Top 10 Best Midfielders In The Premier League 2023

The best midfielders in the premier league will play differently. This is because there are so many different interpretations to the role of the midfielder, and the different players in this position each have their strengths and weaknesses, which can boost or mar the chances of their clubs on any given day.

A midfielder may be chosen for his exceptional tackling ability, his strength, his dribbling, or his passing. A midfielder may possess a combination of two or more of these attributes, and may be the cohesive force holding his team together.

To a large extent, the rating of a midfielder may depend on the coach he plays under; a tactically sound coach will bring out the best in his players, and structure his team to play to their strengths. A midfielder also needs to have good forwards on his team; this will ensure that chances created will not go to waste..

Top 10 Best Midfielders In The Premier League 2023

 Rank No.  Midfielder  Club
 1.  Kevin De Bruyne  Manchester City
 2.  Jordan Henderson  Liverpool
 3. Bernado Silva  Manchester City
 4. Ngolo Kante  Chelsea
 5. Fabinho  Liverpool
 6. Bruno Fernandes  Manchester United
 7. Wilfred Ndidi  Leicester City
 8. Declan Rice  West Ham
 9. Reuben Neves  Wolves
 10. Rodri  Manchester City

Now let’s get to know these awesome and great players one after the order following the ranking order of the Top 10 best Midfielders of England.

Top 10 Best Midfielders In The Premier League 2023 {England} So Far

1. Kevin De Bruyne

Team: Manchester City

Yes, it is starting to become tiring because Kevin De Bruyne is always listed as the best midfielder in the Premier League, but with such exceptional consistency there is no other way to put it. There is no player that can compare with Kevin De Bruyne in terms of composure, vision, and the ability to find the killer pass.

He is technically gifted, he has the ability to bend the trajectory of the ball if it helps him find a team mate in a position of advantage, or if it helps him put the ball in the net.

The most unique aspect in his game could be his ability to turn defensive situations into attacking ones within seconds. Kevin De Bruyne has the ability to get the ball deep in his half, and dash forward with it. Sometimes it only takes one pass, and his team has scored a goal.

Kevin De Bruyne is a major reason why Manchester City is so difficult to play against; his technical ability, and quick passing are too much for opponents to cope with. He has been a key figure in Manchester City’s dominance in the league, and in other competitions.

2. Jordan Henderson

Team: Liverpool

Jordan Henderson brings consistency and dependability to Liverpool. He is the hardworking type of player who is above all else a fighter for the team. Jordan Henderson is someone who rallies his team like a general on the field, and pushes them to victory.

He is a midfield enforcer; his marking and tackling are top notch; he is often the reason why Liverpool gains possession in midfield without putting too much pressure on the defense line.

Jordan Henderson may not get many goals and assists; but he is often involved in the goals because he gets the ball, and moves it forward in the direction of Mo Salah and his cohorts who use their speed to exploit the gaps opponents leave behind as they press forward in search of goals.

Jordan Henderson works for the team; he is eager to lend a hand to any player in any position who is getting overwhelmed by pressure from opponents. He is full of running; pressing forward and falling back as the situation demands at any moment.

3. Bernado Silva

Team: Manchester United

Bernado Silva is one of the best attacking midfielders in the world at the moment. He has become one of the pillars of the Manchester City team with his attacking mentality which just doesn’t switch off, no matter how many goals the team has scored in a game.

Bernado Silva is a very technical player; he has very good positioning off the ball, and on the ball he is very patient as he moves forward, looking for pockets of space in the opponents’ defensive area. Bernado Silva has very good dribbling ability, which he combines with a deft touch of the ball to provide key passes in danger areas to provide goals and assists for team mates.

Bernado Silva seems better suited for games where both teams are evenly matched; and where it takes some individual brilliance to unlock the defenses, and lively up the game.

4. Ngolo Kante

Team: Chelsea

Ngolo Kante is a different kind of midfielder; he is often played from a central or defensive position, and he shields the defense like a wall, while intercepting the ball, and securing possession. However, what makes Ngolo Kante special is his acceleration; rather than play the ball into pockets of space, he runs with the ball into these spaces, and then he secures possession in attacking areas.

Ngolo Kante is very confident in his abilities; he is calm and assured under pressure, and has no problem skipping past one or two players as he charges forward to give his team the advantage.

