Top 10 Richest Fuji Musicians In Nigeria 2021

From the past years till now, the music industry in Nigeria has experienced a great change. The way music was done before was no longer like that. Now we have Hip Hop artists and a couple of many others. If we take a look at the music industry in Nigeria, we would know that the sound is different, they now have a mixture of traditional beats and some foreign added to it, which brings us into a fine sound called Afrobeat. Lots of genres of music like the Apala and the Juju have been removed out of the stage. There are lots of fuji musicians who meet up to these demands, hence, their names appear on the list of richest fuji musicians in Nigeria.

One genre of music that is still trending is Fuji music. Fuji music is actually a mixture of different sounds where we have the genre of Apala and Juju with some other beats to form the Fuji music. These Fuji artists have the best type of music in Nigeria, the lovers of Fuji music are many as its also a mixture of Yoruba and different sounds. Fuji music came into Nigeria in the old days as it was an idea of waking Muslims up before the dawn. 

Top 10 Richest Fuji Musicians In Nigeria 2021

1. KWAM 1 (K1)

  • Net Worth: N800 Million
  • Real Name: Wasiu Ayinde Marshal

K1 whose real name is Wasiu Ayinde Marshal is one of the oldest and he is also one of the best Fuji artistes in Nigeria. He has a net worth of N500 million. K1 has released lots of albums and he rose to fame in the late 1990s. He is one artist that is termed to be experienced with Fuji music, he has graced lots of stages both far and near. K1 has acquired lots of wealth through music and no doubt that he is second on this list. He has the talent and definitely, that is speaking well for him.

2. Pasuma Wonder

  • Net Worth: N555 Million
  • Real Name: Wasiu Alabi Ajibola

His real name is Wasiu Alabi Ajibola and he is topping the list. Pasuma is regarded as the richest Fuji music in Nigeria. Pasuma has a net worth of N750 million. To show that he has been holding this position since 2016. Pasuma is known to have worked with big artists in the Nigerian music industry. Pasuma album was a hit when it was released to the market, he sold a lot within the space of three months which made him gain lots of fame and popularity. Pasuma is known as the richest Fuji artiste in Nigeria.


  • Net Worth: N550 Million
  • Real Name: Abass Akande Obesere

He is known as one of the most popular Fuji artistes in Nigeria who is known for his radical songs. Obesere is also a businessman, he has his own business which he runs making him top the number five on the list. He has released lots of albums like Effissy, be careful, Mr. Teacher and some others.


  • Net Worth: N500 Million
  • Real Name: Saheed Osupa

Osupa is taking the 3rd position on this list. He is known to be once crowned the king of music and this was given to him by barrister Sikiru Ayinde. Osupa is a very talented artiste which has actually spoken well for him. On the release of his third studio album that is when he came into limelight and today Fuji music has taken him very far.


  • Net Worth: N450 Million
  • Real Name: Sule Alao Malaika

Ks1 whose real name is Sule Alao Malaika is one Nigerian biggest Fuji artiste. Ks1 is regarded as the most respected and bankable Fuji artiste in Nigeria. Ks1 has graced big stages in different countries like the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Ireland, Wales, Egypt, Libya, and a couple of others. Ks1 is known to be a very wealthy person as he just recently completed a multi-million house in Ajah Lagos State.


  • Net Worth: N400 Million
  • Real Name: Adewale Ayuba

Ayuba whose full name is Adewale Ayuba is also among the richest on the list. Ayuba has deep lyrics in his song and he is also known as one of the most educated Fuji artistes in Nigeria. When it comes to terms of lyrics, Ayuba lyrics are said to have deep meanings and they are unique and distinctive. Ayuba is also a Christian right now which has made him changed a lot.


  • Net Worth: N350 Million
  • Real Name: Sefiu Alao Adekunle

He is actually called the king of Fuji music in Ogun state. If you are a lover of Fuji music and you have not listened to Seifu Alao as he is one of the best. Seifu has been able to gain lots of fans from the state. He normally calls himself Omo Oko which means Village boy.  One thing about Seifu Alao is that he is talented which has made him prominent and Unique.


  • Net Worth: N200 Million
  • Real Name: Muritala Ademola Salaudeen

Rising up to fame in the music industry is Muri thunder. It was not easy for him as he started off in the streets. He came from a very poor background and ever since he has been striving his way down to the top. Muri Thunder has proven that people can still make it even coming from a poor background.


  • Net Worth: N100 Million
  • Real Name: Remi Aluko

Ajela own style of music is different as he is known to have a large audience that is mostly transporters or conductors. Funny enough, Ajela came from a Christian home and he has been able to manage his music very well and his Christian faith. Ajela real name is Remi Aluko and he is one of the richest Fuji artists in Nigeria.


  • Net Worth: N850Million
  • Real Name: Alhaji Taiwo Akande Abdulrasheed Adebisi

As we can see his name speaks for him, he started as a backup singer for his brother who passed on some years ago. Now, Taiye is trying to be well known in the music industry, as he is trying to expand from Oyo state to perform at different stages. 




We have so many Nigerian Fuji artiste today and they have become big with this genre of music. No one ever thought that Fuji music would provide lots of money for people but now it’s a different story. Based on different criteria, these artists have been able to deliver the best and they are actually worth talking about. Being among the list of the richest Fuji musicians in Nigeria is no joke as we know that it’s not easy to survive there in the music industry especially with that genre of music, so being on this list means they have definitely put in their best and they deserve to be on the list.