Top 10 Best Investment Banks In Ghana 2023

With the rapid growth in the Ghanaian economy over the last few years, the top investment banks in Ghana have created products and services that give the ordinary Ghanaians the platform to benefit from the surge in the economy. That is what investment banks should do; the core business of investment banks is to help customers grow their capital; they should have specially designed products that help individual or corporate customers meet their capital targets.

Ghana has attracted financial services institutions from all over the world; with such a promising market, it unlikely that any bank with a solid presence in Africa would be able to resist entering the Ghanaian market. Investment banks in Ghana are mostly familiar names that have operated on the continent for many years.

Top 10 Best Investment Banks In Ghana 2023

1. National Investment Bank

National Investment Bank, which is often known as NIB, is a state-owned bank in Ghana. This bank is tasked with making financial services available to the people; and opening up investment opportunities to the people. The National Investment Bank therefore is not run like other banks whose sole purpose is to make profit; but like an establishment for the people.

Despite being a government establishment, it deals mostly with private individuals and businesses. The National Investment Bank is very particular about contributing to the economy; by uplifting the common man on the streets. 70% of its portfolio is made up of loans to the Ghanaian private sector.

The National Investment Bank has more than 48 branches nationwide. There are several investment products open to Ghanaians of all classes.

2. Access Bank

Access Bank Ghana has so many investment products offered to the people of Ghana. Access Bank came to Ghana in 2009, but is part of a bigger banking establishment spread over Mozambique, Zambia, Congo, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. The bank also has representative offices in China, India, Lebanon and United Arab Emirates.

Access Bank offers its services to institutional, corporate, commercial, and retail customers across Ghana. The banks products are usually targeted at specific audiences such as young professionals, new couples, businesses, and so on. The investment products are designed to help customers acquire property, buy equipment, pay for children’s tuition, increase capital, and so on.

3. Ecobank

Ecobank Ghana was established in 1989. It is part of a bigger banking conglomerate that encompasses much of West and Middle Africa. In Ghana; Ecobank offers very attractive savings and investment solutions to both ordinary clients and corporate establishments.

The bank has grown in shape and stature from its early founding; it now has about 77 Branches all over Ghana, and around 1,617 employees on its payroll. Ecobank has led the way in investment banking in Ghana; in over 30 years of operations, it has worked with several individuals and businesses to grow their capital, and to achieve their goals.

4. Stanbic Bank Ghana

Stanbic Bank Ghana is one of the best investment banks in Ghana. This is in exact likeness to Stanbic Bank, wherever it is found. Stanbic Bank is a true definition of an investment bank; the goal has never been to flood the market with branches and then have its banking halls filled with people spending their money on trivial things.

Stanbic Bank has always been designed to offer value in terms of services to the people. The bank helps clients across Africa by creating economic value; creating investment opportunities that help people grow their capital. Contrary to what many people think; Stanbic Bank is not only for the rich class; it also has products that are suitable to the pockets of the common person.

5. OmniBSIC Bank

OmniBSIC Bank is one of the top commercial banks in Ghana. It came about in 2009; as a result of a merger between Omni Bank Ghana Limited and BSIC Ghana Bank Limited. Therefore, despite being active in Ghana for only a couple of years, OmniBSIC Bank can claim a long history of service to the people of Ghana.

One of the major selling points of this bank has been its eye catching interest rates for deposits, and its flexible loan tenures. This is because the bank is committed to helping people grow their capital, as well as expand their businesses.

OmniBSIC Bank offers attractive interest rates for its different investment products; there are accounts for small clients as well as corporates and enterprises.

6. Societe Generale

Societe Generale bank Ghana was incorporated on February 7, 1975. It started out as a small private banking institution; a limited liability company, but is now a public traded company on the Ghana Stock Exchange. The bank has grown in leaps and bounds; it has 45 networked branches in Ghana. Societe General bank Ghana is the 7th largest bank in Ghana.

Societe Generale has many investment packages; in its several years of banking services in the country; the bank has provided many different services to the several classes of customers; this bank has specialized services for individuals to help them save towards goals such property acquisition, child education, and so many more.