Ngolo Kante is a hard-worker; he is full of running. He goes forward to help the attack, and back to help the defense. He has very good marking, and stays on his man; pestering him until he gets the ball. Ngolo Kante may not get as many assists, but he starts many of the team’s forward moves which end up as goals.

5. Fabinho

Team: Liverpool

Liverpool have not really been a midfield dominating team; their “all balls to Salah” style of football largely cuts out most of the midfield interchanges. Nevertheless, Fabinho has been consistent in his team; he has been one of the pillars of the Liverpool side that has been one of the best in the league and in the world.

Fabinho’s greatest strength is his combative nature; he shields the back four as a defensive midfielder providing tackles to win the ball away from opponents, while ensuring that his team remains on the front foot.

Aside from his combative nature, he has very good link up play, and provides support for the attack with his forward runs. He also has good technique, and he plays in his teammates, which ends up in goals and assists.

6. Bruno Fernandes

Team: Manchester United

Bruno Fernandes has suffered at the hands of the media recently; he has been one of those singled out for blame on account of Manchester United’s underwhelming performances recently. Nevertheless, Bruno Fernandes has been one of those who have helped Manchester United avoid complete embarrassment.

His contributions overall have made him one of the best players in the club; and he has had a hand in most of the teams goals. Bruno Fernandes mostly operates as an attacking midfielder, but he has also contributed enough tackles to earn him a place among the top yellow card recipients. That shows his commitment and dedication.

Bruno Fernandes adds flair and confidence to Manchester United; he is one of those with the ability to think quickly, and to get past one or two players before shooting at goal, or making the killer pass.

7. Wilfred Ndidi

Team: Leicester City

For many, it was only after Wilfred Ndidi’s injury that his importance to this Leicester City side became obvious. The team crumbled like a deck of cards, and only managed to salvage a mid table result. Make no mistake about it; Wilfred Ndidi is arguably the best defensive midfielder in the Premier League.

He is best known for his combative nature; he specializes in winning the ball. Wilfred Ndidi has exceptional interception ability, and he has a penchant for well timed tackles. He links up very well with his teammates; he has developed a very good understanding with James Madison and Harvey Barnes who receive the ball in the midfield, and then charge forward.

8. Declan Rice

Team: West Ham

Declan Rice is an enterprising midfielder who operates from box to box. With so much noise about him in the media it is easy to get disgusted and to dismiss him as yet another over hyped Englishman. However, with patient examination, one can see the talent, the toughness, and the desire of Declan Rice, and the potential that he has.

He has been instrumental to West Ham’s resurgence lately; he has provided the robustness, the energy, and the hunger for the team. Declan Rice provides very good cover for the back four, and he also provides the link up play. When the team has possession of the ball, he provides support to the attack.

Declan Rice also provides assists and scores goals. He is an asset to any team where he chooses to play; coaches will literally fight each other to bring him into their teams.

9. Reuben Neves   

Team: Wolves

Reuben Neves is an all round midfield player. He is a combination of speed, power, quick thinking ability and technique. Reuben Neves starts most of his moves in a central position, but his attacking instincts always drive him forward. He outperforms his opponents because he has the dribbling ability, as well as the speed and composure.

It is unlikely that Reuben Neves will stay in Wolverhampton Wanderers for very long; he is one of the best prospects for any team that plays attacking football, and it is only a matter of time before teams show up to draw him away from Wolves.

Reuben Neves’ contributions to his team are not restricted to scoring goals and creating chances; he also provides interceptions, tackles and blocks which sometimes earn him bookings.

10. Rodri

Team: Manchester City

Manchester City is an attacking team, and so it is easy to overlook the defensive side of their play. Nevertheless, Rodri has stood like the rock of Gibraltar; he has provided the cover for the back four; providing the interceptions, tackles, and everything else- including those that earn him bookings.

Rodri also has the link up play to put his team on the front foot; he passes the ball really quickly, and even joins his teammates as they charge forward. He has the proven ability to score goals; and he has ability to read the game, and to intervene in-case things don’t go as planned when the team is trying to score.



There are so many different types of midfielders; therefore in order to merit a mention among the best midfielders in the premier league, one needs to be exceptional in his specialty, or to possess a bit of all the good qualities for which good midfielders are known.

Ideally, one good season should not be enough to merit a place on this illustrious list; in order to separate the contenders from the pretenders, one should prove his quality over time.