A skilled leader is considered to be a teacher. Our focus is on the Lagos State teachers’ salary scale. An effective teacher puts his or her considerations on community building and decision-making shading as well as teamwork apart from administrative leaders. The leadership roles are conveyed to students by teachers the opportunities provided to them.


Salary is a take-home payment given to a worker whether the worker is publicly employed or privately employed. Salary serves as a motivation for workers in order for them to put in more work for increased productivity.

In Lagos State just like in other states in Nigeria, Teachers are compensated alongside other professions like Doctors, Lawyers, and others by the end of the month.

  • The salary scale of an average teacher that is employed by the state government is fifty-nine thousand (59k) which serves as a basic and inclusion of other allowances.  


Hard work is teaching, but for years now and up till now which is regarded as a digital age, some teachers have not really developed from their mediocre stage because barely, they provide barely a minimum or less than a minimum result or outcome. But for one to be considered to be a great teacher, that teacher has to work effortlessly to create a nurturing and challenging environment for their respective students.  The attitudinal behavior of teachers to their respective students through their work and subjects should be the paramount role of a good teacher instead of just the skills and knowledge they teach to their students.

These points below are the essential characteristics of a good teacher in our society.

  1. Respect: A great teacher is supposed to give respect to their students. Giving respect to them implies that a great teacher is supposed to value their students’ opinions and ideas. There should be safe when students expressed their feelings during a classroom discussion. Great teachers are supposed to create that enabling learning environment for their respective students.
  2. Sense of Belonging and Community Creation: Just as have explained in the first point above about respect which the great teacher does through provision or creation of collaborative, enabling, and supportive learning environments, a great teacher should be able to create their respective students a sense of belonging in order to ensure them that they are part of the class and can rely on their fellow students and on him or her as his or her teacher.
  3. Accessible, Warm, Caring, and Enthusiastic Character:  A great teacher should possess good listening skills which will make his or her students approach him or her very easily in order for them to share their personal problems, challenges, or difficulties with them. A great teacher should always map out spare time for his or her students out of his very tight scheduled time.
  4. Setting of High Expectation Creation:  The great and good teacher should always set a good target or expectation for his or her students so that there will be a good improvement in his or her students so that there will be a good improvement in his or her student’s achievement. Without that expectation or target set by the teacher, the students will tend to be very lazy with their academic work.
  5. Love for Learning Character: A good teacher should be an inspiration to his or her students through his love for learning and advancement. Because of this common saying that one cannot give what he does not have, therefore, before a teacher can provide the Top quality Education to his or her students, he has to, first of all, renew himself academically as a professional.
  6. The character of a Skilled Leader: Shared decision making, community building, and teamwork are the characteristics being shared by a great teachers to their respective students in order for them to take up a leadership role when the opportunity comes instead of the teachers sharing only the administrative roles.
  7. Shifting Gears Character: In order for a student to understand perfectly well what their teacher is teaching them about, a great teacher should be flexible enough in his style of teaching in order to ensure that the key concepts of the topics are perfectly understood by their students.
  8. A character of Collaboration: Collaboration character is a means by which one learns from each other since no one is an island. Collaboration helps weak teachers to grow professionally. Advice and constructive criticism are the two main hints a good teacher gives as his attributes for any areas that need development to grow among his colleagues in school.    
  9. Maintenance of Professionalism Character:  A good teacher is supposed to display professional character in all ramifications which range from the area of organizational skills, personal appearance, and preparedness or readiness for each day. Whether a great teacher is talking with one of his or her students, administrative personnel, or her colleagues in the school environment, good communication skills which supposed to be an exemplary tool that needs to be maintained.


Teaching job takes a lot of time which ranges from hours of grading, understanding of students, a lot of commitment, being knowledgeable enough in many course fields and lesson planning, it is not a career or a profession one can just decide to go for without proper thinking and reasoning, that is to say, that there must be a zeal or passion for it before one takes up a teaching profession in Lagos State. Teaching job circles on readiness for each day which involves note-making, grading of students, and others after each working day which made the profession to be all day job.