7. First National Bank

First National Bank is truly an ancient bank; its roots date back to 1838. It is one of the most established financial services companies in the country; with a history of service to the people, and to the nation. The bank has helped so many people reach their investment goals over the years, and even today it has some of the best investment products in Ghana.

First National Bank has many products that can help individuals meet specific targets which they have set. There are child education savings products, property acquisition, as well as other investment products. The bank also offers loans to customers, and these loans are attractive because they offer very good repayment plans.

8. Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank; legally known as Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Limited, is a solid banking and financial services company in Ghana. It has been operating since 1896; making it one of the oldest companies in Ghana. It is the successor to the Bank of British West Africa in Ghana; which is a colonial British establishment.

This is a great bank for someone trying to invest by taking advantage of the banking services in Ghana; there are several investment products offered by the bank, as well as very good access to foreign currencies.

9. UBA Bank

UBA is a large financial services group in Africa; it has subsidiaries in Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Chad, Kenya, Sierra-Leone, Gabon, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Liberia, Mozambique, Senegal, DR Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Mali, Cameroon, UAE, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and France.

UBA has many investment options offered to the people of all classes across the Ghanaian society. No matter what level in the social or financial ladder that a person may fall; there is an investment product or two that is suitable for the person.

10. Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank is a commercial bank in Ghana which has been in operation in the country since 2006. In Ghana, it has 75 branches, and about 120 ATMs. Fidelity Bank Ghana is part of a larger banking giant with operations in Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya.

Some of the services of Fidelity Bank include commercial banking services, savings and investments, credit cards, loans and so on. Fidelity Bank is noted for building personal relationships with customers and helping them grow. The bank provides loan services to individuals and corporate customers. Some of its investment options are also very attractive.

Capital Market And Money Market

  • The Capital Market

The capital market involves the trading of long-term instruments of (with an original maturity greater than one year) issued by the government and corporations. It is the market where funds are transferred from those who have it (savers) to those who need it (users).

  • Money Market

The money market is a market for the buying and selling of debt instruments maturing in one year or less. The money market is designed for short-term loans that span within or less than one year. The Money market enables persons with a temporary surplus of funds to meet the needs of borrowers with temporary funds shortages. Through the money market, corporations and governments are able to finance their working capital needs.

Most people perceive this market as less rewarding since it is a low-risk market. However, in a developing country like the Gold Coast, where Treasury bill rates are slightly above 20% and other low-risk rate securities are becoming good investments, what else can you think about than to venture. There are different money market instruments that investors can invest in. These includes:

  • Treasury Bills

Treasury bills are short-term securities (IOU) issued by governments to meet it’s funding requirements. They are auctioned by the Bank of Ghana on behalf of the government. They are issued in 3 months, 6months, and 12 months maturities at the end of which they are redeemed at face value. For example, if you buy TB of C100,000 at 10% from the government, his account will be debited with c90,000. At the end of maturity, his account will be credited again with the full C100,000.

  • Certificate Of Deposit

The certificate of deposit is a large-denomination negotiable time deposit sold to investors by banks. Interest is paid to holders of CD and the principals are repaid at face value on maturity. Those are the main instruments of the money market that you can easily invest in.

That’s all on the Top 10 Best Investment Banks In Ghana.

A general list of banks licensed by the Bank Of Ghana that you can invest with. We have collected information about more than 15 banks to help make the choice of your institution of investment easier.

List of Banks in Ghana

  • Access Bank Ghana

Access Bank Ghana is a commercial bank licensed by the central bank of Ghana( is the Bank of Ghana), to operate in the country.The bank is a subsidiary and component of the Access Bank Group, a financial services conglomerate with headquarters in Nigeria and subsidiaries in eight Sub-Saharan African

  • African Investment Bank

The African Investment Bank is a very popular bank in Ghana.

  • Agricultural Development Bank of Ghana

Agricultural Development Bank of Ghana, commonly known as Agricultural Development Bank or ADB, is a government-owned development and commercial bank in Ghana. The bank is the first development finance institution established by the Government of Ghana. It is one of the commercial banks licensed by the Bank of Ghana, the national banking regulator

  • Barclays Bank

Barclays Africa Group Limited is 23.4% owned by Barclays Bank PLC and is listed on the JSE Limited. The Barclays Africa Group is one of the Continent’s major financial services providers. It offers business and personal banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking, wealth and investment management, and Bancassurance

  • CAL Bank

Founded in 1990, CAL Bank is rated as “one of the most innovative banks in Ghana”.

