Driving schools promote driver education and safety. The best driving schools in Kenya are at the forefront of the fight to ensure that road-users in Kenya know and maintain the international best practices when it comes driving. They organize special training classes for professional drivers, and also teach owners of private vehicles about what they need to know in order to maintain safety and sanity on the roads.

Top driving schools also simulate emergency situations so as prepare their students on how to stay calm under pressure, and ensure that the best safety protocols are observed at all times. Quality driver education also entails first aid; drivers need to know what to do in order to avert possible loss of lives which could occur as a result of road accidents.

When looking for driving schools in Kenya, there is an established hierarchy as the following paragraphs will show:

Top 10 Driving Schools In Kenya 2023

1. Rocky Driving School

With several locations across the country, and over 30 years of experience in the industry, Rocky Driving School is Kenya’s most established driving school. The establishment has multiple locations in different areas of Kenya, including Nairobi, Thika, Eldoret, and other cities.

Rocky Driving School also boasts highly specialized driver training courses; well tailored to different classes of vehicles. Whether the purpose of seeking driver instruction is to drive private vehicles or to work as a professional driver, this driving school offers top quality training.

They have teaching staff made up of state-certified instructors, One-on-one behind the wheel instruction, flexible class time-tables that are tailored to benefit students. Rocky Driving School also ensures that its vehicles are well branded. This offers additional safety to the student driver because other road users know that a learner is behind the wheels, and so they know how to engage with them.

The drive times are also very flexible; they help students who are also working find times that are convenient. Rocky Driving School is available all year round.

Rocky Driving School is also quite affordable; lessons start at KSH14,500.

2. Glory Driving School

Having been established in 1985, and operating several offices, Glory Driving School is definitely a top name in Kenya. Over the years this institution has gained a reputation of excellence; it surely has much to offer to young people desiring top quality driver education.

Glory Driving School offers a wide range of classes and courses; classes of vehicles include small cars, vans, buses, trucks, and so many other types of vehicles, and even motorcycles.

Furthermore, the establishment also offers both beginner driver training courses as well as driver refresher courses for individuals and organizations to retrain their drivers.

The school is well organized; it offers Flexible Class Time Tables, Government Certified Tutors, Flexible Drive Times That Are Mostly Held On Evenings and Weekends.

Glory Driving School is also quite affordable; classes start from KSH 12,000.

3. AA Kenya

Automotive Association of Kenya (AA Kenya) is more of a corporate institution; it is one that deals more with corporate institutions- providing them with driver who they have trained, and also doing driver retraining courses for them. Most of the older generation of drivers probably obtained their driver’s education at this institution.

AA Kenya has at least 38 branches across the country; it is one of the most recognized driving schools in Kenya. AA Kenya organizes a wide range of driving courses and classes; cars, buses, trucks, and tankers are all covered. This driving school also offers Trainee Instructor Courses.

AA Kenya also offers advisory services to vehicle owners to help them take good care of their cars, and to get the best insurance deals.

AA Kenya has different courses at different prices; starting at KSH15,400.

4. Heltz Driving School

Heltz Driving School is a well established driving school in Kenya; it has been around for at least 35 years, during which it has built up an impressive reputation. Heltz offers a wide range of driver education courses including; Beginner Driving Courses, Advanced Driving Courses, Professional Drivers Courses, and special courses for retraining of drivers.

Heltz Driving School also has instructors that are professionals who have been certified by Kenya’s Road Safety Authority.

The school also has special courses designed for children aged between 14 to 18 years old, along with those adults above 50 years of age. These courses help them have road safety knowledge regarding traffic rules, laws, and road signs.

Helzt Driving School fees start at KSh 8,000.

5. Petanns Driving School

Petanns Driving School is an impressive driving school; it is one of those with a solid reputation built on years of excellent service delivery. The company has a fleet of over 300 vehicles, in different classes, which it uses to train drivers. Furthermore, there are several branches of this driving school in the various cities of the country.

Some of the driver education courses offered by this institute are specifically created for beginner drivers, operators of heavy vehicles, experienced drivers in need of refresher courses, and there is also the Driving Instructor Training Programme; which helps create more driving instructors.

Training is flexible; some of it is held during weekends or evenings so as to accommodate workers. Petanns is quite affordable; their fees start at 7500, and payment can be made in installments.

6. Seniors Driving School

Not everyone has the opportunity to learn driving as a young person. Some have to wait until they are quite advanced in years before they can get to learn the art of driving. It is for people in the second category that Seniors Driving School has built its business and practice.

Some of the courses offered by this driving school include; Seniors Driving Course, Automobile Safety, First Aid course, Seniors Driver Improvement Facilitator Training Courses, Defensive Driving Techniques, and many others.

Seniors Driving School has several locations in the country; Central, Eastern, Kajiado, Thika Superhighway, Chania, Western.

7. Top Gear Driving School

Top Gear Driving School is a popular driving school in Kenya. It is a great place to learn driving, whether as a beginner driver, advanced driver, or professional who wishes to get retraining. The school offers Practical lessons, Theoretical explanations, as well as First Aid lessons, and many other aspects of driver education.

According to the school, all their instructors are highly qualified professionals who worked professionally as drivers before becoming educators.

