If you are a Nigerian with adequate information, you must have heard or known one or two things about Uber Nigeria. Inhabitants of rural areas might not know anything about Uber Nigeria but many residents of Nigeria’s metropolitan cities (such as Lagos and Abuja) have one or more details about the operations of Uber Nigeria.

For the fact that you’re a passenger who needs quality riding services, I guess this article will suit you best and provide you all the details you should know about Uber Nigeria. Although Uber operations are yet to span across the entire length of Nigeria, it is obvious that its riding services are currently being enjoyed by some residents of Abuja and Lagos.

Uber Nigeria

As you read this article further, you will find out the convenient ways through which you can request riding services from Uber Nigeria. Also, you will be shown how to register as a partner of Uber Nigeria and make cool cash as a private driver.

To give you an awesome customer experience, Uber Nigeria makes use of a mobile app which serves as a communication medium between passengers and drivers. Uber Nigeria guarantees quality services through the Uber app. If you’re interested in enjoying the riding services offered by Uber Nigeria, you first have to download the Uber mobile app to your smartphone. It’s quite easy to get Uber apps downloaded to your smartphone. For a Windows device, you can visit Microsoft Windows Store to download Uber apps. For an iOS device, you can visit Apple Store to download Uber apps and on several other smartphones, you can visit Google Play store to get Uber apps downloaded.

What is Uber Nigeria All About?

As a prominent company headquartered in San Francisco, Uber came into being in 2009. Over the years, Uber has remained an international company providing riding services across countries. Notably, the company has a number of international subsidiaries with Uber Nigeria being its subsidiary in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, Uber services are best enjoyed by the residents of Lagos and Abuja (with Lagos being the larger beneficiary). In some of Nigeria’s major cities, especially Lagos, there are a lot of Uber cars taking passengers around urban locations. Although they are tagged with the word “Uber’’, it is important to clarify that not all these cars are owned by Uber. In that case, Uber is just a riding platform that establishes a reliable connection between private drivers and passengers who are only a few kilometres away from each other. If you’re a Lekki resident, you can be connected with any Uber driver in Lekki so that you can have a safe, convenient and trustworthy driving experience.

How Does Uber Nigeria Perform its Riding Operations?

As implied previously, Uber Nigeria is an advanced platform that links passengers with drivers through smartphone apps. Through Uber apps, passengers get the opportunity to request for riding services. However, these riding requests can’t be made until passengers have been registered to enjoy the services of Uber Nigeria. Then how do you get started as a registered Uber passenger?

It is very easy to become an Uber passenger but first and foremost, you must have downloaded the Uber app to your iPhone, Android or Windows-enabled phone. With the download successful, the next procedure is to create an account with Uber. Through this account, you will have the privilege to pay for Uber riding services as you enjoy them.

The steps for creating the account are straightforward. Whether it is in Nigeria or somewhere else, Uber requires you to provide personal details including your name, your phone number, your email address and the details of your credit card.

Steps on How to Use Uber Services in Nigeria

  • Provide the Details of Your Destination and Location

As a technology-intensive platform, Uber Nigeria makes use of Google Maps to find out passengers’ locations. By providing the details of your location, Uber can easily find you and connect you with a nearby Uber driver. In another way, you may provide your residential address and to make things convenient for you, the Google Maps help you find the nearest Uber car. On the Google Maps, the Uber cars within your location will be vividly displayed for you to watch and decide which one is nearest to you.

  • Choose Your Preferred Uber Car

Uber Nigeria has a variety of rides and each ride has a specified price tag. Also, each ride has the specified number of passengers it can accommodate. Majorly, the two Uber rides in Nigeria are UberSelect and UberX. The latter (UberX) is designed to accommodate more than 3 passengers and if you choose it, you’re bound to pay cheaper charges.

To ensure you get the actual thing you desire, it is advisable that you obtain detailed information about Uber’s ride options before you decide on the one that befits you. Through this information, you will find out the number of passengers specified for a certain ride and the charges you’re likely to pay. Also, you get to find out the approximate time it will take the Uber car to arrive at your location. Endeavour to explore this information as it may help you in deciding the appropriate option between Uber’s rides.

  • Contact an Uber Driver

Uber Nigeria makes it convenient for passengers to get in touch with Uber drivers. In that case, you will be given the approximate time an Uber driver is scheduled to arrive at your location. For effective communication, Uber Nigeria will give you the phone number through which you can contact your driver.

  • Choose Your Preferred Payment Method

For your riding services, you can decide on the payment method you wish to use. If you prefer to use your credit card as the payment method, you won’t need to pay your driver for business rides. In that case, your credit card will be linked to your Uber rides and the charges will be deducted from your account. If, on the other hand, you don’t prefer to use the card option, you can pay for your Uber rides in the form of cash.

  • Monitor Your Charges after Each Ride

You’re strongly encouraged to monitor your charges after each ride. By doing this, you will be able to avoid cases of excess charges. Anybody can be prone to being overcharged for rides and this is why you should endeavour to confirm your fare after each ride.

