Sir Emeka Offor is a man of high esteem and integrity, well known and popular in Nigeria, he is a famous and wealthy Nigerian businessman that has contributed immensely to the economic growth of the nation, he is an outstanding businessman and with the grace of God, he is the current Chief Executive officer (CEO) of Environmental Remediation Holding Corp (ERHC) and a renowned chrome group. For his high intelligence and experience as a businessman, he holds an authoritative position that presides over the board of directors of EEDC. Today we will get to know Sir Emeka Offor Net Worth and biography

In Nigeria currently, Sir Emeka Offor is a man everyone wants to know and probably meet with, now, we are giving you a golden opportunity to know a very famous and wealthy businessman in Nigeria that has even gone far and wide Africa if not the whole world, in our today’s article we would be telling you and unveiling to you, Sir Emeka Offor biography and Net worth, so sit back, read along and endeavor to know if not all, something about this business icon.


  • Full Name: Onyebuchi Emeka Offor
  • Sir Emeka Offor Net worth in Dollars: $5.8 billion
  • State of Origin: Anambra state
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Place of birth: Kafancha, Kaduna state
  • Profession: Philanthropist / Business Man
  • Marital status: Married
  • Date of Birth:  1957
  • Private Phone Number: Not available

Sir Emeka Offor Biography

Onyebuchi Emeka Offor popularly known and called Sir Emeka Offor is a wealthy businessman born in the year 1957 in the northern part of Nigeria which is Kafancha in Kaduna State, his father Chief Bennett Offor originated from Anambra state, the eastern part of Nigeria, which simply implies that Sir Emeka Offor is a Native of Anambra State Oraifite precisely which is regarded as his Home Town.

After being born in Kafancha, Kaduna State, he was later brought back to his State of Origin for Education, he was enrolled in a secondary school called Abbot boys secondary school in Ihiala local government area in Anambra state, nothing has been said about his primary school though, while his academics were going on in Abbot boys secondary school, unfortunately, he suffered an expulsion, but later on, he went to another secondary school in another Local Government called Idemili called Merchant of life, in this school, he was lucky enough to sit for his final exams which are the WAEC Examination in the year 1977, after which nothing has been revealed of him Furthering his education into the higher institution.

  • Sir Emeka Offor Net Worth

Sir Emeka Offor Net Worth

Sir Emeka Offor who is also known as Onyebuchi Emeka Offor is a very wealthy man and one of the richest and famous business tycoon in Africa, he has contributed immensely to the countries economic situation with the rapid growth of his business in Nigeria. Currently, Sir Emeka Offor is Worth About $5.8 billion US Dollars in which if calculated or converted to Nigerian Naira he would be worth Trillions of Naira, what a wealthy man?, with God by his side and his rapid growth in Business its sure that he would even be worth more than that in years to come.

  • Personal life / marital life

Sir Onyebuchi Emeka Offor is happily married with eight (8) children which include 3 male and 5 females, he got married to his wife in the year 1982, his wife is named Nkiru Offor and she hails from Imo state Oru Local government precisely, however, Sir Emeka Offor is married to two women in which the first is Nkiru Offor while the other one is named Adara Ofondu

  • Business Career

Sir Emeka Offor started in a very little and humble way of gaining knowledge and wisdom for a business career, he started by serving under his uncle where he gained the knowledge of holding up a business enterprise, he stayed humble under his uncle for sometime before he finally decided to start up his own business enterprise which he named the Chrome group, this was done in the mid-’90s, in this ideology, he ventured into the Nigerian Oil and Gas sector.

The Chrome Group which was created by him grew up to become a globally known company that offers services to different Oil company both internationally and locally within Nigeria, his company is known for offering service such as constructing Oil pipelines and Maintaining Oil Refineries, more also, his company is noted to be a multifunctional business company that covers investments such as telecommunication companies, power companies, and insurance companies both within Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

Getting stronger as a result of rapid growth in business and being a philanthropist he became BFA’s most significant member in the whole of Africa, his outstanding and noticeable achievement brought about the Sir Emeka Offor Foundation (SEOF) which is a non-profitable organization that was set up by Sir Emeka Offor himself, however, this non-profitable organization has been regarded as Africa’s largest Book donor, and for this cause, they have completed a book project that is worth fourteen million Dollars ($14 million).

Sir Emeka Offor is known to be the owner of the most prominent and oldest market or shopping plaza in Anambra State Nigeria, meanwhile, the name of the shopping plaza was attributed to Sir Emeka Offor himself.

  • Awards

Sir Onyebuchi Emeka Offor was awarded in the year 2016 for his immense effort in eradicating polio, however, the award was titled “international service award aimed at delivering the people from polio”.

  • Achievements

Sir Emeka Offor’s kind and immense effort can’t be thrown or swept under the carpet, he has achieved so many great things which includes

  1. Supporting the Construction of a civic center in the south-eastern region of Nigeria, which is Nigeria’s greatest and largest civic center, this civic center is called the Oraifite civic center.
  2. Sir Emeka Offor has been running a scholarship programme that has been up to going for over twenty years to date; however, each beneficiary of the program that tends to graduate with a first-class division shall have an automatic job opportunity with an official car.
  3. Also, Sir Emeka Offor created a cooperative fund for the upkeep of widows in which this cooperative fund contains up to three thousand (3,000) widows and he tends to fly them out of the country and make them independent.
  4. Road construction at Ewkusigo Local Government area.
  5. Establishment of one of the biggest Anglican churches in the southeastern part of Nigeria.
  6. Establishment of basic and social amenities in his Hometown.
  7. Effective contribution to the economic growth of the country.

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Conclusion On Sir Emeka Offor Net Worth 2019 And Biography

Currently, Sir Emeka Offor whose full name is Onyebuchi Emeka Offor Is one of the richest and most wealthy Nigerian business Tycoon, this famous man has achieved a lot and has contributed immensely to the economic growth of the country. His net worth is estimated to be $5.8 billion which makes him very wealthy being the CEO of the Chrome Group and also the CEO of Sir Emeka Offor Foundation. He has a nice background and biography and served as a humble servant under his master’s. He can serve as a great Helper and Mentor for people that are willing to be ideologists.

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