8. Imperial Driving School

Imperial Driving School is another reputable establishment working to make Kenyan roads safer by training drivers so that they can safely ply the roads. This school boasts state approved instructors, and a fleet of good vehicles that can help students gain the knowledge and the confidence to drive safely.

Imperial Driving School offers Practical lessons, First Aid Lessons, Video theory lessons, Basic mechanical lessons, and other lessons to make the art of driving more efficient.

This driving school is open to work with companies and organizations to train or retrain staff. It also offers beginner driver education, and intermediary level driver’s education as well.

9. Prestige Driving Academy

Prestige Driving Academy is a solid driving school that has come to the forefront after the recent exercise to weed out driving schools that were not up to standard. This company has a fleet of well marked vehicles with which it carries out driver education drill in a safe environment.

The company has at least 6 branches as at the time of making this report, and a fleet of vehicles ranging from motorcycles to lorries.

The company provides training for driving small vehicles, as well as many different types of vehicles. The training is also good for those who drive themselves or for those who work professionally as drivers.

10. Sensei Institute Of Technology

Driving involves the use of technology, which is why Sensei Institute Of Technology is a great place to learn the art of driving. This school teaches how to drive a wide variety of vehicles as well as how to operate machinery which may be attached to the vehicles.

There is a lot of professionalism in the training; it is aimed at producing more professionals for the transport and other related industries, but it also offers excellent training to those who wish to learn their private cars.

The school has multiple branches across the country.

How To Choose A Driving School

There are several factors that can help one decide to learn at a driving school. For most people the first consideration is money. When a driving school’s fees are outside their budgets they immediately turn their attention to other driving schools that are cheaper, and that may offer similar instruction.

Reputation is also a major consideration; most people go to driving schools because they are recommended by friends. A good reputation usually means quality driving instruction.

Accreditation; going to a driving school that is not accredited may be a waste of time; one may not get a license afterwards.

Best Driving Schools In Kenya

Those are the top driving schools in Kenya. But for the benefit of those who wonder why they have to pay money to a driving school to learn how to drive when they can just ask a friend to teach them, or when they can just pick up the family vehicle to learn the rudiments by themselves, the following content is to help you see the reasons why it is beneficial to learn the art of driving from a professional driving institute right from the very beginning.

The Benefits of Attending Driving Classes at a Good Driving School

 Driving classes, obtained at a reputable institution are now highly recommended for drivers hoping to take their road test. This is not a fashion trend, but a major development- a step in the right direction, which is now seen as a major factor that will contribute to the overall road safety. Getting the right training prior to operating a vehicle is beneficial to both your personal safety and financial safety as well. Here are a few points proving what we say about safety:

  • Better Safety. Attending a driving school will engrave the rules of the road on the back of your mind from the very beginning. Remember the saying ‘you cannot teach an old dog new tricks?’ well that can apply to people- new drivers as well. Sometimes people struggle to adapt to the rules when they have received early training without them. They continue to make dangerous mistakes in training, and even on the open road. This greatly increases the possibility of a collision. If a collision does happen, this could lead to loss of life. If the person is lucky and a loss of life does not occur, it is still possible that it could result in significant damage to the vehicle. This could put a huge financial strain on the driver, particularly as he could be repairing not just his own vehicle but the other vehicle involved in the accident as well.


  • Attending driving classes at a good driving school can prevent all that: not only will you possess a better driving technique; you’ll have the training and mental awareness to adapt to changing weather conditions. You will also know how to avoid a collision, and be able to drive defensively, thus protecting yourself, your loved ones and property from harm on the road. Attending driving classes at a good driving school ensures both your safety and that of other road users.


  • Pay cheaper insurance premiums: when you are certified from a good driving school, you get the benefit of paying less for insurance. This is because insurance companies calculate that you are less likely to get into an accident. You are therefore considered a low-risk client. Honestly, this is a little known trick, and insurance companies just love low-risk clients because they know that they may never get to settle a claim from you. They just love free money!


  • Practice for the Real Test. There is no better way to increase your chances of passing the road test than with driving classes. Each session, you’ll be put to the test on the road in real-life situations, learning how to safely navigate common problems and challenges on the road. As you practice, you will become more confident on the road. On the day of the real test, you’ll feel like a pro, and won’t be hindered by anxiety or stress.


  • Stay Up to Date on Rules and Regulations. Rules and regulations on the road can sometimes change to adapt to new technology, trends, road construction, weather conditions and even driver behavior. It is a good idea to get retraining every few years at a good driving school, even if you are a certified driver.


  • Job opportunities: learning your driving skills from a good driving school will help you open doors to work opportunities. Many companies now require driving as a major skill, necessary to have before employing people to fill positions. It is, therefore, a good idea to arm yourself with the vital skill from a very good driving school, as applicants who are well trained in the art of driving are surely better positioned to claim the jobs than those who are not so well trained.

That’s all about the best driving schools in Kenya.



The top driving schools in Kenya all have reputations that sell them across the country. To keep up with the growing demand for quality driver education; many of them have established several branches across the country. Driving schools are well supervised by the government; this is because they are pivotal to the safety of lives and property on Kenyan roads.