Latest update on Patrice Motsepe Net Worth 2020 And Biography – Born Patrice Tlhopane Motsepe; Motsepe is a renowned South-African business tycoon who bears active membership in the boards of several giant companies including Sanlam and Harmony Gold. Likewise, he is the CEO and originator of African Rainbow Minerals –a voluminous enterprise concerned with platinum, gold, and metals such as base and ferrous metals.

Patrice Motsepe Net Worth 2020 And Biography

  • Name: Patrice Tlhopane Motsepe
  • Date of birth: – N/A
  • Country/Place of birth: South Africa / Soweto
  • Career: Business tycoon
  • Patrice Motsepe Networth: 2 Billion Dollars

In 2012, Motsepe emerged as the richest man in South Africa after claiming the first spot on the list of richest persons yearly published by the Sunday Times.

Apart from promoting South Africa’s business sector, through the essential volume of gold churned out by his company, Motsepe is greatly admired for his contributions towards humanity and sports. Owing to his love of sports, in 2003, he acquired the ownership of Mamelodi Sundowns –a football club based in South Africa. And to show how much compassion he has for the average South Africans, Motsepe became a member of a charity organization in 2013 –The Giving Pledge –and funded it with half the portion of his wealth.

  • Education and Early Life

Patrice Motsepe was born in the South African region of Soweto. His father, Augustine Motsepe, became a small-scale businessman after abandoning his job as a schoolteacher. Augustine Motsepe established a Spaza shop –the kind of stall which black miners are very familiar with. Through the Spaza shop established by his father, Patrice was able to acquire the elementary know-how of mining and the rudimental aspects of business principles.

Patrice Motsepe was given his tertiary education at the University of Swaziland where he attained his BA. In 1994, he emerged as the first black man to acquire membership status in Bowman Gilfillan –a law firm. This achievement came into being as a result of Motsepe’s law degree which he obtained from the University of the Witwatersrand during his university days.

  • Motsepe’s Contributions To Investments

At the time the newly-established South African black government had commenced the creation of privileges for entrepreneurial involvement and black empowerment, Patrice Motsepe decided to concentrate his business strategies on mining and business law. With the view of optimizing his entrepreneurial skills, Motsepe initiated Future Mining –the company through which he offered the professional services of assisting Vaal Reefs Gold in cleansing mine shafts of gold dust. Other than that, Motsepe’s company also helped in the formulation of a system geared towards providing workers with incentives. In line with this remuneration system, workers were provided with a fairly low salary base merged with a system that included sharing profits earned from bonuses.

  • Patrice Motsepe Net Worth 2020 and Honours

In an appraisal of his consistent and contributive efforts towards magnifying South Africa’s entrepreneurial base, the South African Best Entrepreneur Award was conferred on Patrice Motsepe in 2002. Likewise, Motsepe won votes which placed him in the 39th spot on the 2004 nomination list for the Great South Africans award –an honour inaugurated by the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

From Motsepe’s constant revenues generated from his business inputs and other sources of wealth such as honours, awards, etc. the influential South African is believed to have the Patrice Motsepe net worth of $2.3 billion.

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