Full details on Aeronautical engineering salary in Nigeria – Professionals who specialize in aeronautical engineering are called aeronautical engineers. They are amongst the top highest paid jobs in Nigeria. In this post, we are going to be paying attention to the duties, job/career opportunities, and the salary structure of aeronautical engineers in Nigeria.

Aeronautical engineering is the pure study of “Aeronautics”. Aeronautics term Originates from the traditional Greek word “Aer” which suggests ‘Air’ and “Nautike” which means ‘navigation of the air’. Aeronautics is the art or science of the producing, design, and study of air flight capable machines. “Aeronautical engineering involves the study, design, and analysis of the machines or airplanes that move within the space and air sphere of the earth”.

Aeronautical engineers use their technical knowledge in planning, constructing, maintaining, and testing the aircraft and connected systems. t’s one among the challenging fields of engineering, dealing with the technology and development in aviation, defense, and exploration system.

Professionals who specialize in this field are known as aerospace engineers. They design things that fly, like combat jets, rider airliners, intercontinental missiles, and communications satellites.

Aeronautical Engineering Salary in Nigeria 

Aeronautical engineers are said to be earning around an estimated annual income of 3 million with other bonuses and incentives making it 5million.

What are some of the duties of aeronautical engineers in Nigeria?

  • They provide speculations for the designs and manufacture of warcraft engines.
  • Create and implement test procedures.
  • Carry out theoretical and practical studies/researchers.
  • Providing technical advice and improving the performances of aircraft engines.
  • Makes use of their technical know-how knowledge to ensure flight safety and combat air travel issues.

They can work from an office or probably from an aircraft workshop.

As an Aeronautical engineer in Nigeria, you should be able to

  • Be creative and have good manipulative skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure and complete jobs before the stipulated deadline.
  • Be good in mathematics and have problem-solving skills.
  • Must have completed his or her studies at the university and have good working experience.

There are a lot of job career opportunities to be explored as an Aeronautical Engineer.

Below are some of the companies where you can be employed as an Aeronautical Engineer in Nigeria

  • Contract Agencies
  • Educational institutions eg: Universities and polytechnics
  • Government agencies just like that of the Ministry of Defense
  • Armed Forces
  • Civil services
  • Research and Non Governmental Organizations
  • Aviation industries

As one of the highest-paid workers in Nigeria, Their salary differs depending on some factors

Some of such factors include;

  • Geographical location

Those who stay close to regions with many aviation industries are paid higher than those who are not seen in such areas. Some of such areas include Lagos, Abuja, and Kano.

  • Qualifications

Only those with a degree in aeronautical engineering would be considered for a job as an aeronautical engineer.

To be recognized as a certified working aeronautical engineer in Nigeria, he or she must have completed a five ( 5 ) year course in the University and must have a working experience

  • Employer and Working Experience

The company you work for determines the kind of salary you are going to be collecting as an Aeronautical engineer. How long you have been in the field would also be used in determining your salary structure.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have simply graduated with a degree in aerospace engineering or you are considering going into aerospace engineering in the future, it’s important to review this industry to become accustomed to multiple career opportunities and paths that will lay beneath you.

Consider continuing your education by taking courses like The Science of Flight, by James W. Gregory.

Remember that it’s imperative to take an insight into the earnings you may expect while functioning on the duty within the city of your alternative. think about the varied factors that impact income and review this break down of salaries for aerospace engineering jobs by city.

If you’re still trying to decide whether or not a career as an engineer is right for you, search the complete Guide to aerospace Engineering on google to see a thorough breakdown of this career path. With this insight, you’ll need an idea if you intend to work as an aerospace engineer most closely fits your desires.

As earlier said, they are one of the top paid workers in Nigeria.


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