List of Part Time Courses In LASU (2024)

Gone are the days when Part-time courses are meant for workers and business owners, as students who couldn’t make it for regular (full time) courses are opting for part time courses. Interestingly Lagos State University (LASU) also offers part-time programmes, and if you are interested to know about the complete list of Part-Time Courses in LASU, you are reading the right material.

There are tons of Part-time courses offered in LASU, from which you can make your choice of course, and enroll. Below is an all-inclusive Part-Time Courses at LASU. 

List of Part-Time Courses In LASU

  1. Accounting 
  2. Accounting Education
  3. Banking and Finance
  4. Business Administration
  5. Business Administration Education
  6. Center for Planning Studies
  7. Computer Science
  8. Economics
  9. English Language Education
  10. Education Management
  11. Fisheries
  12. Guidance and Counseling
  13. History and International Relations
  14. Human Resources and Industrial Relations
  15. Industrial Relations and Personnel Management 
  16. Marketing
  17. Mass Communication
  18. Microbiology
  19. Public Administration 
  20. Physical and Health Education 
  21. Physics
  22. Political Science
  23. Radio and Television Production
  24. Sociology 
  25. Statistics

There you have the Part-Time Courses offered in LASU. These part-time programmes are internally organized by the school management and no other external body be it government or private organization involved.

Also, the programme is accredited by the NUC to make it acceptable and certifications valid and legal. This means that the programme has fulfilled all necessary requirements such as quality lecturer, quality teaching facilities, among others. 

Part-Time Courses in LASU Tuition Fees

Aside from the List of Part-Time Courses in LASU which I believe you are now acquainted with. We also deemed it necessary to write about the school fees for each part-time courses in LASU. As such, we have outlined the course fees for each Part-Time course below. Read through carefully. 

  1. Accounting N130,500 
  2. Accounting Education N130,500
  3. Banking and Finance N130,500
  4. Business Administration N130,500
  5. Business Administration Education N130,500
  6. Center for Planning Studies N130,500
  7. Computer Science N135,500
  8. Economics N130,500
  9. English Language Education N129,500
  10. Education Management N130,500
  11. Fisheries N135,000
  12. Guidance and Counseling N130,500
  13. History and International Relations N130,500
  14. Human Resources and Industrial Relations N130,500
  15. Industrial Relations and Personnel Management N130,500
  16. Management (IRPM) N130,500
  17. Marketing N130,500
  18. Mass Communication N130,500
  19. Microbiology N135,500
  20. Public Administration N130,500
  21. Physical and Health Education N130,500
  22. Physics N135,000
  23. Political Science N130,000
  24. Radio and Television Production N135,000
  25. Sociology N130,500
  26. Statistics N130,500

From the above list, you now have a choice to make on which course best fits your financial provision. There is the course fee for each of the listed courses above. This is in a bid to help you make a wise decision that is necessary.

Requirements to Study Part-Time Courses in LASU

In addition to our discourse so far, we have also deemed it necessary to include the necessary requirements to study part-time degree courses in LASU. 

You need to know that part-time courses in LASU do not require you to seat for JAMB. Instead, you need to get the correct O’ Level results to be qualified to purchase the admission form. Your O’ Level result must be nothing short of 5 credit passes which include mathematics and English Language and other 3 relevant subjects. 



I believe you found this article to be helpful having provided all the information that you need to know about the List of Part Time Courses in LASU including other information such as the school fees that will help informed your decision.

However, it is impediment that you meet the basic requirements before you forge ahead to enroll into the part time programme. It is important Let us know if you find this article helpful by giving us a feedback.