Check out Wasiu Alabi Pasuma Net Worth 2020 & Biography. Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Pasuma was born in 1967. His birth came about in Mushin –one of the suburbs in Lagos state. Though he was born in Lagos state where he spent the best part of his childhood as a Mushin boy, Pasuma is vividly a native of Oro –one of the largest cities in Kwara state. Just like his great rival and music counterpart –Saheed Osupa –Pasuma has been given a number of nicknames which he himself proclaims he bears. Amongst them are “Oga Nla 1’’, “Ijoba Fuji’’, “Anabi Omole’’, “Omo Iyawo Anabi’’, etc.

Wasiu Alabi Pasuma Net Worth 2020 & Biography

  • Name: Wasiu Alabi Pasuma Oganla 1
  • Pasuma Age Date of birth: 1967
  • State of origin/place of birth: Kwara State / Mushin, Lagos
  • Career:  Musician
  • Pasuma Networth: Read below

Since Pasuma’s songs are Yoruba-oriented and widely listened to by an audience dominated by the Yoruba’s, they have hit the highest point of sales in the South West –the base of the Yoruba’s.

  • Personal Life

Several reports and interviews suggest that Pasuma might seem violent in external appearance as regards the violent bouncers who escort him but he is believed to be a relaxed and affable man. Nevertheless, this could be associated with almost every Nigerian personality who actually makes use of bouncers as protection.

In interviews, Pasuma is reported to have revealed his strong affection for women, and owing to this, he could be the husband of a thousand ladies. But in point of fact, the prominent Fuji musician maintains his married life and some reports confirm he is blessed with 10 children.

  • Music Career

Pasuma is believed to have initiated his music career at his much-admired Mushin where he began his life. In 1983, the well-known musician began putting words together to form his musical compositions. Meanwhile, he couldn’t have begun this course in any place other than his greatly-adored Mushin. From his words, it has been obviously pointed out that his deep affection for Mushin and its people is very significant and it is a thing that will continually live within memory.

Being his first attempt at releasing any Fuji album, Pasuma was able to come up with  Recognition’’ in 1993. His first album “Recognition’’ became a success and gradually, his fame grew within and beyond Mushin.

Versatility is seemingly a desirable quality but not everyone has what it takes to appear versatile. With relevance to this impression, Pasuma has proved to be versatile in some measure as regards his active involvement in Yoruba movies, his persistent devotion to his Fuji music industry and the frequency with which he is spotted in collaboration with Hip-Hop musicians. To enlarge upon his appearance in the theatrical industry, he has appeared as an actor in a number of Yoruba Nollywood movies including Alenibare, Aworawo, Iyanje, etc.

As an artist who is devoted to collaborating with other veteran actors, Pasuma has spent some ample time in partnership with Bola Abimbola and the well known King Sunny Ade.

  • Appearance in Hip-Hop Music

Pasuma has been greatly linked with Hip-Hop related artists for some years. And fortunately, he has had the grace to partner with prominent and high-profile Nigerian Hip-Hop stars who are amongst the trending personalities in the Hip-Hop arena.

To mark his very first Hip-Hop album, Pasuma was buttressed by the awesome featuring of greatly-acclaimed Hip-Hoppers such as Patoranking, Oritsefemi, Olamide, and Tiwa Savage.

  • Wasiu Alabi Pasuma Net Worth

So long as wealth is part of the beneficial outcomes of a successful career, Pasuma is believed to have continually earned lots of money from his songs both in Nigeria and beyond the confines of the country. Currently, the veteran artist is worth a lot in assets and cash.

  • How Much Does Pasuma Collect Per Show

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  • How Many House Did Pasuma Have

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