Top 10 Richest MCAs In Kenya (2022)

In Kenya, the Members of County Assembly (MCAs) are ward representatives that represent the interests of the people on the ward or county level. The Richest MCAs in Kenya are those that are adjudged to wealthy based on the image of wealth and opulence that they portray. No doubt, a lifestyle of wealth and flashiness will take a lot of money to maintain; therefore bringing about the conclusion that there is some amount of truth to the perception on wealth on display.

The wealthiest MCAs in Kenya have made huge fortunes outside politics before running for public office. As a matter of fact they have sold themselves as hugely successful individuals, and the image of money, fame and success in private business is what they have used to catapult themselves into the MCA office, from where they can only hope to climb higher; becoming governors, senators, or maybe even Presidents.

Being rich and powerful is almost a requirement to become a politician in Kenya; it is almost impossible to become accepted as a political candidate without having some money to throw around.

Top 10 Richest MCA In Kenya

1. Elijah Njoroge

Elijah Njoroge, serving the good people of Biashara ward, is widely accepted as the richest MCA in Kenya. He goes around in luxurious vehicles, packed with extensive entourages. His cars are branded with customized number plates; as the man just loved to be noticed. Elijah Njoroge made headlines in 2018 when he arrived at his traditional wedding ceremony in a helicopter.

He frequents 5-star hotels and is always in the company of celebrities. When he gifted a car to a pastor and promised to help build the church, he made sure that the press was on hand to help spread the news. Elijah Njoroge may well be the richest MCA in Kenya, but he certainly exaggerates his status a little bit.

2. Cyrus Ngure Kagwi

Cyrus Ngure is the MCA representing Rugi ward. His rise to superstardom started during the campaign period when he started portraying himself as a rich and wealthy man. He proved his financial status by making generous contributions almost everywhere he went, and actually went around campaigning in a Hummer. That way he gave the impression that he was not just going for the political office because he wanted money; he claimed he wanted to contribute his quota to society. He proved this by starting a foundation that sought to help the people of the ward he now runs.

Cyrus Ngure Kagwi lived for a long time in the USA; during that time he made a lot of money from a second-hand clothing business.

3. Joachim Okech

Joachim Okech was actually born in a poor family and he grew up in the slums. However, he has a very enterprising mind; and he started his foray into money-making while in college; when he started operating pool tables. He then moved into organizing competitions; after saving up the prize money for the winners. The venture even grew bigger than he expected, and before long he started paying a few people salaries as they assisted him in his business.

Joachim Okech now has several businesses including matatus, pubs, and real estate. Even with his poor background, he earned the nickname Swagga because of the way he dresses, and also because of the luxury vehicles he drives. Joachim Okech says that politics is a way of helping people out of poverty; rather than enriching himself.

4. John Theuri

John Theuri, representing the good people of Iriaini ward is no doubt one of the richest MCAs in Kenya. His rise to money and power is quite interesting; he started out as a phone repairman. From there he went on to start his own mobile phone selling business where he sold both new and used mobile phones. From there he went on to gamble on the Safaricom Mpensa, and that gamble paid off handsomely; he went on to have 100 Mpesa shops. Now he also has an extensive real estate business.

Theuri is the MCA of Irianini Ward, and he is known as an astute businessman, before being a politician.

5. Pauline Wanjira

Pauline Wanjira of the Magutu Ward is an astute business person. She made her money and clout in the construction business; marketing and selling houses, land, offices, and such commercial real estate. To the surprise of many who have been watching her; she has successfully been able to run her business and politics together, largely by hiring more hands.

She also says that she joined politics in order to be able to cater to the people of her ward.

6. Albert Moinde Oino

Albert Moinde Oino is the Member of the County Assembly for Borabu-Chitago Ward in Kisii County. Even before coming into politics, he has been a man of significant means; even though he is not such a heavy spender. He is also well connected in the world of business and politics, and he has endeared himself to the people through being active in grassroots events and making generous contributions to youth activities. He was elected during the 2017 August general elections.

7. Alfred Makori Onguti

Alfred Makori Onguti is the MCA representing the good people of Ibeno Ward in Kisii County. He was elected during the 2017 August general elections and has been serving the people ever since. He has a background in legal services and has significant business interests; including real estate.

8. Philip Obote Motonu

Philip Obote Motonu is the MCA representing the good people of Riana ward. He is one of the MCAs who have been in office for quite a long time; no doubt making a lot of money in the process. He has also made extensive business connections granted to him via his office as a politician.

9. Protus Aramba Motonu

Protus Aramba Moindi is a Member of the County Assembly representing the good people of Bomariba Ward in Kisii County. He was elected during the 2017 August general elections. He is also the majority leader in the county assembly.

10. Boniface Wright Okenye

Boniface Wright Okenye, who is the vocal MCA representing the good people of Basi Bogetaori Ward in Bobasi, is one of the wealthiest, most extensively connected, and politically astute MCAs in Kenya. Unfortunately, he landed himself in hot soup when he was alleged to have slapped a nurse 3 times for not prioritizing his treatment at a public hospital.



The richest MCAs in Kenya are evidently those who throw money around with reckless abandon. There is nothing to suggest that other MCAs who live their lives quietly and without making needless headlines, are not equally as rich, or perhaps even richer than they profess to be.