Jidenna Net Worth 2020 And Biography

Latest update on Jidenna Net Worth 2020, Biography, Family Music – Born Jidenna Theodore Mobisson, Jidenna is a renowned musician of mixed parentage (between a white father and an Igbo mother). His birth came about in Wisconsin on the 4th of May 1985. Though he was born outside Nigeria, he apparently spent most of his childhood in Nigeria –the home of his mother. Jidenna’s father –a white man –was an accountant who worked at Enugu State University. Thereupon, he played academic roles as a professor of Computer Science.

Jidenna Net Worth 2020, Biography, Family Music And More

  • Name: Theodore Jidenna Mobisson
  • Age / Date of birth: 4th of May 1985
  • Country / place of birth: USA / Wisconsin
  • Career:  Musician
  • Jidenna Net Worth 2019:1 Millon dollars
  • Nationality : African American {Nigerian / American}
  • Tribe : English / Igbo

Jidenna Biography

  • Family and Early Life

At a tender age, Jidenna’s childhood was frustrated by an incident during which his family was exposed to being kidnapped. Following this incident, Jidenna’s mother Tama Mobisson together with her family had to leave Nigeria for the United States. At the time, He was only a teenager, his life was plagued by another mishap which marked his father down with stroke. In view of this, Jidenna’s father –Oliver Mobisson –could not get along with his profession at the university and very unfortunately, he finally died in 2010.

Jidenna Mobisson Parents

  • Jidenna Mother and Father 

Father – Oliver Mobisson and Mother – Tama Mobisson

While Jidenna furthered his education, he became part of Black Spadez –a band of rappers. In course of his membership within the band, he established himself as a rapper, and soon, he was engaged in writing, composition, and arrangement of songs. At the time Jidenna would be graduating from high school, he was provided with academic offers by two universities –Harvard University and Stanford University. He ventured into the study of sound engineering after he had willingly chosen to study at Standford University. However, he later decided to change his academic course to “ritualistic arts’’ after a few years at the university.

At the end of his academic course at Stanford University, he had already become a degree holder –a Bachelor of Arts. As a careerist, Jidenna followed his graduation with the advancement in his music career at the same time he was serving as a teacher within regions of the United States.

  • Music Career and Awards Won

Jidenna’s fame grew as a musician in 2015 when he launched his very first official single –Classic Man –which went viral across the United States and was welcomed with much fervor. In course of producing the blockbuster single, he collaborated with GianArthur, and luckily, the single appeared on the schedule of Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay. “Classic Man’’ soon became an exploit and later appeared in the 58th Grammy Awards within the list of nominations for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. Within the year he released “Classic Man’’, he encountered a series of successes during which he bagged the award for the best new artist. This honour came at the Soul Train Music Awards.

Jidenna has shown much devotion to his music career and in the current year, he has launched his debut studio album -“The Chief’’. Meanwhile, the studio album is believed to be a tribute to another album –Middle Man –released by Boz Scaggs. Also, Jidenna has flavoured his career with the release of notable singles including “Long live the Chief’’, “Yoga’’, “Extraordinaire’’, “Little bit more’’, “classic Man’’ (His first official single), “Knickers’’, etc. Likewise, he has featured several artists such as Janelle Monae, GianArthur, and Quavo.

Jidenna Net Worth

Before we take a look at his net worth, lets first share some interesting facts you may not know about him


Jidenna Shocked Nigerians with a Bizarre Act When He Visited the Country for His Father’s Funeral, the “Classic Man’’ singer, became the talking point on social media sometimes ago. The Nigerian-born American singer was hurt by the memories of how his father, his mother, and himself were almost held captive by kidnappers. Suffered this plight at the time he was too young to cater for himself.

The American singer lost his father to a severe heart attack in 2010. And while he visited Nigeria for the funeral, Nigerians became agitated to see an army of military personnel accompanying him with well-equipped AK47s. And when Jidenna was interviewed by the media and asked why he decided to visit his mother’s homeland with apparent aggression, he revealed that he couldn’t have risked visiting Nigeria without armed personnel just in fear of being abducted.

  • The Name is Attributed to His Father

Despite the fact that Jidenna was born to a white man, he was given an Igbo name which arguably serves as a tribute to his father. Meanwhile, the American singer’s name has an Igbo translation which means “embrace and revere the father’’.

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  • Co-founder of a Social Club

During Jidenna’s days in school, he partnered with several other persons and founded a Social Club which originated in California. The group came into inception in 2006 and it is referred to as Fear and Fancy.

  • His Parents’ Youngest Child

Oliver Mobisson and Tama Mobisson were blessed with four children with 32-year-old Jidenna being the youngest of them all.

  • Passionate about His Music Career

Jidenna showed much commitment in the pursuit of his music career after graduating from Stanford University where he obtained his notable academic degree in the Arts. The growing American singer worked as an academic tutor at the end of his course at Stanford University. Owing to his extreme devotion towards music, he was able to perfectly blend music with the academic role.

  • His Music Has Been Featuring Well Since 2012

Though Jidenna became a vibrant and notable American singer in 2012, he had remained committed to his music career right from his period of graduation from Stanford University in 2008. Reaching the very climax of his career, his prominence was stirred by his most notable and first single “Classic Man’’ (released in 2015).

  • Music Style is Flavoured by His Passion for Nigerian Highlife Music

While the American singer identified Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One as the vital spirits of his music genre, he also pointed out that he is greatly inclined towards the popular Nigerian genre of highlife music.

Jidenna Net Worth 2020

Would You Believe Jidenna net worth 2020 is an estimated Whopping $1 million?, yeah $1,000,000

Although Jidenna’s fame is very thin on the ground in Nigeria, he is certainly a fortunate musician who has emerged high-flyer and brandished his career with wealth. With relevance to the fact that his singles and albums have highly hit the American music industry and persuaded many Americans to spend their dollars, He has strongly made the United States the base of his career success.


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