UNILAG DLI School Fees (2023)

UNILAG Distance learning institute (DLI) is a part-time/weekend programme at the University of Lagos (UNILAG). The program is flexibly designed so that students will find it convenient and be able to learn from anywhere be it at home, at work, or on the move. If you are interested to enroll for DLI in UNILAG, we have provided you with all of the information you need to know especially UNILAG DLI School Fees. 

The tuition fee cannot be paid in installments but one-time payment is accepted. This means you can’t pay tuition fees at intervals but in one installment.  As such, find below the tuition fee for fresh DLI students in UNILAG according to the DLI course you aspire to study. 

  1. Accounting N110,000 per session
  2. Business Administration N110,000 per session
  3. Economics N106,000 per session
  4. Public Administration N100,000 per session
  5. Biology Education N100,000 per session
  6. Chemistry Education N100,000 per session
  7. Mathematics Education N110,000 per session
  8. Physics Education N110,000 per session

There you have the UNILAG DLI School fees according to the programmes offered. From the above list, you now have vivid eyesight of the amount you need to pay base on the DLI course you enrolled for. 


DLI programme is targeted to engage workers and business owners who are interested to own a degree qualification. However, students who are unable to get admission into a full-time programme often resort to enrolling for DLI and are interested to know the school fees before enrolling for the program. 

However, the accurate tuition fee cannot be exactly stated due to changes. The programme is run internally by the school and overseeing by the university’s management. Also, you need to know that the tuition fee is more expensive than that of a full-time programme.

The expense is to cater to all the resources needed to keep the programme running been that it is not funded by the government or any external organization.  

As of the time this article is prepared, UNILAG DLI tuition for new intakes (fresh students) is N50,000. This is the tuition fee alone excluding other charges. 

To further provide you with more information, we have prepared a breakdown of the tuition fee approved by the UNILAG DLI to be paid by new students. So, if you are interested to find out you can continue to read. 

Once you have gained admission into UNILAG DLI, you need to pay an acceptance fee to show that you have accepted the provisional admission by JAMB. If you fail to pay the acceptance fee, it simply means you rejected the admission which leads to loss of the admission.  

Then, you will go for screening/registration and then payment of the tuition fees. Note that late payment of tuition fee attracts additional charges. Also, if you fail to pay the tuition fee, you won’t be able to sit for the examination and may at long run lead to termination of the admission. 

Duration of UNILAG DLI Programme

Distance Learning Institute in UNILAG takes about five (5) years to complete. 

However, students who gained admission into DLI through Direct Entry is three (3) or four (4) years depending on the level they started.

Again, students who gained direct entry starting from 200 level will spend four years in the programme while those that started from 300 level will spend three years.

UNILAG DLI Certificate

If you are wondering whether UNILAG DLI Certificate is recognized in Nigeria, the answer is yes! The reason has been that the programme is approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC). Also, the certificate is equivalent to and has the same reputation associated with that of the regular or full-time undergraduate programme.

Do UNILAG DLI Students go for NYSC?

No! DLI graduates are not mobilized in the NYSC scheme to serve; however, they are given the NYSC Exemption Letters.


Conclusion UNILAG DLI School Fees

We have come to the end of our discussion and I believe from our discourse you have been enlightened and understood UNILAG DLI School Fees. The essence is to help you make a sound decision and to know if you are capable to meet up the financial demands that are involved in enrolling in the UNILAG DLI programme.