Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Fayetteville, NC (2024)

The worst neighborhoods in Fayetteville, North Carolina are not necessarily at par with similar neighborhoods in California and Brooklyn, but they are not too far behind either. These are neighborhoods that have become run down because decent families are moving out, leaving only the hotheads.

In some of these neighborhoods there may not be as many robberies, but there are enough random acts of violence such as road rage, and arguments that quick degenerate into shootings.

These are some of the areas within the city where it is best to stay alert, and avoid deserted places.

Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Fayetteville NC 2024 

1. Bonnie Doone

Bonnie Donne, Fayetteville, NC is a suburban neighborhood, not far from Downtown Fayetteville. The neighborhood is well planned out; most of the houses are two or three bedroom townhouses that would be marvelous for small families. There are trees and gardens in most of them. There are also apartment complexes, and some commercial developments as well.

Bonnie Donne has about 14% of its buildings vacant; this is obviously because of the crime rate; there are robberies, break ins, street brawls, and other types of crime reported in this neighborhood quite regularly.

2. Bragg Blv

Bragg Boulevard is a popular neighborhood in Fayetteville, it is the neighborhood around Fort Bragg. As one would expect from such an area, it is well planned out, and quite busy. Most of the houses in this neighborhood are townhouses and apartment buildings; there are several coffee shops, shopping centers, and open spaces in this town.

However, Bragg Boulevard is known to be one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Fayetteville, North Carolina. However, most of the crimes are not directly related to stealing or taking things off their victims; a resident in Bragg Boulevard said she survived the area for 12 years by going to work and back, keeping her down, and keeping out of other people’s way. She said she socialized away from the neighborhood, and even went to cafés outside of town.

In November 2021, a man was shot and injured right inside his own car. It was not a robbery; nothing was taken from the vehicle. In August 2021, a man was killed in a motel room at around 8 pm. It was not a robbery; the murder was suspected to be a gang related killing. In July 2022, a man was found murdered in his vehicle; the incident happened at around 5 in the evening.

3. Spring Lake

Spring Lake is a neighborhood located on the border with Fayetteville, although for administrative reasons it is a town on its own. There are many residential buildings such as apartment complexes in Spring Lake.

In July 2022, a man was found in a pool of blood, next to his vehicle. He was obviously shot in the vehicle, but crawled out for safety where he died. It was said that the shooting must have been linked to aggressive driving.

In September 2022, a man was shot multiple times, resulting in he’s being killed on the spot.

4. Murchison Road

Murchison Road is affectionately called The Murk by citizens of Fayetteville, in North Carolina. This was once a bubbling neighborhood with middle class families living in the townhouses and apartment buildings. However, the neighborhood has become sort of run-down of late.

Murchison Road is pretty much a ghetto; this is one of the places to avoid in Fayetteville. In August 2022, a man was shot multiple times, around 3:30 AM. It was not a robbery; there was a dispute between the shooter and the victim.

5. Clinton Road

Clinton Road is a neighborhood in the east of Fayetteville. Clinton Road is suburban although there are enough apartment complexes in the neighborhood.

In December 2015, a person fired shots at a parked car along Clinton Road in Fayetteville; a bullet grazed someone’s head, leading to him being hospitalized. In May 2019, a man was shot and killed at his post at a cash register in a convenience store on Clinton Road.  It was a robbery; the man in question was only trying to make a living.

6. Cattail Circle

Cattail Circle is a neighborhood in Fayetteville with plenty of residential buildings, as well as well as shops, retail outlets, coffee shops and so on. Cattail Circle is a rather crazy place; it may be the worst neighborhood in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

In November 2022, a teenager was shot and killed in this neighborhood. In March 2022, three people were killed at a hotel in the neighborhood.

7. Rockfish

Rockfish is a suburb of Fayetteville. It is not too populated; there are only around 4000 people living in the neighborhood. It is somewhat rural; there are mostly small detached houses with trees and lawns. However, Rockfish is not altogether a peaceful neighborhood.

In July 2022, a man was found dead in this neighborhood. He was obviously shot to death. In march 2018 a man was shot in his lower body although due to the prompt response of emergency workers, he survived the shooting.

8. Festival Park

Festival Park is a neighborhood is close to downtown Fayetteville. It is quite a busy neighborhood; which has been described as the crown jewel of Fayetteville, because of the commercial advantages that it has a place of business.

However, with so many people in and around the neighborhood, it is impossible to keep it completely sane. In May 2022, a man was found dead early in the morning. He had been shot, although it is not clear whether it was a robbery. In October 2022 a woman was shot by her former boyfriend; it was called Domestic Violence.

9. Maitland Drive

Maitland Drive is located in Fayetteville; it is mostly a residential area, but there are also some commercial establishments in the area. This is one of the areas within the city that has seen a rise in crime.

In October 2022, a young girl was shot and killed in a home in the neighborhood. She also happened to be the daughter of a councilwoman. It was suspected that the shooting was carried out by another teenage girl.

10. Cliffdale Road

Cliffdale Road is quite a beautiful neighborhood in Fayetteville; it is full of townhouses, most of which are new developments. The neighborhood is quite suitable for young professionals, as well as those with large families.

Cliffdale Road is not the safest place to be in Fayetteville; in July 2022, a car was shot to blisters in what was described as a road rage incident. Thankfully, a one year old child survived unharmed.



As the worst neighborhoods in Fayetteville clearly show, this can be a rather dangerous city. The baffling thing about this city is that most of the crimes committed, though violent in nature, are not often related to stealing or robbery; they seem to be random acts of violence.