Legendary coach Jose Mourinho once said ‘if you are going to be a great team, you are going to need a great goalkeeper.’ He made that statement when he was Manchester United gaffer, and he was making a reference to his goalkeeper David de Gea.

The best goalkeepers in the premier league today have to do more than produce stellar performances every once in a while; they have to be able to instill confidence in their teams to press forward and get goals.

Some of these goalkeepers actually move up with their team-mates as they keep a high defensive line so as to press their opponents into submission. One of the goalkeepers on this list actually has better passing accuracy than some midfielders, while one even has a few assists to his name.

Top 10 Best Goalkeepers In The Premier League 2022 {England}

 Rank No.  Goalkeeper Name  Club Name
 1.  Allison Becker  Liverpool
 2.  Ederson  Manchester City
 3.  Edouard Mendy  Chelsea
 4.  David De Gea  Manchester United
 5.  Aaron Ramsdale  Arsenal
 6.  Kasper Schmeichel  Leicester City
 7.  Hugo Lloris  Tottenham Hotspurs
 8.  Emiliano Martinez  Aston Villa
 9.  Robert Sanchez  Brighton
 10.  David Raya  Brentford

There you have the list, let’s move on to knowing these great goalkeepers which are termed as the best in the premier league.

Top 10 Best Goalkeepers In The Premier League 2022

1. Alisson Becker

    • Full Name: Alisson Ramses Becker
    • Date of Birth: 2nd of October, 1992
    • Club: Liverpool
    • Nationality: Brazil

For instilling absolute confidence in his team, Alisson Becker is the best goalkeeper in the Premier League this season. He racked up 20 clean sheets to end up joint golden glove winner, but that is just scratching the surface of what Alisson Becker brings to the table.

He is absolutely dominant at the back. When strikers are rushing towards their goal, he does not sit cowardly back; rather he charges forward and puts himself in a good position to make it difficult for the striker.

Then he uses his quick reflexes to push the ball away to safety. That helps the team because they are very confident in his abilities; they know he is going to make the save; so even when Liverpool is under pressure, they only think about one thing: attacking their opponents.

This is one key reason why the club has been successful in recent times; the club always concentrates on winning- no matter how hard the match may be.

2. Ederson

  • Full Name: Ederson Santana De Moras
  • Date of Birth: 17th August 1993
  • Club: Manchester City
  • Nationality: Brazil

Ederson is the kind of goalkeeper even the biggest clubs in the world would love to have to guard their goalposts. He garnered 20 clean sheets recently to share the golden glove with Alisson, and he has been exceptional at the back.

However, Ederson is quite a different type of goalkeeper; he is better known for his distribution than for his shot-stopping ability. That’s right, Ederson has been one of the main engines behind the efficient Manchester City machine.

When he has the ball at his feet he is as calm as Zinedine Zidane; when a striker rushes too eagerly towards him, he easily changes direction like a talented midfielder and puts the attacker at his back.

Ederson supplies quick short passes that turn moments of desperation into counter-attacking opportunities. He combines immaculately with his defenders and midfielders, and even when it looks like Manchester City is under pressure, they turn it around again and score a goal.

3.  Edouard Mendy

  • Full Name: Édouard Osoque Mendy
  • Date Of Birth: 1st March 1992
  • Team: Chelsea
  • Nationality: Senegal

Edouard Mendy is still in contention to be named the best goalkeeper in the world because of his recent haul of silverware from Europe, Club World Cup, and Afcon.

He recently became the first African goalkeeper to win the Champions League so he has to be really special. If not for the consistency of the two goalkeepers ahead of him, Edouard Mendy would get more recognition for his quality.

However, despite his spectacular performances, Edouard Mendy has suffered from everything that has happened at Chelsea recently.

4.  David De Gea

  • Full Name: David De Gea
  • Date of Birth: 1991
  • Nationality: Spain
  • Club: Manchester United

David De Gea was once hailed as the best goalkeeper in England. While he has stepped back from the spotlight at the moment there is no sane person that can doubt his quality.

He still has supremacy in the air; plucking the ball away like a hawk before it meets the opponent’s head. He still produces those efficient saves with his feet, and he is organizes his backline very well.

However, Manchester United has been dismal in recent times. If not for the consistently good performances of David De Gea and a certain Christiano Ronaldo, some have said the team could have been fighting relegation.