The teaching profession is a very important profession though some people think out there that it is a very tedious job, and some of its numerous benefits are as follows;

  1. There will be no existence of writers, doctors, engineers, accountants, politicians, scientists, or lawyers which the society considers as high paying and lucrative jobs or careers if teachers were not there because it is the teachers that impacted or plant those seeds to the children’s lives who might not have made the conclusion of what they would wish to become if they did not enter school.
  2. In the formative years of a children’s development, teachers play an exceptional and important role in the life of these children by molding or shaping them to be responsible and well-behaved citizens of their nation.
  3. The impacts teachers impacted on the lives of the children at their tender age will most likely be with them for their entire life of theirs on earth.
  4. The leaders of tomorrow as they normally said, more especially in the area of the young politicians, are all trained, educated, and formed through great assistance from the teachers.
  5. Impaction of knowledge on the forming years of any child, that is the process of child development, is done by teachers.


Preparation and development of both children and adults in order for them to become responsible and well-behaved citizens of their respective countries is achieved through the process of teaching which has metamorphosed into an advanced profession from its earlier easy function. 561 B.C was the era when the history of the teaching profession can be traced back to which happened to be the premier outstanding private during that period. The foundation of Cambridge University which was a learning institution leads to the need for teachers during the era of the middle ages.

The year 1635 was the year the first government school was founded by the pilgrims during the period of Early American Colonial days. During this period also, “boys” school called the “Latin Grammar School” and its counterpart called the “dame schools” which was solely meant for girls were established.

During this period also, a law was made by the pilgrims and Massuates that in every fifty families and communities, a school must be established.

The 1800s period was the period that marked a remarkable turnaround in the educational sector, because instead of the construction of only one school in every fifty families and communities, here, fifty schools were built in every hundred families and communities which increased the necessity of employing more teachers.

When it comes to the history of the teaching profession in Nigeria in its concise way, Nigeria is made up of three prominent tribes which are Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba; and this tribe has its own source of income, culture, and religion.

In the southern part of Nigeria which is mostly an Igbo tribe are traditionally farmers who have been teaching their folks the system and methods of farming which serves as a teaching period before the coming of the missionaries who came and built schools, churches, and others for them.

Because of the interactions, the Western part of Nigeria known as the Yoruba had with the European citizens assisted in bringing schools, churches to their land which in turn has the necessity of employing teachers to their school very possible.

When it comes to the Northern side of Nigeria, which are mostly Hausa or Fulani, their own history of the teaching profession is quite different from other regions of Nigeria because of their early relationship with the Arabic people who constructed two Islamic schools to them where they learn Arabic language and Quran.

Therefore, in summarizing the history of the teaching profession in Nigeria, it can be denoted that the Missionary period where the indigenous Nigerians were employed and trained by the missionary in order for them to assist in tutoring the diverse societies in the southern and western part of Nigeria.


Lagos state is one of the thirty-six states that is inside Nigeria. It is located in the southwestern region of Nigeria. It is a state that has boundaries with the Benin of Republic on the western side, Ogun State on the eastern side, and then on its southern region lies the Atlantic Ocean. Lagos state is the only state that is highly populated with millions of people according to the report from the last population census. It was created in the month of May 27th, 1967. Politically, Lagos state is an All Progressive Congress Party with Dr. Ambode as their governor. It is regarded as the center of financial activities because of the high concentration of markets like the Oshodi market and others in there. The capital city of Lagos State is Ikeja. There are twenty local governments in Lagos State. In terms of economy, Lagos State has an improved Gross Domestic Product because of an increased per capita income which is a result of increased generated internal revenue.



The teaching profession has lost its value because of the high rate of negligence by the government. When compared to other professions such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, pharmacists, and others which people consider as prestigious professions, one can see that teaching is not even regarded as a profession forgetting that doctors and other professions are made by teachers. In terms of the salary structure, other prestigious professions earn far more than teachers.

In order to curtail this problem, the government should increase the salary of teachers and their welfares in order to attract outsiders and to keep those already in the profession.