The strongest currencies in Africa are partial to the countries that have developed very good social structures, with purpose driven economies and societies that are built to engage the people. The people must be engaged because it is them that spend the money.

When the people have money to spend, the economy tends to be strong, and the currency tends to be firm. Traditionally, good economies, and high spending power have not been associated with African countries.

The following currencies show the countries who have been slowly changing that narrative.

Top 50 Highest Currencies In Africa

1. Tunisian Dinar

Exchange Rate: 1USD=3.13TND

The Tunisian Dinar is the currency of Tunisia; and the strongest currency in Africa. The dinar is something that is popular among the countries of North Africa and the Gulf Region; it comes from the Roman Denari. Of all the Dinars of the world, this is one of the most respected.

Tunisia’s economy is buoyed by manufacturing, agriculture, and services. The country embraces technology to drive the economy by increasing production, and this has been a sharp edge for the country.

Tunisia is the most competitive economy in Africa; which is why it has a very strong currency.

2. Libyan Dinar

Exchange Rate: 1USD=4.84LYD

The Libyan Dinar was even more powerful than it is presently; it was badly affected by years of war and instability. Nevertheless, the Libyan Dinar is still one of the most respected currencies on the continent; it is one of the strongest, with the most purchasing power.

Several reasons can be pointed out as to why the country’s economy has remained strong. Its geographical location is a very important factor to point out; with only the Mediterranean Sea separating it from Europe on the north, and its south going as far as Chad; Libya is like a link between Europe and Africa.

This facilitates trade, travel, and cultural exchange. Furthermore, Libya is blessed with abundant oil reserves; it has the largest reserves of oil in Africa.

3. Moroccan Dirham

Exchange Rate: 1USD=10.04MAD

The Moroccan Dirham is the currency of morocco; it is not a Dinar, but it is very similar to one. This is one of the most powerful currencies in Africa; a direct result of a very peaceful and well managed country.

Morocco is one of the best preserved parts of North Africa; its culture, historic sites, music and food, are unique. Tourism thrives in morocco to the point that some cities in this country are famed as places that people must visit once in their lives.

This means money for the economy; and a good purchasing power for its currency. The country’s economy is buoyed by tourism, agriculture, energy, fishing and narcotics.

4. Ghana Cedi

Exchange Rate: 1USD=12.34GHS

The Ghana Cedi is the only West African currency in reckoning; Ghana is the only well managed West African country. It is also the most competitive economy in black Africa. Ghana is a small coastal country in West Africa, and it is also historically significant.

Historically, Ghana has been a center of trade; the Arabs, and later the Europeans enjoyed trade with the people of Ghana from whom they bought spices, pork, and so many other goods.

Trade is still important in Ghana; this is one of the major centers of the gold trade. Agriculture and manufacturing are also important sectors of the economy of this country. The country also has significant tourism, and young people from neighboring countries favor this as a place to study and to work.

5. Seychellois Rupee

Exchange Rate: 1USD=13.39SCR

The Seychellois Rupee is one of the only two Rupees in Africa. Rupee is the currency of India; a country with which Seychellois has some cultural similarities. Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean; and it is about 1,500 kilometers east of Africa.

Seychelles is a small country; all its islands put together only measure 457KM2. The population is just about 100,000 people. This is one of the smallest countries in Africa.

Nevertheless, it is one of the best managed economies with an economy that is built around fishing, agriculture, manufacturing and services. The banking sector is particularly worth a mention; it is a major driver of growth in the country.  The country is seeing a lot of immigration lately; people are coming in for the money. This is not surprising because the Seychellois Rupee is one of the strongest currencies in Africa.

6. Botswana Pula

Exchange Rate: 1USD=13.66BWP

The Botswana Pula is one of the most important points of reference as to how strong an African currency and economy can get. The country is located in southern Africa; close to Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Namibia. Of all these countries it is the best.

Botswana is sparsely populated; only 2.3 million people live in this area of around 581,730 km2. Majority of the land is covered by the Kalahari Desert. But this harsh environment has not stopped it from growing its economy.

Botswana makes a lot of money from mining, tourism, and the services. Financial services is a particularly important sector in the economy of this country. The resources are well managed, and the government is forward thinking; embracing renewable energy and other new technology to fill the gaps, and create economic opportunities.

7. Eritrean Nafka

Exchange Rate: 1USD=ERN15

The Eritrean Nafka is one of the highest currencies on the continent, although citizens do not enjoy much benefits from that currency’s strength because there is very little external trade, and also because the country is quite heavily militarized.

Eritrea is often called the North Korea of Africa because of the secretive nature of its social structure. Nevertheless, every country must have trade partners; and Eritrea has china, India, and UAE.

Its trade partners get products like zinc, copper and gold, as well as wool, leather and cereals. The government heavily controls the currency so as to keep the trade steady.

8. Eswatini Lilangeni

Exchange Rate: 1USD=18.84SZL

The Eswatini Lilangeni is the currency of Eswatini, a small country in southern Africa. This is one of the smallest countries in Africa; it has a population of 1.2 million, and land area of 17,364 km2.

The country is culturally similar to both Mozambique and South Africa, although it leans more strongly towards South Africa. That leaning also produces political and economic fruits; Eswatini has strong economic ties with South Africa.

The countries currency is one of the strongest on the continent even though it is not very popular because it is somewhat overshadowed by the South African Rand which is also used in the country.

