Mechanical Engineering Salary In Nigeria

Mechanical Engineering Salary In Nigeria

Mechanical engineering is one of such courses that are profitable and lucrative for any young Nigerian to venture into. For all those who wish to study Mechanical engineering in the University or is already a graduate in that field, here are some information that you would be found useful. { Mechanical Engineering Salary In Nigeria }.

In this post, we are going to be looking at the duties, qualities, how to be a mechanical engineer, job opportunities, and the salary structure of Mechanical Engineers.

Mechanical Engineering Salary In Nigeria

Mechanical Engineering Salary In Nigeria

  • What are some of the duties of Mechanical Engineers?

They develop, create, innovate and produce engines, machines, and tools, Provides solutions to all problems that may be needing the services of some thermal or mechanical devices, Create mechanical devices using some well-known computer knowledge, design. Overrides the manufacturing process for a device, Develop prototypes of devices they produce.


  • Problem-solving skills: They should be able to provide solutions to some recent innovations and use them to create something useful
  • Creativity: To be successful, you should be creative and able to come up with useful and innovative ideas of your own
  • Arithmetic Skills: The use of some basic arithmetics and algorithm is needed.
    As a Mechanical Engineer, you should be good at maths and be able to make use of some basic principles of calculus, statistics in your everyday life
  • Listening Skills: They work hand in hand with other professionals on some projects.
    You should be able to listen to analysis made by other professionals and use them to come up with something useful

How do I become a mechanical engineer?

Education is everything. To be a certified Mechanical Engineer, you would be required to pass through a 5-year course duration of any university in Nigeria. Only those who are able to successfully complete his or her studies would become a mechanical engineer and be awarded a B. Eng degree.

Job Opportunities and Careers related Info

There has been a sudden uplift in the level of technology in our society and as such, the services of some mechanical engineers would be needed.

  • Architectural Sector

They are creative and have good innovative skills. In the Architectural sector, they would be needed to come up with various mechanical devices and designs for different companies.

  • Radioactivity / Nuclear Power

They can be found useful in Radioactivity / Nuclear power sector and would be needed to produce certain instruments and devices and also derive benefits from nuclear power and energy

  • Petroleum Industry

Crude oil is one of the various sources of income for the Government. They derive 90% of their revenue from the exploitation and exportation of crude oil products. The services of Mechanical Engineers would be needed in this sector as they would be able to provide designs and derive methods to extract crude oil from the Earth surface.

Mechanical Engineering is amongst the highest paid jobs in Nigeria

  • Mechanical Engineers are known to earn a good amount of money from their job in Nigeria
  • The salary structure of various mechanical engineers varies…
  • It all depends on some factors…
  • Those who base in a region that is home to various industries and structures like Lagos, Abuja are said to earn a monthly income within the range of 300,000 a month.
  • Experience and years spent in the field also matter.
  • You more experience you have and the years spent on the job would determine how good your annual pay would be.
  • Those who get employed as freshers get paid within the range of 100 – 150,000 monthly which subsequently increases as times go on.


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