Top 10 Bike Delivery Services In Lagos (2023)

Nobody knows the value of a reliable bike delivery service in Lagos more than a small business owner who must deliver goods and services for his business to thrive, but who does not have the means to make the deliveries by himself. While there is no shortage of bike delivery services in the country, it must be stated that not all of them are reliable.

Getting the status of “reliable” attached to a delivery service does not come easy; it takes years of work, during which the people must come to trust the service, and to boldly recommend it to friends, business partners and loved ones.

Presently, a few bike delivery services meet these criteria; foremost among them being:

Top 10 Bike Delivery Services in Lagos

1. Tranex

Tranex is a well established company; one of those whose selling point is not cheap service, but competence. Tranex is registered as “Trans-Nationwide Express Plc,” and specializes in logistics of all kinds. The company has bikes, vans, pick up trucks, and all kinds of vehicles with which they make deliveries across the country.

Tranex is a reputable company; it makes prompt deliveries of consignments and packages throughout the state of Lagos, and the country as a whole. They assure of careful handling of items before and during delivery.

Tranex’s office is accessible to people on both the island and the mainland. The office is located at 28 Apapa-Oshodi Express Way, Oshodi-Isolo 100261, Lagos.

2. Red Star Express Plc

Red Star Express Plc is another well established delivery company in Nigeria; it has been a top choice for businesses and persons looking to deliver packages or goods within Lagos, and beyond.

This company is a licensee of world renowned logistics company Fedex Red Star; and has a large fleet of motorcycles, as well as vans, pick ups, containers, cars and buses, all of which are used to transport goods and services between its many offices across the country.

This may not be the cheapest parcel delivery service in Lagos, but it is a proper international company; one that makes deliveries to over 220 countries around the world.

Red Star Can be found at 70, International Airport Road, Lagos. The company also has similar offices scattered across the country.

3. Neuron Express Deliveries Ltd

This is a more popular delivery company for those who live around the Lekki axis of Lagos. The company maintains a fleet of motorbikes which do deliveries to all nooks and cranies of Lagos State, and even beyond. The company is a somewhere in the middle between affordable and expensive; but it has been steadily building a reputation as a reliable company.

This is a favorite company for small businesses who receive their orders online, and who must then deliver items sold to their buyers.

The company is located at No. 10 of the Lagos-Epe Expressway in Lekki, Lagos State. The company is also known to have very good customer relations.

4. Ezex Courier Services Limited

Anotjer small company that is fast building a reputation of reliability is Ezex Courier Services which is a fully registered company. The company is more popular among the small business community if Ajao Estate, Okota, Mile 2, Festac, and so on. They have a fleet of motorbikes with which they make prompt deliveries across the state. The company is mostly concerned with setting a standard for same day deliveries; and the prices are quite competitive.

Ezex Courier Services do not only make deliveries, but they also do pick ups; which means customers can have them come collect the items and then deliver them to the destinations.

Ezex Courier Services Limited is located at Anthony Udoh Street, Ajao Estate, Lagos State.

5. Emporium Pickup Service And Delivery

Emporium Pickup Service And Delivery is another solid deliver service in Lagos; it is one that is quite popular among small business owners in and around the Ikeja area, as well as those in the Oshodi area as well. The company does pickups, as well as deliveries. it is known for being efficient and capable; and the customer care staff are known to be very helpful.

Emporium is located at No. 1, Olaniyan Close, Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos State.

The company receives online bookings which are done 24 hours of the day; they make the deliveries using motorbikes, bicycles, and many other forms of transportation.

6. NationDelivery Nigeria Ltd

NationDelivery Nigeria Ltd is a delivery service that is growing in popularity; it is known to be very efficient, and to make deliveries in a prompt manner. The company has also gained trust because it is fully registered with the authorities. It is fast becoming the name to consider when it comes to sending and receiving packages and parcels around the state.

NationDelivery Nigeria Ltd is located at No 8, Unity Road, Lagos State. They also have a good customer care service which helps people track their packages and make complaints.

7. GidiWide Express

GidiWide Express is another fast rising delivery service that is making a name for itself in the Nigerian market. GidiWide Express is reliable for quick and timely transportation of goods and services across the state; whether the goods are in the form of parcels or larger items.

The company also does pick ups; customers may contact them through the web, or through the phone, and then have them pick up the items for delivery. Their prices are also good, and they have a good customer care service as well.

8. Africa Courier Express

Africa Courier Express is one the well structured delivery services, one that is well poised to reach the pinnacle of the delivery services business in Nigeria. This company is particularly popular with people who are receiving or sending parcels and goods to friends and family from America or other parts of the western world, to be picked up here in Lagos, Nigeria.

The company also does deliveries using motorbikes, although they also have pick up trucks, delivery vans, cars and so on with which they make deliveries.

Africa Courier Express is located at Address: 2b Oko Awo St, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos.

9. GIG Logistics

GIG Logistics is the delivery arm of God Is Good; a well established transport company in Nigeria; which is known for taking passengers on long distance travels within the country and beyond. GIG is already well established as a transport company; and they were already taking goods and parcels in their travels, prompting the company to explore establishing an arm solely for the purpose of sending and receiving parcels.

Immediately after takeoff you can see GIG Logistics dispatch riders on every road in Lagos, as they work hard to ensure that all deliveries are made in a timely manner.

The company has multiple offices in Lagos, and all over the country; and they also make deliveries outside the country. You can find GIG Logistics at No 1 Sunday Ogunyade Street, Gbagada Expressway, Beside Eterna Fuel Station, Gbagada Lagos, Nigeria.

10. Gokada

Gokada has taken the delivery services sector in Nigeria by storm; and has continued to deliver on its promise to make life easier for customers by promptly delivering goods and parcels all over the state of Lagos. There is hardly a road in Lagos state that you can pass without seeing a green dispatch motorbike- green is the colour of the company.

Gokada has an app which you can download, and then have them pick up and deliver for you. The company is great, and has the possibility to do great things in the industry.



The best bike delivery services in Lagos have seen some changes recently because a few of the top rated delivery services have faltered, due to the tough business environment in Nigeria. whether for making timely business deliveries or for sending gifts to loved ones, these companies are up to the task.