Among the fastest rising Nigerian artist, we have Mayorkun Net Worth. Mayorkun is a famous Nigerian Music artist and stage performer; he is known to have featured superstars in his music that have made him known and popular in Nigeria if not Africa and the world at large, he has been recorded to have released many songs in which amongst those songs there are hit songs that made him known and was spread Nation-wide both on Television and radio station. For those of you out there that do not know the net worth and biography, this is the chance for you to keep updated and follow up so as not to miss out in being current, in our today’s article we are going to be discussing the Net worth and biography of Mayorkun.

Mayorkun Net Worth 2020 And Biography

  • Full name: Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel
  • Mayorkun Net worth in Dollars: $120, 000
  • State of Origin: Osun
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Place of birth: Osun
  • Profession: Musical Artist
  • Charges per show: Varies
  • Marital status: Single
  • Age / Date of Birth: April 5, 1994
  • Private phone number: Not Available
  • Record label: HKN Gang / Davido Music Worldwide

Mayorkun Biography

Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel who is nationwide known or popularly known as Mayorkun came into this World on the 5th of April, the year 1994, this superstar is a Nigerian musical artist, recording artist, and songwriter was born in Osun State, which is the western part of the country (Nigeria) and was also brought up in Osun State. Mayowa Emmanuel was noted to have spent half of his current life in Osun State where he was born and brought up.

Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel was born into a family that cherishes and love music a lot, the Adewale family being their family name, Mr. Sunday Adewale and Mrs. Toyin Adewale being his father and mother’s name respectively, his parents are actors who support their son to also join the Nigerian Entertainment Industry because they found out their son loves and have passion for music since he developed the interest for music at a very tender age.

Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel (Mayorkun) was known to have loved music at a very tender age and with this passion for music he started recording music, but along the line, he had to drop music so he could further his education into the University and luckily enough for him he was admitted into the University of Lagos (UNILAG), though his primary school and secondary school history was not revealed or recorded.

Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel popularly known as Mayorkun was noted to have attended the University of Lagos (UNILAG) where he went for a four-year course in Accounting, after his convocation or graduation, he was lucky enough to get a job in a bank, whereas, his initial goal or ambition in life was to become a musical artist, but for him to fulfill all righteousness he went ahead to the University, After working for some time in the bank, he tendered his resignation letter which implies he was quitting the banking sector job to pursue his longtime dream and ambition for becoming a celebrity and superstar in the Music industry.

  • Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel (Mayorkun Net Worth In Dollars – $120, 000 USD)

Mayorkun is a famous and wealthy Nigerian Musical artist, most of the people tend to think Mayorkun is nothing or is not wealthy or rich, or that Nigeria artist does not earn quite well, permit me to say, you are wrong, Mayorkun is worth one hundred and twenty thousand United States dollars ($120, 000), what if this huge amount of money is converted to Nigerian currency which is Naira?, Do you know how much he is worth? then that makes him a wealthy and rich musical artist that has found his way to the top of the peak.

  • Mayorkun Music career

As said earlier, Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel popularly known as Mayorkun had a passion for music since his tender age and started recording at that very tender age but later skipped it for a while to study in the higher institution of Lagos State University, then after his University and a small-time job, his music career started officially.

Mayorkun started his music career officially in the year 2012, and then he released his first song being a single song which was titled “Butyy babe”. Later on, he re-sang a Nigerian musical artist song named Davido in a 14 seconds youtube video, luckily for him, that single act caught the famous star (Davido) attention and called on Mayorkun, later on after a secret meeting which nothing was revealed about the meeting, Mayorkun was signed by Davido into Mayorkun’s current record label which is Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) in that same year 2012, and on the 8th day of April 2012, Mayorkun released his first official song under the Davido Music Worldwide Record label titled {{{“Eleko” which was a hit song, ever since then his name has been known and echoed all over Nigeria.}} This said song, within a few days of release, became number one on iTunes and also his viewers on Youtube hit over one million viewers after it was uploaded on youtube which was within the week of the release of the song.

Ever since then, he has been consistently featured in other musical artist’s songs such as “Back 2 back” which was sang by Davido featuring Mayorkun, Dremo, and ichaba, “Gbemi” by Skoolboi featuring Mayorkun, and so many more, he has also released his singles. However, on the 2nd of August, 2016, Mayorkun went on an international tour with Dremo his Record label mate to the United Kingdom (UK) in which the tour lasted for about three (3) weeks and he visited seven (7) cities respectively.

  • Awards and Nominations

Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel tends to be a very promising start and an upcoming Nigerian Musical Artist that needs to be rewarded immensely, which is why he earned the following awards:

  1. In the year 2016, Mayorkun won the award for the choice song of the year.
  2. Mayorkun also in the same year 2016 won the award for the most promising act of the year.
  3. Finally, also in the year 2016, he was nominated for the best new talent.


Conclusion On Mayorkun Net worth 2020 And Biography

Mayorkun whose real name is Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel is known to be a famous, wealthy and promising star, he has been passionate about music since his early childhood stage and luckily for him, his family members were a lover of music, they encouraged him to press forward into the Nigerian Music industry which he did and now he is a well know musical star in the country and now known outside the country too. Mayorkun is a wealthy musical artist in Nigeria with a Net worth of one hundred and twenty thousand united state dollars ($120, 000), more also, he is an educated star that graduated with a degree in accounting, this simply means he has a good biography and proper upbringing.    Mayorkun with a non-relenting spirit and passion for music would be worth more in later years to come, he barely started officially a few years back, so with time he would dominate and be among the top Nigerian musical artist in the Nigerian music industry.

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