List of Commercial Courses In UNILAG (2024)

Commercial courses is offered by commercial students in the university. This course is offered in all Nigerian universities including the University of Lagos (UNILAG) which is one of the foremost varsities in Nigeria. The List of Commercial Courses in UNILAG is outlined in this informative piece. As such, candidates that are interested to study this course should surf through the list of commercial courses to see the one that interests them.

There are a handful of commercial courses that you can study in UNILAG. In case you have no idea about the courses, below is a complete list of Commercial Courses in UNILAG.

  1. Accountancy 
  2. Banking and Finance
  3. Business Administration
  4. Economics
  5. Insurance 
  6. Public Administration
  7. Industrial relation and personnel management 

Those are the commercial courses that are offered in UNILAG. Though a few of them yet they are sought after by a large number of students. 

List of Commercial Courses In UNILAG

  • Accountancy

Accounting is a course that refers to the process of recording financial transactions concerning a business. The process of accounting includes summarizing, analyzing, and reporting transactions to auditing agencies, regulators, and tax collection organizations.

  • Banking and Finance

Due to the growing demands of Bankers and finance personnel in Nigeria, students have been trooping to study this course. Banking and finance course focus on learning how banks and other financial institutions function and operate. Students are trained in banking principles, credit, managing investments, investment regulations, and financial services principles.

  • Business Administration

Business Administration course is designed to provide students with a strong academic foundation in core business functions including accounting, finance, information technology, general business administration, project management, human resources, marketing, international business, and many more.

  • Economics

Economics course deals with the practical and theoretical science of production and distribution of wealth. It is based on the system of the production, buying, and selling of goods and services. Also, the two main areas of economics are microeconomics and macroeconomics

  • Insurance 

Insurance is an interesting commercial course that covers both the basics and advanced training of the different types of insurance.

  • Public Administration

Public administration is one of the most studied commercial courses in Nigeria. The course deals with the implementation of government policy as well as an academic discipline that studies this implementation and prepares prospective civil employees to work in the public service.

  • Industrial Relation and Personnel Management

Industrial Relations and Personnel Management is an interesting course where students are trained to provide the link and oversee the business of managing people in an organization

Requirements to Study Commercial Courses in UNILAG

You can’t just wake up and then find yourself sitting within the four walls of a university classroom receiving lectures. Rather, there are requirements that ought to be fulfilled before such a step is possible.

You can gain admission into UNILAG to study any of the commercial courses listed above through:

  • Direct Entry: here you will be required to have 2 A level passes from courses such as Economics, government, business management, accounting, government, and or geography. 
  • O’Level Entry: here you will need to have 5 credit passes in relevant courses such as English Language (compulsory), Mathematics, Economics, and any other two (2) related subjects.
  • Jamb Requirement: here you have to be careful to choose the right subject combination that will enable you to study any of the above-listed commercial courses. make sure you choose the following courses such as English Language, Mathematics, Economics, and one other science-related subject.

Also, make sure you score up to the cut off mark, if possible, score much higher so as to be one of the favorites to be considered for admission. 

In case you need more information, you are free to visit the official UNILAG website at The University of Lagos (UNILAG) 



If you are a commercial student and you are aspiring to study in UNILAG, you now have an inkling of the List of Commercial Courses offered in the school. Waste no more time to register for JAMB and get the necessary cut ff mark backed up by your WASSCE result which must be nothing short of 5 credit passes in relevant courses.