9. South African Rand

Exchange Rate: 1USD=19.13ZAR

The South African Rand is the currency of South Africa; the country at the southernmost tip of the continent. In many ways this is also the best organized country in Africa; its economy, governance, and social structure are some of the best on the continent- even better than some European countries.

The country has a population of around 62 million; and a land area of 1,221,037 km2. This means plenty of land resources which have been put to use in agriculture, mining and tourism. The country gets a steady inflow of foreign exchange; which explains why its currency is so good.

South Africa’s currency is like a regional currency; it is used in Namibia, Estwatini, Lesotho; and is well recognized in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

10. Namibian Dollar

Exchange Rate: 1USD= 19.92NAD

The Namibian Dollar is the currency of Namibia; a country in southern Africa. The country has historical and cultural ties to South Africa with which it shares a border. The Namibian Dollar is pegged to the South African Rand, and Namibians also use the South African currency along with their own.

Namibia’s economy thrives on gold, diamonds, copper and uranium. While cattle, and fish are also very important exports. The country is self-reliant in food, and so more money comes into the country that what goes out. This is how the currency and economy have remained strong.

The following is a more extensive report on the top 50 highest currencies in Africa.

Position Currency Exchange Rate Location
1 Tunisian Dinar 1USD=3.13TND North Africa
2 Libyan Dinar 1USD=4.84LYD North Africa
3 Moroccan Dirham 1USD=10.04MAD North Africa
4 Ghana Cedi 1USD=12.34GHS West Africa
5 Seychellois Rupee 1USD=13.39SCR East Africa
6 Botswana Pula 1USD=13.66BWP Southern Africa
7 Eritrean Nafka 1USD=ERN15 Southern Africa
8 South African Rand 1USD=19.13ZAR Southern Africa
9 Namibian Dollar 1USD= 19.92NAD Southern Africa
10 Eswatini Lilangeni 1USD=18.84SZL Southern Africa
11 Lesotho Loti 1 USD =19.92LSL Southern Africa
12 Zambian Kwacha 1 USD =26.83ZMW Southern Africa
13 Egyptian Pound 1 USD =30.90EGP North Africa
14 Mauritanian Ouguiya 1USD=39.58MRU Northwestern Africa
15 Mauritian Rupee 1USD=46.25MUR East Africa
16 Ethiopian Birr 1 USD =56.66ETB East Africa
17 Gambian Dalasi 1 USD =67.73GMD West Africa
18 Mozambican Metical 1USD=63.50MZN Southeast Africa
19 Cape Verdean escudo 1 USD=102.60CVE West Africa
20 Algerian Dinar 1 USD =134.35DZD North Africa
21 Kenyan Shilling 1 USD=159.50KES East Africa
22 South Sudanese Pound 1 USD =130.26SSP East Africa
23 Djiboutian Franc 1 USD =177.22DJF East Africa
24 Liberian Dollar 1 USD =190.4LRD West Africa
25 Zimbabwe Dollar 1 USD =322ZWL Southern Africa
26 Comorian Franc 1 USD =457.25KMF East Africa
27 Angolan Kwanza 1 USD =831.50AOA Southern Africa
28 Somali Shilling 1 USD =571.50SOS East Africa
29 Gabon (CFA) 1USD=608.64XAF Central Africa
30 Republic of Congo (CFA) 1USD=608.64XAF Central Africa
31 Cameroon (CFA) 1USD=608.64XAF Central Africa
32 Central African Republic (CFA) 1USD=608.64XAF Central Africa
33 Chad (CFA) 1USD=608.64XAF Central Africa
34 Mali (XOF) 1 USD =612.544XOF West Africa
35 Senegal (XOF) 1 USD =612.544XOF West Africa
36 Benin Republic (XOF) 1USD=612.544XOF West Africa
37 Senegal (XOF) 1USD=612.544XOF West Africa
38 Ivory Coast (XOF) 1USD=612.544XOF West Africa
39 Sudanese Pound 1USD =600SDG East Africa
40 Rwandan Franc 1 USD =1,279RWF East Africa
41 Nigerian Naira 1USD=1,400NGN West Africa
42 Tanzanian Shilling 1 USD=2,535TZS East Africa
43 Burundian Franc 1 USD =2,868BIF East Africa
44 Congolese Franc 1 USD =2,745CDF Central Africa
45 Ugandan Shilling 1 USD =3,864UGX East Africa
46 Guinean Franc 1 USD =8600GNF West Africa
47 Malagasy Ariary 1 USD=4500MGA East Africa
48 Guinea-Bissau 1USD=8601GNF West Africa
49 Sierra Leonean Leone 1USD=19750SLL West Africa
50 Sao Tome & Principe Dobra 1 USD = 22,281STD Central Africa


The strongest currencies in Africa traditionally belong to countries in North Africa; even though they are geographically located on the continent, those countries are culturally aligned with western Asia.

Nevertheless, southern and eastern African countries are beginning to make the necessary changes needed to raise their economies and currencies, which is why said countries are starting to see their currencies rise in value and demand.

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The highest currencies in Africa are mostly the currencies of the countries in northern and southern Africa. The whole of West and Central Africa only has one country on this list; showing that a lot of work has to be done to bring Africa up to a level where it can compete favorably against other continents in terms of economy and currency strength.