In Nigeria, the need for convenient riding services is fast rising particularly in metropolitan areas such as Lagos. Without any doubts, Taxify Nigeria fits into the country’s transport system as one of the best riding platforms Nigerians can bank on.

Since it was introduced into Nigeria’s transport system, Uber Nigeria has been the priority of many city residents, especially in Lagos and Abuja. However, the presence of Taxify Nigeria now means Uber has got to compete with another great riding platform.

Many Taxify riders have commended the riding platform and even rated it above Uber for being a little cheaper than the latter. Some Lagos riders claim they have had great pleasure by ordering one or more Taxify drivers to take them to various destinations within the city.

If you dislike Uber or feel it is quite expensive for you to afford, Taxify Nigeria comes in as the best alternative riding platform. Just like the usual style Uber adopts in linking drivers with riders, Taxify Nigeria makes use of a smartphone app (known as Taxify Driver App) to establish safe relationships between its drivers and riders.

In this article, you will be guided on how to become a Taxify Driver in Lagos, the guidelines you should follow as a driver and the several other things you should know as an intending driver.


How to Become a Taxify Driver in Lagos

  • The steps to becoming a driver are straightforward. After acquiring all the standards that should qualify you to become a Taxify driver, head straight to  and sign up as a driver partner
  • You’re to note that the Taxify website provides registration procedures for driver partners only. In that case, driver partners are required to come with the personal information (such as bank account details, email address, name and mobile number) of the vehicle owners for the signup procedures. This is important to ensure that the actual vehicle owners grant the driver partners the permission to use their vehicles
  • Following the successful completion of the Sign Up process as a driver partner, they will send you an invitation. Meanwhile, this is to notify each driver partner of the need to be part of an onboarding session
  • If you have a fleet of cars (probably three or more cars), then you have the privilege to visit  and sign up for a fleet account

Follow the procedures below to get activated:

    • For the inspection of your vehicle, head straight to any of the inspection centres under AutoGenius. Also, you can schedule a vehicle inspection –though this is not compulsory. If you, however, wish to schedule a vehicle inspection, just click on this link
    • If you’re not interested in fixing any schedule for the vehicle inspection, you can simply head straight to any nearby inspection centre to inspect your vehicle. The process (of getting your vehicle inspected) is quite affordable and just with #2000, you’re good to go
    • After the vehicle inspection, endeavour to go through the inspection report you received through your email. By checking the result of the inspection, you can easily ascertain whether your vehicle succeeded in the inspection process or not


  • Furthermore, every driver partner is expected to have acquired the required vehicle documents before visiting the inspection centre. Below are the required vehicle documents:
  1. Vehicle Inspection Report issued by Autogenius
  2. Taxify Cover

At the moment, below are the addresses of the centres for vehicle inspection:

  • Alapere Inspection Centre: Heyden Lube Bay (Heyden Filling Station) Oworonshoki Expressway, Lagos state
  • Yaba Inspection Centre: WorkSquare, 346 Borno Way Alagomeji Bus Stop, Yaba, Lagos state
  • Lekki Inspection Centre: Total Filling Station, Palms Mall Lekki (Shoprite)

Procedures for the Onboarding Session

Driver partners are expected to attend the onboarding sessions usually held at the Taxify Nigeria office. During the onboarding sessions, driver partners are helped with activities including activation and training. For the activation and training procedures, the first onboarding session takes place on weekdays (Mon-Thur) at 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM for the second onboarding session. Likewise, they schedule another onboarding session (also known as the special session) and this takes place on Fridays at 12:00 PM.

For every driver partner intending to attend the onboarding session, they require the provision of the required documents listed below:

  • Vehicle Licence
  • Authentic Vehicle Inspection Report issued by AutoGenius
  • Authentic driving license (issued by the appropriate Nigerian agency)

Taxify Nigeria Address

If you’re thinking about attending any of the onboarding sessions, here is the address you need: Taxify Training Office 2nd Floor, Providence House, Admirality Way, Lekki Phase 1.

Vehicle and Document Requirements for Taxify Drivers/Partners

For you to be qualified as a driver, you must be able to meet the conditions below;

  • Provision of a valid driving license
  • Attending Taxify driver training program (this is where each driver partner will be enlightened on how to use the Taxify driver app and maintain quality driving standards)

The Required Vehicle Documents

Below are the documents which a driver partner must provide for his vehicle;

  • Vehicle Inspection Report Issued by AutoGenius
  • Taxify Cover

Conditions for the Acceptance of Vehicles

  • Taxify doesn’t approve of hatchback vehicles (Vehicles must be SUVs or Sedans with 4 doors)
  • Vehicle must be in working order
  • Vehicle must be able to occupy the minimum of 4 passengers
  • Vehicle must be a 2003 or later model


How to Reset Your Account Password as a Taxify Driver

Taxify allows every driver to change his account password to the desired number which he can easily recollect. Also, every driver partner is advised to keep his password confidential because it is the vital tool used in accessing both his profile (on the online portal) and the Driver App.

Comply with the procedures below to reset your password via the Driver App:

  • Log in to the Taxify Driver App and navigate to the Settings page
  • At the bottom of the page, you will find a Logout button
  • Tap the Logout button and go back to the login page of the Driver App
  • Now select the link indicating forgot your password?