  • Ecobank

EBG is a member of the Pan-African Ecobank chain which operates in thirty-two (32) countries. The stock of Ecobank Ghana is listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange, where its shares are traded under the symbol EGH. Ecobank is a well-branched commercial bank in Ghana with branches in almost all regions of the nation.

  • Energy Bank

Energy Bank Sao Tome e Principe also referred to as Energy Bank STP, but commonly known as Energy Bank, is a commercial bank in Sao Tome. Energy bank is one of the only eight commercial banks licensed by the Central Bank of São Tomé and Príncipe, the country’s banking regulator.

  • Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited

Fidelity Bank is a commercial bank in Ghana which was issued with its Universal Banking License on June 28, 2006, making it the 22nd bank to be licensed by the Bank of Ghana. Fidelity Bank is one of the twenty-seven commercial banks licensed by the Bank of Ghana in the country.

  • Sovereign Bank Limited

Sovereign Bank Limited (SBL) is a full-service bank with a principal aim of making a difference in the banking and financial services landscape by being unique in its service delivery and product offering.

  • Ghana Commercial Bank

This is one of the largest indigenous commercial banks in Ghana with more than 150 branches spread across the country.

  • Guaranty Trust Bank Ghana Limited

Popularly know as GTBank, The Guaranty Trust Bank Plc is a Nigerian multinational financial institution. GTBank various offers packages such as Internet Banking, Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Investment Banking and Asset Management services.

  • HFC Bank

HFC is an abbreviation for Home Finance Company. The Home Finance Company Bank is a commercial bank in Ghana. It is one of the commercial banks licensed by the Bank of Ghana, the national banking regulator.

  • National Investment Bank

Normally abbreviated as NIB, The National Investment Bank is one of the most popular state-owned commercial banks in Ghana. It is one of the commercial banks licensed by the Bank of Ghana, the national banking regulator to operate in the country.

  • Société Générale Bank

Formerly called The Société Générale – Social Security Bank (SG-SSB), The Societe Generale Ghana Limited (SG) is a bank that is based in Ghana,  The bank is part of the Société Générale banking group. The SG bank is headquartered in Accra, Ghana. The SG bank also has stocks listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange. It is a component of the GSE All-Share Index.

  • Stanbic Bank

Formerly called Standard Bank Group, the bank got its modern name of Stanbic Bank to avoid confusion with another company called the Standard Chartered bank in 1992

  • Prudential Bank Limited

This popular Bank is a private commercial bank in Ghana. It is licensed by the Bank of Ghana, the central bank and national banking regulator.

  • United Bank for Africa

This multinational financial institution is Africa’s best and reputed to be the most resilient banking group on the continent. The United Bank For Africa operates in more than 17 African countries. It has offices in three global financial centers: London, Paris, and New York.

  • Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank is a multinational financial services provider.

  • UniBank Ghana Limited

UniBank (Ghana) Limited, commonly known as uniBank, is an indigenous private bank in Ghana, West Africa. this Bank is among the thirty-five commercial banks licensed to operate in Ghana by The Bank Of Ghana.

Other registered investments banks in Ghana include :

  • 20. Amalgamated Bank Limited
  • 21. Barclays Bank
  • 22. Standard Chartered Bank
  • 23. The Trust Bank
  • 24. Intercontinental Bank Ghana Limited
  • 25. International Commercial Bank
  • 26. Merchant Bank
  • 27. Banque Sahélo-Saharienne pour l’Investissement et le Commerce
  • 28. AmalBank
  • 30. Bank of Ghana
  • 31. First Atlantic Merchant Bank
  • 32. UT Bank

So there you have it; a comprehensive list of the investment banks in Ghana. What do you make of our list? Let us hear your thoughts and questions through the comments section.



The best investment banks in Ghana are mostly financial giants that are present in other top economies on the continent. Ghana’s financial services sector is very well monitored; therefore these top banks have met all the necessary requirements, and they also have their reputation to consider; which is why they must be innovative in their services.