Looking at the richest football players in South Africa one can get a sense of pride. The South African Premier Soccer League, which was established in 1996, has already become so lucrative that some of the top earners are even better paid than some players in Europe and America.

This is why most South Africans are very happy to stay in the local league, and also why the South African Premier Soccer League is very attractive to Africans, Asians, and even South Americans.

The football stars in South Africa can become rich because the league is well organized, and funded. Teams make a lot of money from ticket sales, and the TV rights are also great. The South African league is one of the richest on the continent.

Richest Football Players In South Africa 2023

1. Bernard Parker

Net Worth: R20 Million

Various sources quote Bernard Parker’s net worth to be anything from R5 million to R30 million, but with a salary of R300,000, and with his many accolades in Europe, a more reasonable estimate is R20 Million. He is certainly worth that pay; as a midfielder he is a joy to watch. Fans love to watch him in one on one duels with opponents where he showcases his talent and dribbles his way towards the goal.

He currently plays for TS Galaxy, but he has also played for Kaizer Chiefs, where he played for a very long time. He also played for FC Twente (Netherlands), Panserraikos (Greece), and Red Star Belgrade (Serbia).  He has won several accolades during his career, perhaps the most noteworthy being the Eredivisie.

2. Keagan Dolly

Net Worth: R20 million

Keagan Dolly plays for Kaizer Chiefs where he earns the heftiest salary in the league presently. He is an attacking midfielder, and no doubt one of the best in the country. As a matter of fact his salary is so high because many clubs in the country want him on their team, but Kaizer Chiefs want him out of their reach.

Keagan Dolly is a proven player; he has taken his talent overseas and back. He started his senior soccer career in 2012 at Ajax Cape Town. His talent soon attracted the eyes of Mamelodi Sundowns who snatched him up. From there he went to France to play for Montpellier HSC.

He then made the wise move of moving where his talent is most appreciated, which is back to the South African Premier Soccer League. He leads the midfield of Kaizer Chiefs, and his experience is also valuable to Bafana Bafana.

3. Samir Nurkovic

Net Worth: R17 Million

Samir Nurkovic is a Serbian International who recently made the move from Kaizer Chiefs to Durban based PSL Club Royal AM F.C. He earns a huge salary at the club, and he deserves it because he was recently named the most valuable player in the league. He plays as striker, and is known for his very good ball control, and his finishing ability.

Samir Nurkovic did not make all of his estimated wealth while playing in the South African Premier Football League; he has previously played for ViOn Zlaté Moravce (loan), Dunajská Streda (loan), Slovan Duslo Šaľa (loan), Spartak Vráble, Pohronie, ViOn Zlaté Moravce, and Komárn, before making the move to South Africa with Kaizer Chiefs.

Even now, he is one of the hottest prospects in league, despite only having recently made a big money move away from Kaizer Chiefs. Many clubs are interested in his services, but they are going to spend a lot of money to make that possible.

4. Khama Billiat

Net Worth: R15 Million

Khama Billiat has for a long time been one of the highest earners in the South African Premier League, which is why he is one of the richest football stars in South Africa. Why is he so well paid? Well, because he is one of the most talented players of his generation.

Crowds have gathered at the mention of Khama Billiat; they want to watch him control the ball, and direct play with his vision and passing. Khama Billiat is extremely skillful- on his day he is simply a joy to watch.

Khama Billiat has played for a number of teams starting from Zimbabwe’s CAPS United F.C. He has also played for Ajax Cape Town, Mamelodi Sundowns, and now he plays for Kaizer Chiefs. He has also been pivotal to the Zimbabwe National Team, although he is now retired.

5. Itumeleng Khune

Net Worth: R13 Million

Itumeleng Khune is a veteran goalkeeper; and one of the faces of the league. He has been raking in a hefty salary over the years, and he is now estimated to be worth somewhere around R13,000,000. He has been raking in that hefty salary over the years because he is very good as a goalkeeper. He is extremely difficult to beat, and he organizes his defense very well.

Itumelang Khune suffered a string of injuries in a recent season, but the club still kept faith in him because of the feats he has accomplished in the past. Now he is back to his feet, and has taken back control of the sticks.

He lives a five star lifestyle; he has a beautiful house, and drives some very fine cars.

6. Thapelo Morena

Net Worth: R12 Million

Mamelodi Sundowns utility player Thapelo Morena is one of the big boys of the South African PSL. He has been earning a huge salary at the club, and has come to be the envy of many players in his position. Yes, there are many strikers and even midfielders earning bigger salaries than him, but there are not many defensive players making this much money.

Thapelo Morena lives a quiet life with his wife and child, and he does not spend his money on lavish things like cars. It would be interesting to see what he does with his money maybe after retiring from football.

7. Gaston Sirino

Net Worth: R12 Million

Gaston Sirino is a Uruguay International who plays for Mamelodi Sundowns. He is a winger who brings plenty of skill and pace to his side, which is why he earns the hefty R300,000 salary he goes home with.

Gaston Sirino had already built up a decent CV before landing in South Africa; he has played for clubs such as Rampla Juniors, Unión San Felipe, San Luis, and Bolívar (Bolivia).

He is already shaking the league with the quality of his play, and with the number of goals he scores. It is only a matter of time before another club comes along with a bigger offer.

8. Oupa Manyisa

Net Worth: R8 Million

Oupa Manyisa is a central midfielder- one of the finest in the league. He currently plays for Chipper United, where he garnishes the midfield with deft touches and precise passes. He has made a name for himself in the PSL; he has played for several clubs during a long career. Some of the clubs include Platinum City Rovers, TTM F.C, Orlando Pirates, and Mamelodi Sundowns.

He earns around R250,000 a month; which is quite high. Oupa Manyisa is a player who knows his worth; he does not play unless the club is able to match his wages.

His experience has also been valuable to the Bafana Bafana.

9. Eric Mathoho

Net Worth: R6 Million

Eric Mathoho is a central defender; one of the few in his position to earn upwards of R220,000. He certainly earns it; his nickname is tower- standing 1.93 meters tall, he is absolutely unstoppable in the air. Eric Mathoho plays for Kaizer Chiefs, and he is central to their world domination plans.

He has not made all his wealth by playing for Kaizer Chiefs; he previously played for Bloemfontein Celtic before joining Kaizer Chiefs, and he was stopped from playing in the Netherlands by a law which sought to control the number of players coming in. nevertheless, he has excelled in South Africa; winning the Premier Soccer League 2 times, as well as various other accolades.

10. Sibusiso Vilakazi

Net Worth: R5 Million

Sibusiso Vilakazi plays for TS Galaxy in the Premier Soccer League. His position is midfielder, although he sometimes he also plays as a defender. Sibusiso Vilakazi is surely worth his wage; in the 2013–14 Premier Soccer League season, he won the player of the season and players’ player of the season awards.

He is therefore one of the most well known, and respected players in the league. With a wage bill of R220,000 per month, he is also one of the highest earners.



The richest football players in South Africa have not just come into the league to grab money; most of them have made their mark, and contributed their quota to the overall development of the sport in the country. Having seen how successful this crop of players has become; the younger generation can therefore stay back and build the league, knowing that that their financial futures will be taken care of.