If you don’t prefer the steps outlined above, you can follow the steps below to reset your password via the Taxify online portal;

  • Head straight to the link
  • On the login screen, select the link indicating forgot password
  • Input your phone number and your email address (as duly registered with your account)
  • They will send you a link via email (by opening this link, you will be able to reset your password)
  • You will also receive a notification implying that you have received an email via the email address connected with your account
  • Open your email account and click on the link required to reset your password
  • Enter your new password in the input field
  • Enter your new password once again for confirmation
  • After that, click on the Submit button to save the setup
  • With the above completed, you have successfully changed your password

Steps for Driver Partners to Add New Vehicles to Their Accounts

Taxify allows each driver partner to add a vehicle to his account by complying with the procedures below:

  • Visit the link to sign in to your account
  • Navigate to the Vehicle option and click on it
  • After that, choose to Add new vehicle
  • At this juncture, you will be required to input your car details
  • After doing that, tap the Next button to proceed
  • Now, upload the vital vehicle documents including your Taxify Cover and your Vehicle Inspection Report (You’re to note that these two documents are vital and must be uploaded)
  • With the above done, they will confirm and activate your vehicle application in a matter of hours (2 to 6 hours) and before you visit the online portal, this will enable you to choose the vehicle in the Driver App
  • Every driver is expected to have inspected his vehicle before adding it to his account. Moreover, a driver must upload the inspection report issued to him (by AutoGenius) in confirmation of the vehicle inspection. Failure to do this means they could disapprove of the driver’s vehicle application

Furthermore, Taxify allows drivers to switch vehicles via their Driver Apps. If you’re interested in doing this, simply comply with the procedures outlined below:

  • Open your Taxify Driver App
  • Navigate to the Settings menu
  • Choose active car
  • From the drop-down menu, select the car again
  • Before you start using the newly selected car for any rides, you’re strongly cautioned to exercise patience for the vehicle change to reflect on your account
  • And if the change fails to reflect on your account after waiting for long, you’re free to contact Taxify Support via 08021818881 to lodge your complaints. However, make sure the contact is done during business hours only

Taxify Nigeria Contact Number

  • Support – 08021818881

Guidelines for Taxify Drivers

As a premium riding platform, Taxify is committed to providing riders the most pleasurable riding experiences they so much desire. Owing to this, Taxify driver partners are advised to abide by all the guidelines provided by the riding platform.

If you’re already a driver partner or aspiring to become one, this very article will show you some of the guidelines you’re required to comply with at all times. With the view of providing the safest and most convenient riding services, they emphasize that all driver partners must comply with its driving guidelines.

In detail, the guidelines are categorized into three major sections which are Before Trip, During Trip and After Trip guidelines. To better understand this, the guidelines under each section will be provided one after the other.

Guidelines under the Before-Trip Section

  • Before any ride, a driver must keep his vehicle smart by cleaning both exterior and interior components
  • Before any trip, every driver is required to set his highest driving radius to 4km
  • Driver must not reject any riding orders (Even if you can’t fulfill a riding request, you’re not expected to tell the rider to terminate it)
  • Before you drive to your rider’s location for a pickup, make sure you inform them of the decision. This fosters your relationship with them and limits cases of cancellations when you’re already driving towards them
  • Whenever riders send you a riding order, ensure you swipe to approve the order
  • Every driver is required to find out the acceptable smartphones for Taxify’s riding platform simply because Taxify won’t approve of any smartphone it doesn’t recommend. If your phone’s Operating System is less than the 5.0 standard, they won’t approve of it. To find out the phone models recommended by them, click on this link

Guidelines under the During-Trip Section

  • As a Taxify driver, you need to ask your rider for his/her personal details including phone number and name (This is best done before you start a ride)
  • Ensure you relate to your riders in a receptive manner; probably by exchanging pleasantries with them and by smiling at them in a courteous manner
  • Ensure you ask your rider for the radio station he/she prefers to listen to. Also, endeavour to ask him/her if the temperature of the Air Conditioner is suitable. This is very important to give your riders the pleasurable riding moments they desire.
  • Never attempt to pick calls during rides
  • Be a compassionate person by asking your riders how you may assist them
  • When you need to decide on taking the proper route, starting a ride or using the Driver App, make sure you request for your rider’s opinion
  • Address your rider in a polite and humble voice (don’t speak in a rowdy or violent manner)

Guidelines under the After-Trip Section

  • Never attempt to overcharge your riders (Show them the actual riding fare on your Driver App)
  • After each ride, ensure you search every cranny and nook of your vehicle. This is to find out whether your riders mistakenly left their belongings. And if this happens, endeavour to take the belongings to Taxify’s office
  • Don’t request any ratings from your riders (You’re only required to thank them for making Taxify their choice)

That’s all about Taxify Nigeria – All You Need To Know.


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    Please am interested I heard that taxify is in owerri and I want give my car but I don’t know the address and how to go about it.

  4. I am a taxify driver, I want to inform the managers of taxify that the calculated presumed costs of a trip on the platform is very low, its a paltry income for such premium service given at the expense of the driver who aims to attain the income level as advertised by the company. But remains elusive summarily. I want to throw light on the current economic realities of the Nigerian business environment, this is a commercial enterprise for both the driver investor and the taxify corporation,

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    I am interested in joining the Taxify family as a car owner/ driver but will like to know if the services can be provided in other major cities like Abeokuta apart from a Lagos. You can also indicate other towns or cities where the Taxify service is currently available aside Lagos and Abuja.
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