  • Split the Cost of Your Uber Ride

Interestingly, you can reduce the actual cost of your Uber ride especially if your journey coincides with that of another Uber passenger. Luckily, you and another Uber user (probably somebody who is familiar with you) may have plans to leave for the same destination at the same time. And if this happens, you have the grace to negotiate splitting the price so that you alone don’t bear the entire cost.

Uber NIgeria

Becoming an Uber Nigeria Partner

You can register as an Uber partner in a number of ways. Basically, you can attempt the registration as:


  • A car/vehicle owner who is interested in working as a driver
  • A driver who has no access to a car/vehicle
  • A car/vehicle owner who wishes to employ another as driver


In order to attempt Uber registration through the status of a vehicle owner who is interested in driving or as a vehicle owner who wishes to employ a driver, you’re required to produce the scanned copies of the documents listed below:

  • Your driving license –for the purpose of identification
  • A 2007 or newer car model (This car must be in working order and you’re expected to provide it for an inspection Uber will conduct on it)
  • Authentic vehicle clearance papers (provided by a vehicle inspection agency)
  • Your valid vehicle insurance document (provided by a third-party agency)

After providing the details above, you can then proceed with the online registration as an Uber partner by simply visiting this link https://www.uber.com/a/join?exp_hvp=0&invite_code=q8jfrewhue

Then Uber requires you to choose the category you belong to as an Uber partner. In that case, you will be provided with three categories namely (i) Driving, (ii) Vehicle Owner, Driving and (iii) Vehicle Owner, Not Driving

Also, below are the details you should have at your disposal:

  • Your full name as seen in the account
  • Bank code
  • Tax Identification Number
  • The Swift Code of your bank branch (You can make an enquiry from your bank branch)
  • Your account number

Driver Details And Requirements

To be a driver under the Uber system, you must be an experienced driver with an acceptable driving record. If you think you’re up to the task, check the driver details and requirements below:

  • A valid driving license (with the minimum of 90 days before the expiry date)
  • Driver must provide two passport photographs
  • (For Lagos state) Driver must have a valid LSDRI card. LSDRI stands for Lagos State Drivers’ Institute
  • Driver must be free from criminal record
  • Driver must submit the details of his previous employer
  • Before any driver can be accepted, Uber must have conducted a thorough examination on his background details
  • Driver must be able to provide full and valid residential address
  • Every driver must produce the details of two competent guarantors

Uber Nigeria Car Requirements

Uber Nigeria is a high-intensive riding platform that conforms to quality standards. As regards this, not all Nigerian vehicles can be qualified for Uber’s riding services. Here, we take a look at the standards which qualify a vehicle for Uber’s riding business.

  • For UberX, vehicles are required to be 2007 or newer models (i.e 10 years-old or newer models)
  • UberBlack and UberX vehicles are required to be sedan models (hatches are not approved of)
  • For UberSELECT, vehicles are required to be 2013 or newer models (i.e 4 years-old or newer models)
  • When placed in the Uber system, vehicles’ mileage must not exceed the limit of 100, 000KMs
  • For every vehicle, interior components such as air-conditioner and radio must be in working order
  • In width, vehicles must not be less than 1750mm
  • No acceptance of full-size 15-passenger vehicles like Ford Crown Victorias, vans, Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Towncars
  • Vehicles must bear clear and vivid titles on their bodies
  • Vehicles must be authenticated with valid insurance documents
  • Vehicles must be backed by valid reports provided by the vehicle inspection agency
  • Each vehicle must be properly designed with four passenger doors (Vehicles with only two doors are not approved of)

Fares and Payment

Based on the normal practice in several Nigerian cities, Uber is responsible for the collection of fares from Uber passengers. These fares are received directly from the passengers. Moreover, 80% of each fare received belongs to the driver and will be deposited into the bank account he provided during Uber registration. The remaining 20% (of each fare received from a passenger) belongs to Uber and is deducted immediately a fare is received.

Uber Nigeria makes payment to each driver on a weekly basis (precisely on Tuesdays) but this doesn’t reflect in the driver’s bank account until Thursday or Friday. Also noteworthy is that Uber Nigeria doesn’t approve of Savings Accounts for the payment system. As of now, Uber drivers are paid via Checking Accounts.


One great and exciting thing about Uber is that drivers can take advantage of referrals to make cool cash. If you’re keen to make the best out of Uber, this could be your opportunity to earn as much money as you can.

Through a referral system that gives you a unique referral code, Uber Nigeria allows you to refer new drivers to the riding platform. Your referral code is a unique number. In order to view it, sign in to your partner account. Then navigate to the dashboard and just at the lower part of the main menu, you will find your referral code.

If anyone wishes to use your referral code in joining Uber Nigeria, he will have to register online and input your unique referral code.

That’s all about Uber Nigeria Partner Requirement



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