Top 10 Bike Delivery Services In Lagos (2022)

Want to make use of a Bike Delivery service in Lagos State, then, this article is meant for you.

Formerly the Capital City of Nigeria, Lagos State is the center of Nigeria’s economy as it was bathed with business-oriented individuals from the start. Therefore, there is an increased business nature of the State. Because of this, Lagos State is one of the busiest, if not the first state in Nigeria.

Delivering goods to our loved ones can be tedious at times most especially if we are the busy type and live in State like Lagos State. In order to fill the space created by the lack of time and the hectic nature of Lagos State, some companies took the bull by the horn and decided to be offering delivery services to customers at a cost.

Therefore, there is no need to worry about that bike you want to send to your kids, friends, or families in another country as Lagos State is now full of delivering service companies. All you have to do is to walk into one, pay the necessary charges and your good(s) is on the way.

However, Lagos State being the busiest State, knowing the top best delivery services in the State can be tedious. But worry not, we’ve got you covered.

This article aims at providing for you the top 10 bike delivery services in Lagos in order to save you the stress of either falling into the hands of the bad guys or not sending the best-delivery services in Lagos.

Top 10 Bike Delivery Services in Lagos

NationDelivery Nigeria Ltd

Registered as a logistic under corporate affairs commission RC 1038133 since 202, Nationdelivery Ltd has been taking the first position as the African Market Leader in global express, Logistics. The company is located in No 8, Unity Road, Lagos State. Currently, the company offers a fully online package system, which implies that you are in control of when your package gets delivered. Nationdelivery is a Nigerian brand that our customers know and trust. According to Ayo Popoola a member of AKI Solutions, Nationwide offers personal touch-driven delivery that enhances customers’ reliability.


Trans-Nationwide Express Plc, popularly known as Tranex was established with the goal of providing a one-stop supply chain management solution to clients in order to enable them to conduct their business in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. Tranex took the second position on our list because it has global supply chain solutions, 24 hours- technical support, mobile shipment tracking, and careful handling of valuable goods. Currently, the company is located at 28 Apapa-Oshodi Express Way, Lagos State.

Emporium Pickup and Delivery Service

Located in No 1, Olaniyan Close, Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos State, Emporium Delivery is one of the most friendly delivery services one can get in Lagos State. They are known for providing integrated and flexible logistics solutions that address the unique and diverse needs of their customers. When you employ the service of Emporium Delivery, you are going to enjoy the fast delivery of your bike at an affordable cost. They offer same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and delivery booking, making them an active provider of bike delivery services in Lagos State.

Ezex Courier Services Ltd.

Ezex Courier Services Ltd is located at 10 Anthony Udoh Street, Ajao Estate, Lagos State. The company was formed on the platform of serving as a total logistics company that will be engaged in the business of pickup and delivery of other materials like bikes. On March 1, 2006, Ezex Delivery services commenced work officially with the following core value: Performance driven, Excellence, Team Spirit, Integrity, and Trust. Currently, they have over twenty-five (25) offices in Nigeria, enabling them to achieve their goal effectively.

Tranzit Delivery

Tranzit Delivery is one of the oldest delivery services you could get in Lagos State. Despite being around for a long time, the company still offers exceptional delivery services. Most of their customers reported that the company has a very user-friendly website that enables them to carry out their activities on the website successfully. In addition, because of their fast delivery service, when you order for bike delivery, it will be delivered within a few hours of placing the order. The company currently resides in Surulere, Lagos State.

Neuron Express Deliveries Limited

Being a logistics solution provider company located in No 10, Lagos –Epe Expressway, Lekki, Lagos State, Neuron Express Deliveries Limited is one of the most patronized delivery services in Lagos. This is because it is endowed with brains of high intellectuality and professionalism. Though their price is usually on the high side, the delivery service they provide is usually worth the price. Most of their customer reviews are centered on their love for promise-keeping. In addition, their good name is associated with good customer service.

Red Star Express PLC.

Operating with over 169 offices in Nigeria, Red Star Express PLC is a Nigeria-based Logistics solution provider that specializes in providing excellent delivery services for its customers. Currently, the company has many subsidiaries including Red Star Logistics Limited which is of course involved in logistics and The Red Star Support Services Limited which helps in supporting the other subsidiaries. The company is also well known for its strengthened relationship with FedEx. Currently, the company’s fleet comprises over five hundred (500) vehicles.

GAL Express Limited

Founded with the mission of providing reliable and satisfactory cargo clearing and forwarding services to their clients within the quickest possible time, GAL Express Limited is a duly registered courier company, licensed by the Nigeria Customs Service as a cargo agent and also licensed by the Courier Regulatory Department (NIPOST) as a private courier company. Their outstanding customer relationship enables them to open doors for customers on a daily basis. Currently, they have a network link of more than two hundred and fifty (250) members in 82 countries, Nigeria Inclusive. They have their office in No 1, Harvey Road, Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria.

ACE Express

 ACE, meaning Africa Courier Express is a world-class technology-driven company that also has the largest consumer orientation. The company was founded by two gentlemen named Ercin Eksin, who is also the Co-managing Director of ACE, and Tunde Kehinde, who is a former Managing Director of In order to deliver excellent delivery services for their customers, the company partners with many other industries/companies including the Chicago booth, Toyota, etc. The company has its office in Victoria Island, Lagos State currently.

GidiWide Express

Being a Delivery/pickup and logistics company in Lagos State, Gidiwide Express offers one of the best, most reliable, and swift mode of transportation of gifts, goods, and items across the state. Located in Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria, Gidiwide is a new delivery service provider that provides excellent services for her clients. The many positive testimonies from their clients testify to that. Also, there are reports that they work with fast delivery time. So, you don’t have to worry about getting your bike delivered in the shortest possible time.


One of the most important things to do in life is to give our loved ones living in a faraway land some gifts. Getting these products or gifts to them can be so cumbersome, most especially in a state like Lagos State. To save you the cost, many companies uprooted as delivering services providers with the goal of helping you get your gifts delivered to your loved ones. However, probably due to the profit attached to it, many companies are involved in the activity, making it hard to distinguish the good delivery services provider from the otherwise. And that is why this post was published just for you to have a good knowledge of the top 10 bike delivery services in Lagos State.