It’s time for some realignment. With the era of Sergio Aguero having come to a close, and some unbelievable talent finding its way back to the Premier League; it is time to reassess the game, and to find out who the best strikers in the Premier League are. These are the most dependable strikers who haul in the goals for their teams, and who have the trust of their managers.

The English Premier League is arguably the most competitive league in Europe and this has been proven by how some players struggle to find their rhythm in it. Despite the competitive nature of the EPL, we still have a significant number of strikers who have constantly succeeded in providing their teams with important goals during the major competition.

In ranking EPL’s best strikers, it’s very crucial to consider the players’ current performances and the impact their goals have had on their teams so far. 

Top 10 Best Strikers In The Premier League

 Rank No.  Strikers Name  Club Name
 1.  Heung Min Son  Tottenham Hotspur
 2.  Mohamed Salah  Liverpool
 3.  Cristiano Ronaldo  Manchester United
 4.  Harry Kane  Tottenham Hotspur
 5.  Sadio Mane  Liverpool
 6.  Diogo Jota  Liverpool
 7.  Jamie Vardy  Leicester
 8.  Miguel Antonio  West Ham
 9.  Wilfred Zaha  Crystal Palace
 10.  Ivan Toney  Brentford

Top 10 Best Strikers In The Premier League

1.  Son Heung Min

  • Full Name: Son Heung-min
  • Date of Birth: 8th July 1992
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Playing Position: Forward
  • Club: Totteham Hotspur

Son Heung Min has been in exceptional form recently; he has been the most prolific goal scorer in the English Premier League. The Tottenham Hotspurs striker has banged in more goals through open play than anyone else in the Premier League.

Son Heung Min has claimed the Golden Boot award which he shares with Salah- although Salah only got his hands on it due to the number of penalties he has scored.

Son Heung Min has not been able to get the respect he deserves for his talent; he is often overlooked, despite stellar performances over the years. He will have to make a decision about his future soon; he is definitely worth a starting role at any of Europe’s top football clubs.

2.  Mohamed Salah

  • Full Name: Mohammed Salah Hamed Mahrous Ghaly
  • Date of Birth: 15th of June 1992
  • Nationality: Egypt
  • Playing Position: Forward
  • Club: Liverpool

Mohammed Salah is one of the best players in the English Premier League; since the departure of Sergio Aguero the baton has fallen on him; and he has become the face of the league- at least in the goal scoring department. Mohammed Salah has not disappointed; he has consistently banged in the goals against both big and small teams.

He has also recently won the golden boot award; which is becoming his birthright because he just cannot seem to get enough of it. To prove his quality one has only to look at the fact that the Egyptian does not operate centrally as a true striker; rather, he operates from the right hand side, working his way into the box with the ball at his left foot.

Mohammed Salah is the most feared striker in England at the moment; he is a striker no defender wants to face. Coaches pay him special attention; they usually assign their best defenders to mark him. Usually, that does not yield much dividends; he still gets his goals.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Full Name: Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro GOIH ComM
  • Date of Birth: 5th February 1985
  • Nationality: Portuguese
  • Playing Position: Forward
  • Club: Machester United

Despite winding down what has been the greatest football career the world has ever seen, Ronaldo has been able to prove his class once more in the Premier League. It is not just about his scoring 18 goals; it about the circumstances in which he has been able to produce those goals.

It is safe to say that this is the worst Manchester United side in living memory. The club has been terrible at defending; they have been leaking goals at the back such that every time the opponents charge forward, it looks like Manchester United are going to concede.

With his goals Manchester United have managed to remain relevant; only losing out on a Champions League spot.

4.  Harry Kane

  • Full Name: Harry Edward Kane
  • Date of birth: 28th of July, 1993
  • Nationality: British
  • Playing Position: Forward
  • Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Harry Kane has all the love and adulation of the Tottenham Hotspurs fans, and he is the favored first team striker at the club. There is no doubt as to the class and ability of Kane; he has not just been at his very best this term, which is why he is way off reckoning as the best goal poacher in the league.

It is foolish to look down on Harry Kane; class is permanent. He still has the movement, speed and finishing of one of the top strikers in Europe.

