be broken down into steps.

You are to select the receiver to who you are sending the money. Details like what country they are located in, how they want to receive the money, and how much you want to send. These details are needed in the first stage of the transaction. Moving on to the next process, you have to choose how you will pay.

You can send money online internationally with a credit or debit card or even directly from your bank account. You should know that the process is being stated here for transferring money using the online method. You can also send money in person which will be discussed later. After following the step in choosing how you will pay, moving on is to produce little information about yourself, the system will need to verify your identity before reviewing the details of your international transfer and then your money is good to go. Apart from sending money online, as we know that it’s not everyone that will have access or even know how to process online transfer you should know that you can also send money in person so below is the process of transferring money through MoneyGram in person.

You have to locate a more convenient centre location near you. If you live in a place like Africa, then you. Must have seen MoneyGram centres or location in banks, so I believe those in Africa also have or rather have a suitable location.

Going to the MoneyGram centres, requires you to bring your information and also the amount of Mikey which you need to send. After providing all this information and it is confirmed that it is correct, definitely, your money is on its way to the receiver. Apart from sending money to the receiver and all that you should also know that you can also transfer money to an international bank account online wherever you are. Given these facts, we should know that there are several things or rather interesting facts about the MoneyGram which we feel you should know about. Many feel that it is all about sending money here and there but it’s actually more than that m,  as there are some facts which we feel are worth knowing.

Below are the top interesting facts about the MoneyGram

  1. MoneyGram was founded in the year 1940 and they quickly became one of the world’s largest processors of money orders and also a key player in the electronic payment industry. 
  2. Moneygram is the second-largest money transfer company in the world with annual revenue of $1.45 billion. MoneyGram also has a track record of targeted growth and they are well-positioned in nearly $600 billion.
  3. Another fact which you need to know is that MoneyGram offers services at approximately 350,000 agent locations in more than 200 countries.
  4. The MoneyGram payment system Inc which was founded in 1988 was a subsidiary of a company that also owned Western union.
  5. In the year 2012, the MoneyGram foundation was established whose major focus was to help children around the world gain access to educational facilities and learning aids.
  6. MoneyGram has a good amount of global agent location which is nearly up to 350,000.

We have been able to give you lots of interesting facts about them and also how you need to send money through their payment gateway. MoneyGram is known as a global provider of innovative money transfer and payment services.

It has been established to serve humanity so that things will be made easy for us. They are regarded as one of the best as  Their transactions are one of the best and reliable.

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