Top 9 Richest Matatu Saccos In Kenya (2023)

With 80% of Kenya’s internal traffic and freight being done via road; the richest Matatu Saccos in Kenya are in big business. Of course, they did not rise to the top of the road transport business in Kenya by chance; due to the steep amount of competition, the only way to become a top transport company in Kenya is to outdo your competition in areas such as marketing, organization, cleanliness, and the general behavior of your workers.

The richest Matatu Saccos in Kenya are therefore the best-organized road transport companies in Kenya and at the same time the most profitable companies in the country. While SuperMetro is the wealthiest in the country; they are facing serious completion from other equally capable establishments who are giving them a run for their money.

Top 10 Richest Matatu Sacco In Kenya

1. Super Metro

SuperMetro is a matatu Sacco operating in several top routes in and around Nairobi, Kenya; such as the Kikuyu-Nairobi route 105, Nairobi-Juja route 236, Nairobi-Thika/Makongeni Route 237, and Ngong – Nairobi route 111.

Super Metro is a top operator in Kenya; one whose workers have won the hearts of Kenyans by the kind and compassionate manner with which they work. Super Metro buses are also clean and well maintained; interestingly, the company does not use old vehicles; as soon as a vehicle is old and worn out, it is discarded and replaced.

Super Metro is owned by Mwangi Nduki. There are viral photos of a conductor from this Sacco helping an elderly woman cross the road, and this kindness and compassion have not gone unnoticed; in fact, it has made this Sacco the transport of choice for many people.

2. North Rift Sacco

The North Rift Sacco company is one of the well-managed, profitable transport companies and second richest matatu Sacco in Kenya. A major stronghold of this company is the area linking Nairobi to major towns in Northern Rift Valley – hence the company name. Many people who use this company are not necessarily traveling to other parts of the country; they are sometimes just sending luggage; parcels, and freight. This is because the company has invested a lot in marketing its logistics services.

Some of the important routes covered by this company include Nairobi – Eldoret, Nairobi- Bungoma, Eldoret – Bungoma- Chwele,  Eldoret – Kitale, Nairobi – Kitale – Kimilili, and Nakuru – Eldoret, and also Nairobi – Nakuru.

The Sacco is owned by different shareholders but has been in operation since 1988.

3. Mololine Sacco

Mololine Sacco is mostly known for its 14 and 18-seater buses which are very visible in the areas around the Rift Valley region of Kenya. The company started operations as far back as 1995 and has been on the rise ever since. Some of the major routes plied by Molo Line are Nakuru, Nairobi, Kisumu, Kericho, Eldama Ravine, Busia, Kabarnet, Eldoret, Migori, Sirare, and Mombasa.

The company is one of the pioneer companies of this industry; they started with 18 seater buses, and then the 14 seaters because they are more comfortable. The company also introduced shuttles, although they did not compete well because they were too expensive. During the 2007 elections, this company suffered heavy losses because they were accused of abetting election rigging; many of their buses were then burnt.

However; in a show of resilience, the company launched a new building in 2014, and has continued to acquire new vehicles.

4. Transline

Transline Classic is a transport company that was launched in 2005, and since then has transformed into a major force in the road transport industry of Kenya. The bus has 14 seater buses, 18 seater buses, and even the bigger buses; all of which are very comfortable.

Some important Transline Routes include; Nairobi to Kisumu, Nairobi to Kisii, Nairobi to Busia, Kisii to Migori, Nairobi to Bungoma, Nairobi to Kakamega, Nairobi to Eldoret, Nairobi to Kitale. Aside from the movement of persons from point to point; this company is also into the movement of goods and services via its freight vehicles, and even with its regular buses.

5. 2NK Sacco

2NK Sacco was registered in 1994; making it one of the pioneers in the industry. However, one can say that this Sacco is actually enjoying a period of wealth and prosperity; going by the expansion and the replacement of vehicles that they have been ongoing in the company. 2NK Sacco is headquartered in Nyeri town, but the company operates in several counties.

2NK Sacco has branches in Nakuru, Eldoret, Nyahururu, Thika, Nanyuki, Kerugoya, Othaya, and Naivasha. The company has over 800 matatus, and is worth about KSh 250 million in assets. The chairman of the company is James Kahiro.

6. Kinatwa Sacco

Kinatwa Sacco is a transports company that mainly deals in moving passengers to and fro Nairobi to the Ukambani counties. The company’s ownership structure is that of a corporative, and it is based in Kitui.

It was founded in 2001 by matatu owners based in the capital, and now it is known as a major transport company in Kenya. Major routes include; Nairobi-Kitui, Mwingi-Wote, Kibwezi-Makindu, Mutomo-Mombasa, Most of the company’s vehicles are 14-seater buses; they are ideal for both transporting passengers and moving goods and services.

7. 4NTE Sacco

4NTE Sacco was registered in 1992; making it one of the earliest players in the road transport industry in Kenya. Interestingly this company is owned by an organized group of former transporters in the form of the Four N.T.E. Saving & Credit Society Limited, which is made up of over 40 former transport vehicle owners.

The company also handles passenger and parcel services, aside from its core business of moving people from one point to another.’ This is one of the major matatu saccos in Kenya.

8. Neno Sacco

The Neno Sacco company was established in the early 1990’s ; making it one of the early pioneers of the transport industry in Kenya.

The core business of this transport company is to take people on routes such as Nairobi to Embu, Tharaka Nithi, and Meru counties. The company owns Neno Plaza in the city, and also runs the Imani Coaches Ltd which is the coaches arm of the business.

9. Naekana Sacco

The Naekana Sacco transport company traces its history as far back as the 1970s. however, the current structure of the business was established in the early 1990s when some members of the founding corporative bought Nissan vehicles and called it the Namanga Nissan Services.

The Sacco is a long-standing establishment that is very profitable. Some of its routes include Nairobi – Mtoto Andei – Voi – Mombasa, Nairobi – Kitengela – Isinya – Kajiado – Namanga,  Nairobi – Emali – Loitoktok – Taveta – Voi – Mombasa, and Nairobi – Mbumbuni – Wote.



The richest matatu SACCOs in Kenya are not necessarily the oldest in the country; they are just the best managed and well-marketed transport companies. Matatu Saccos are companies just like anyone else, and that means you need to market the business extensively to remain in contention.