Nigeria is well known for its production of oil in enormous volumes. This remains so because the country’s vast land is rich in oil, particularly around its Southern region. Fortunately, this endowment has made working in a Nigerian petroleum company the top priority of many graduates.

In reality, top Nigerian petroleum companies reward their staff members beautifully but again, some reports have confirmed that some of these companies hardly spend extravagantly in the event of remunerating their staff members. Probably, the dream of every Nigerian graduate of petroleum engineering is to secure a job in a petroleum company that lavishes money on its staff. In that case, we have tried to collate some details on petroleum engineering salaries in Nigerian oil companies for their employees.


As a matter of fact, you can earn big as an employee in some of the oil companies owing to the condition that some high-end employees get millions of Naira as remuneration. However, your hope of being remunerated with annual earnings as huge as N50 million depends on your class (probably as a professional or as an entry-level employee) and the company you work under. Fortunately, in every circumstance, oil companies are highly regarded for their beautiful and attractive remuneration systems.

In this post, our aim is to provide you with the names and details on petroleum engineering salaries in Nigeria plus the details of their remuneration systems (particularly for entry-level employees). As it is widely observed, the best part of Nigeria’s oil companies is that most are situated in the Niger Delta since this region is undoubtedly the core of Nigeria’s voluminous oil. Based on our research, we have the details below in the hope that they will be helpful to prospective petroleum engineers and others seeking to work in the petroleum sector.


  • ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil claims the second spot within the category of Nigeria’s largest producers of petroleum. With the influence of its two upstream subsidiaries which produce oil on a voluminous scale, ExxonMobil has contributed massively to the oil sector. In accordance with its remuneration system, an entry-level employee may be rewarded annually with a salary range of N6 million – N10 million.

  • Total (Exploration and Production) Nigeria

Total is apparently one of Nigeria’s largest oil producers and in addition to this feat, the oil company is associated with a staff comprising almost 1700 employees. Despite its massive staff base, Total E & P is still recognized as one of the oil company with the highest remuneration system. Meanwhile, an entry-level employee in this oil company may be rewarded with a salary range of N7 million – N12 million on a yearly basis.

  • Shell Nigeria

Shell maintains its unrivaled reputation as Nigeria’s largest and longest-serving oil producer. To signify its massive contribution to the oil sector, Shell Nigeria has a staff of 6000 employees. Besides, the reputable oil company occupies 21% of our daily supply of petroleum. Meanwhile, the oil company maintains this percentage as it churns out more than 600,000 oil barrels on a daily basis. With regard to its salary structure, an entry-level employee may be rewarded with an annual salary ranging from N3, 360,000 to N7, 800, 000.

Also noteworthy is that Shell has immensely contributed to the welfare of Nigerians regarding the fact that more than 85% of its staff members are Nigerians.

  • Chevron Nigeria

Just behind Exxon Mobil, Chevron Nigeria maintains its feat as the third largest producer in the oil sector. Based on reports, Chevron yields a total of 230,000 oil barrels as its daily volume of production. Under its salary structure, an entry-level employee may be scheduled with an annual salary range of N6 million – N9 million.

Still On Petroleum Engineering Salaries In Nigeria …

  • Saipem Nigeria

Saipem is connected to a certain Italian oil company under which it performs subsidiary roles. It has a salary structure that offers an entry-level employee an annual salary ranging from N2, 400, 000 – N4, 800, 000.

  • Halliburton Nigeria

Halliburton Nigeria is well-known as an upstream Exploration and Production company. It operates across many nations and renders operational services aimed at repairing and maintaining oil reservoirs. Its remuneration system offers an annual salary range of N3, 600, 000 – N4, 500, 000 to each of its entry-level employees.

  • Seplat Petroleum

This autonomous oil company has boosted its reputation amongst the leading upstream E & P companies within and outside Nigeria. To signify its prominence, Seplat Petroleum obviously appears on Nigeria Stock Exchange likewise on London Stock Exchange. Based on its remuneration structure, each of its entry-level employees is rewarded with an annual salary range of N2, 400, 000 – N4, 800, 000.


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