5.  Sadio Mane

  • Full Name: Sadio Mane
  • Date of Birth: April 10th, 1992
  • Nationality: Senegal
  • Playing Position: Forward
  • Club: Liverpool

Sadio Mane has been arguably the best player in the English Premier League. He has been the savior of Liverpool on so many occasions; scoring the vital goals that have propelled the team to contention for every major honor available to be won.

Sadio Mane has caught the attention of the world; he has been mentioned as a potential winner of the Balon d’ Or, which is one of the most prestigious awards in football.

Sadio Mane is not typically a number 9; he is a forward who operates on the left side; driving in to the box with the ball at his right foot. He’s strengths include good power, positioning, and shooting ability.

6. Diogo Jota

  • Full Name: Diogo José Teixeira da Silva
  • Date of Birth: 4th December 1996
  • Nationality: Portuguese
  • Playing Position: Forward
  • Club: Liverpool

Diogo Jota is the kind of forward that brings impact to his team. He has the speed, the skill, and the shooting ability to be a constant threat to whatever team he plays against.

It was for those qualities that he was bought over from Wolves, and he has quickly blended into the Liverpool side; benching two very good strikers who were there before him.

Diogo Jota has already been scoring frequently; and what makes him special is that he does more than score goals; he is a player that turns the tide. Sometimes, when he doesn’t start a match, and he is brought on; he brings a positive impact to the team, and they start chasing the win.

7. Jamie Vardy

  • Full Name: Jamie Richard Vardy
  • Date Of Birth: 11th January 1987
  • Club: Leicester City
  • Nationality: England
  • Position: Striker

Jamie Vardy has already written his name in gold; winning the Championship, and then the English Premier League with Leicester City will ensure that Jamie Vardy’s name is never forgotten.

He has continued to bang in the goals, and create assists for his teammates. Aside from that; Jamie Vardy has been a leader on the pitch for Leicester City.

The team has been hit by injury woes recently; and has performed below expectations. However, Jamie Vardy has been one of the few pillars that have held up the club. Jamie Vardy has the pace, the leadership qualities, and the finishing to put his team in front.

He still has some gas in his tank, and so when Leicester City is able to take care of the injured, and get the team back in shape, we should see a rejuvenated Jamie Vardy.

8. Miguel Antonio

  • Full Name: Michail Gregory Antonio
  • Date Of Birth: 28th March 1990
  • Club: West Ham
  • Nationality: Jamaican
  • Position: Striker

Antonio is a utility player; one that works for the team. He has been a winger and right-back during his career, and he now works for West Ham United as a goal poacher.

He is agile, quick and has a sense of finishing that suggests he could do better if he had a better team at his back.

The Jamaican international has been one of the top players for West Ham, he has helped the team becoming very relevant in the league recently.

9. Wilfred Zaha

  • Full Name: Dazet Wilfried Armel Zaha
  • Date Of Birth: 10th November 1992
  • Club: Crystal Palace
  • Nationality: Ivorian
  • Position: Striker

Wilfred Zaha is the best player at Crystal Palace by some distance. He is one of the best strikers in the English premier league not only because he scores goals, but because he carries the team on his back; creating the play, and fighting for the win.

Yes, Wilfred Zaha is not a typical number 9, but if Mohammed Salah, and Sadio Mane can make the list, then there is no doubt that Wilfred Zaha has every right to be here.

He has the speed, the dribbling, the passing, and the finishing to produce a win even when it looks like all hope is lost.

10. Ivan Toney

  • Full Name: Ivan Benjamin Elijah Toney
  • Date Of Birth: 16th March 1996
  • Club: Brentford
  • Nationality: English
  • Position: Striker

Ivan Toney is a top goal poacher; he once scored 31 goals in the championship. However, life is a little different in the premier league; there are better defenders here.

Nevertheless, Brentford’s goal poacher has already signaled his intention to be counted among the top goal scorers in the league, and he will probably score more in the seasons to come.



The top strikers in the premier league have not necessarily carried the label of “striker.” As far as the English game is concerned that is more a role than a title.

That explains why goals have come from every angle; even midfielders and wingers have proved themselves worthy of the title of striker- they have even won the golden boot.

The premier league is a widely known league opened for superstars to display their potential which the best will be ranked and popular amongst the masses, and for this, the listed players above have given in their best in the premier league.