David De Gea does not deserve to be in a situation like this; he is far too talented.

5. Aaron Ramsdale

  • Full Name: Aaron Christopher Ramsdale
  • Date of Birth: 1998
  • Nationality: English
  • Club: Arsenal

Aaron Ramsdale is at the top of the lower cadre of Premier League goalkeepers; that means goalkeepers that are good but not as good as those on the highest level.

He has the talent, no doubt, but he still needs to prove himself by being consistent; winning a few laurels, and showing that he is as good as any other. He is quite a confident young goalkeeper; his shot-stopping can be top-notch.

It seems that he has suffered the Arsenal Effect; inconsistent performances, lack of hunger, and the inability to score goals. When that happens it puts the defense and the goalkeeper under a lot of pressure.

6. Kasper Schmeichel

  • Full Name: Kasper Peter Schmeichel
  • Date of Birth: 1986
  • Nationality: Danish
  • Club: Leicester City

Kasper Schmeichel has been one of the Premier League’s most consistent performers over the years. His records speak for him; he was part of Leicester City’s historic Premier League winning team of 2015/2016, and more recently he won the FA Cup in 2021.

He has proven himself as a big game player; pulling off remarkable saves when it matters most, and keeping his team in contention even during the most difficult games.

At the Euros, he was at the core of a team that made an amazing challenge for the crown in honor of Christian Eriksen who almost died on the field. It looks like he still has it in him to aim for greatness if Leicester City can bring in more talent and show hunger.

7.  Hugo Lloris

  • Full Name: Hugo Hadrien Dominique Lloris
  • Date of Birth: 1986
  • Nationality: English
  • Club: Tottenham Hotspur

Hugo Lloris’s name has been notably absent from the lists of top-performing goalkeepers in the Premier League recently, and that asks a lot of questions about the selection processes.

Admittedly, Tottenham Hotspurs left it late to show that they are not a club on the decline, and they were not entirely convincing for the most part of the time, but Antonio Conte’s side still showed their class; they are still Champions’ League material.

They couldn’t have done it without Hugo Lloris pulling off the saves at the back, and without Son, Heung-min supplying the goals at the front. Hugo Lloris, therefore, deserves all the respect and accolades that goalkeepers can get for the work they do.

8. Emiliano Martinez

  • Full Name: Damián Emiliano Martínez Romero
  • Date of Birth: 1992
  • Nationality: Argentine
  • Club: Aston Villa

Emiliano Martinez has been impressed since joining Aston Villa; he has helped make the team daring and ambitious. The Argentine star has already shown his ability in his national team; he helped them win the long-awaited continental trophy.

On the club level, he has been rising one step at a time; with a string of brilliant performances to keep the team going in the right direction.

Two things may happen in the near future to bring out his true potential; he either goes to a bigger club, or Aston Villa brings in the caliber of players to help it rise to prominence.

9. Robert Sanchez

  • Full Name: Robert Lynch Sanchez
  • Date of Birth: 1997
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Club: Brighton

Robert Sanchez has come up the ranks; a while ago he was on loan at Rochdale. Robert Sanchez has since established himself as Brighton’s number one, and the club has established itself as a true contender no matter the opponent and no matter the occasion.

This is a big improvement; a while ago the team was a relegation-threatened team, but now it is comfortably a mid-table team and has produced stellar performances, showing that he is a big game player with a very bright future ahead.

10. David Raya

  • Full Name: David Raya Martin
  • Date of Birth: 1995
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Club: Brentford

Brentford approach every game with the same attacking mindset because they know they have a brilliant shot-stopper at the back. He averages 33% clean sheets so there is a case about him being statistically superior to the two goalkeepers listed above him.

He certainly has the character, but he may need some time to gain the exposure and confidence for the biggest stages.

He has great reflexes, and he also has long-passing and ball distribution, which gives his team balance and rhythm.



The best goalkeepers in the premier league mature like fine wine. One great season does not earn any goalkeeper a mention because there are many before him who have been on the waiting list for the spotlight. Consistency is the key; one must prove his mettle over a period of time, and then the glory of the premier league will be his!

In football, every role or position has the best set of players, and the goalkeepers above have been named the best goalkeepers in the premier league as they are found outstanding in their respective games.